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My name is Elias and I live in New England.

I consider myself a lot of things; artist, writer, gamer, nature lover, cryptozoologist, bug aficionado, miniature collector, and curio curator.

I was raised on Disney, camping, and late night horror.

I like to look at life with a scientific, but open mind.

I’m not exactly an expert on anything but I have an “approximate knowledge of many things”, especially the unusual.

I like to learn and I like to teach, and I also have a running commentary on all things in life going on in my head. This is where some of those things can be shared, if anyone feels like hearing them.

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I hope you enjoy your adventure into the Cabinet of Curiosities that is my life and mind!

75 thoughts on “About Me & Contact

  1. Elise – Thank you for your piece on vanishing men in Boston! I’ve been really concerned about these strange disappearances too. Why is there not more of a public outcry for information on whether there is a seriel killer in Boston? I hope that they find the young man from Harvard alive. Thank you for highlighting a very serious situation that doesn’t seem to be taken seriously.

    1. Thank you so much Tracy! I have a 21 year old brother and friends that fit the demographic of these people. I feel so strongly about this and get very attached to the victims and their stories. I want to do whatever I can to help people, prevent future tragedies, and honor those who were taken too soon.

      1. Elise, Much of the information you have posted here is totally incorrect. I am a family member and its not right that you are writing this and causing false rumors as a result. The area where Zach fell is not where you have pictured. Almost all of your information is false.

      2. another one is missing after a celtics game, not sure if it was last night or over the week end, i heard it on the news this morning.

      3. Hi Elise,

        My name is Amalia. The news of death of the most recent young man from Franklin has been the last straw for me as I’ve been watching this strange series of events unfold in Boston over the last few years, and hence, has pushed me to try to put together my own research to figure out what is happening in Boston. I simply want to help and possibly find some answers for my beloved native city. Moreover, one of the men listed in your article, Josue Quispe was a dear friend of mine, and his unsolved death has continued to leave me shaken. If you would willing to email me with any information, whether it be dead ends in your research you have found that you’d like me to look at, or any tips as I delve into this research, I would greatly appreciate it.

        All the best,

      4. a young woman (23) has gone missing in that area (just saw on the news today) … haven’t read your blog in years but it made me think of it right away …

    2. Very disturbing and mysterious, the young men drowning…sounds similar to a few stories, also, from Pittsburgh, Pa. Are there patterns that anyone has picked up from other regions?

    3. Elise, I also would like to thank you for bringing this issue to the public. As a mother of two men in their 20’s, living in the Boston area, I have been following these deaths closely. I too noticed a pattern and cannot understand why the public isn’t being warned!
      If they are “accidents” due to drinking, why are no females being found in the water?

    4. Not only that, they all had childhoods and they all wore socks at some point in their lives-a sure sign of there being a link. What hypothesis had you intended to convey? It is unclear except that you don’t believe these events to be unrelated. There are 107,000 people in Cambridge. There are another 646,000 in the city of Boston;another 4 million reside in the Boston Metro area. There are a lot of people to disappear into the river. What are you hypothesizing?

      1. I wonder if they “the now deceased” God rest their souls, smoked once in a while? They some how were overcome by some poison, and had no clue what was happening to them is my guess. I think there was a plan in place by the murderer.

      1. Hi,
        Thank you for your hard work on this piece. Its troubling to all parents of men that same age group. I cant help but see the law enforcement connection. As its extremely hard to believe that this killer was always in the right place at the right time . Its impossible to park your car in Boston. So who doesn’t have to park? Cops. Also it explains why some men quickly disappeared , maybe offered either a ride or a place to stay warm while they waited by a friendly cop? Its hard to digest but in my opinion a viable option. Again, thank you for getting into this subject. Best Lisa

  2. I wonder if the cellphones had something to do with it. Maybe location was on? I don’t know but they all had cell phones.

  3. So I found your site from the missing men article someone linked to from Facebook, then I started reading “What Is Taking These People,” and following the links from that article to Reddit, back to your site to finish the story. Then you’ve got that super creepy Jonas Springbord work. Next up, a piece about spontaneous human combustion, something that *terrified* me as a kid.

    So then I go to the “About” page to find out just WHO has been successfully creeping me out for the last hour or two, and surprise – it’s someone from New England.

    I grew up in rural New Hampshire. My brother and I saw and heard many freaking things in the woods, and it totally influenced the things I love to read about and explore. Thank you SO much for your utterly amazing site. I can’t wait to spend more time on it. Your writing is so engaging.

    I still have to read your story on the tunnel, but it reminded me of an indie film called Absentia. It was on Netflix at one point, might still be, but otherwise might be tough to get, but definitely worth it. It’s kind of a slow burn but if your site is any indication of the types of things you’re into, you might like it.

    Also – have you heard of the “Wood Devil?” I’m writing a screenplay on Bigfoot loosely based on Corbin Park in NH, but was considering changing the creature because a couple people said there’s too much baggage with using Bigfoot in a script. Might be right up your alley as well:

    Cheers! (and sorry this comment was so long, but as you can tell, your site got my brain cranking) …


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Its honestly a great honor to know I have successfully creeped people out! I love New Hampshire, used to go camping up in North Conway area as a kid!
      I love horror so I will definitely check out that film, thanks for the rec. I have also not heard of that creature to my knowledge so I will check that out too! Bigfoot is a tough one; I think theres a lot too it, but unfortunately its become more of a joke these last few years thanks to silly shows and beef jerky commercials!
      Anyway, Im really glad you have enjoyed my blog! Hope we can chat some more!

      1. Would love to chat some more! Looks like your blog is really taking off! So many comments on that last story in particular. Congrats! Not sure if you do email, but I’d love to share some stories & stuff. Let me know (my email is in my WP comment profile). Would really look forward to it. Cheers!

      2. Have you looked into the missing men in college campus in La Cross a campus on the Mississippi River in Wisconsin.?. Lots of similarities to this story, I’ve even found more.

  4. I just learned about your site here. Good job! You’re making people think, ask questions, and discuss. That’s healthy for a society to preserve democracy. We must encourage critical thinking and the scientific method.

  5. Can’t believe I’ve just spent the last hour and a half reading about the disappearances of the men in the boston area. Was supposed to super busy this morning with Monday morning stuff…important “stuff” but I have been fascinated by your writing on this topic. I haven’t heard a word about it but that really should not surprise me since I live in Conway, NH. I did want to say that when I went to your About Me page, i was shocked to see the picture of a beautiful young woman (hadn’t put together!). I was expecting to see a middle-aged professor type man. I am so sorry…to all women. Considering at age 50, I was part of one of the first generations where we were told we could be anything when we grew up, not just secretaries and teachers. I am so ashamed! I can’t wait to dig into your blog more but for now, I must get back to my Monday morning stuff…

  6. Interesting blog.. the piece on the missing men in Boston in particular strikes home, as my son went to college here in the early 2000s. I look forward to future posts.

  7. Hi Elise,
    Great story on the missing men from Boston. The Smiley Murders mentioned previously are very similar. My nephews were in college where and when the murders were going on. if you remain this interested in solving the crimes, you should consider writing a book.

  8. I’ve been obsessed with this whole ordeal. I am from Boston and it freaks me out this is happening. My husband is a Boston Firefighter and he said it’s crazy how many bodies are pulled from the Charles River and most we don’t even here about on the news. He believes we will not hear anymore on Zachary Marr…well, maybe that they have found him but they will not elaborate on the story. Something is definitely going on that doesn’t add up. I remember most of these stories very clearly, and sadly, just thinking, “they will most likely be found in a body of water.” There must be some type of investigation ongoing regarding this incidents. I find it hard to believe otherwise. I know if this happened to my loved one, I would be demanding answers! I’m surprised a family that has suffered such a loss hasn’t started a website regarding this incidents. I found your article very interesting and glad someone brought this to the surface because it’s definitely an issue that needs to be addressed and followed.

    1. Sadly many of the families do have pages and are looking for answers, and have been for years. But once a case is no longer in the media it is widely forgotten. Many people are only starting to connect the dots, myself included!

  9. Hi Elise,
    What a great article you have written. I have been thinking about it a lot since I first read it yesterday. I did not know there were so many young men that went missing and in such a similar manner.
    The case that intrigues me the most is that of Josue Quispe-Almendro. I grew up on the south shore and have been visiting Saquish beach all of my life. Did you know that Moon Island in Quincy and Saquish Beach are private and that there is no public access? You can access Squish in the winter only as there is no security guard at the gate – but you would really have to know this area well to know that – it is very remote. Also, did you know Moon Island is owned by the BPD. The chances of a body floating from one place to other are so very slim. No foul play suspected? Really??? I hope these families get the closure they deserve some day and I commend you on getting their story out there.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. As someone familiar with both areas, you think it unlikely that he could have fallen into the water near Moon Island and then been pushed by currents to Plymouth? At this point that seems like the only ‘logical’ explanation, otherwise I can only assume he was picked up by someone.

      1. The Atlantic currents do run from north to south, Elise, but there are so many natural land barriers to pass. It just doesn’t add up to me at all. I am under the assumption he was picked up there but of course this is just an assumption. My big ? – who has access to Moon Island and if it is gated, was Josue’s car inside or outside of the island. I feel like this poor kid was forgotten about and would like to know more. RIP Josue Quispe.

      2. It seemed like a bizarrely long way to travel then wash up on a Plymouth beach. I would think it more likely he be swept out to see and never found at all. Its a very strange case for sure.

  10. Elise: As someone who used to live in Boston, I found this article engaging and informative, and unfortunately eerily familiar to something that has been going on in New York City for at least the last 20 years. There has been a spate of young men who somehow always mysteriously end up drowning in either the Hudson or East Rivers. Somehow they end up walking the wrong way for blocks and blocks and somehow it always ends the same way. No witnesses, accidental drowning, perhaps it is as that would be the easiest explanation, but it has troubled me for years that they all end up the same way as the people listed in your piece. Anyway, thanks for an enlightening piece on a shadowy subject.

  11. Hey Elise – I heard talk of your article on the radio today. I’m not sure what station but a woman had called in and said she saw it on Facebook. Much to my dismay, the commentators only said things like “it happens all the time”, “it’s been happening for years”, and “this is what happens when you drink too much”. I say “BLARNEY”.

    Three or four years ago, a young man drowned in a boating accident off of Brant Rock, Marshfield (approx. 2-3 miles from Saquish Beach). They searched for the young man for what seemed to be 2 weeks and they talked about the current taking him out to sea. When they finally did find his body, it was literally feet away from where the accident took place. Peoples bodies sink when they drown. There are many factors involved as to when it resurfaces, i.e. water temp, amount of clothing worn. It was cold when Josue died and I believe he was fully clothed. Also, we didn’t have any major storms – we didn’t have any storms at all last fall. Bizarre? Yes Indeed it is.

    I wish you well with all future endeavors, Elise. I see a bright future in journalism for you. Not everyone has the courage to write about these subjects, and again I commend you.

    1. Thank you!
      Its that exact unfortunate mentality that Im hoping to combat. It shouln’t happen all the time, and those radio hosts should be ashamed that they feel comfortable enough about it to blow it off.
      Regardless, I greatly appreciate the support from you and so many others! It has been far louder than the opposition 🙂

      1. You go girl! Love your words . . . make your dreams come true . . . and . . . the truth will always prevail . . . Patty . . .

        P.S. Patty is not a serial killer, and neither is Elise . . .

  12. Elise,I just knew from the “git-go_ that you were a woman..Highly suspicious ..locations,water,cell phones,last messages,then disappearances.too many things in common to be coincidence..mind-boggling..would make a great documentary or TV series.

  13. Dear Elise,
    Keep up the focus on this. Last week I heard something about this on NPR. I have been casually ‘following’ the story for several years, after I noticed that someone’s reported death seemed to be a repeat of a story I’d heard before. I even thought that maybe it was an error. After that, I repeatedly marveled that death after death has been brushed off by the press. It might be that the police departments are actively investigating, but need to do so quietly. If there’s no evidence of a serial killer, suggesting that there might be one would probably cause enormous problems and impede any investigation.

    Anyway, keep questioning!

  14. Great work…looking forward to following your blog.
    I’ve passed this link on to friends and family…everyone is gobsmacked !

  15. Keep writing, girl. We may or may not find out who (even if “who” is not human) is responsible for these deaths, but we can warn others. We can prevent it from happening to these young men (and others – like in National Parks).

  16. Elise, Did you hear about the recovery of the body of Kenneth Manning from the Mystic River yesterday? (or recently) He was wanted in the death of a Malden, MA woman. The Boston Globe report says that officials say the death was not ‘suspicious’. Well, I guess what they mean is they believe he put himself in the water, but it does seem strange that it’s become the fashionable thing to do.

  17. The victim that everyone always forgets is Dan Newville in New London, Minnesota. They don’t even have a poster up for him anymore in the local gas station. I think you will find a comparison of him with Brandon Swanson very interesting.

    1. Donna, just read this, it is amazing & disturbing how often this seems to happen to young men.. more than women, why is that?? It looks like the remains found are probably that of the missing young man least his family will have some sort of closure..except it would drive me to insanity to not know what happened to him

  18. Hi Elise, I was pointed to your blog by a post my cousin made about the young men disappearing in Boston. I was born in Boston and lived on the south shore and in NH (Nashua and Pittsburg). I now live in Virginia and am also obsessed with the paranormal and mysterious disappearances. I have spent the past 5 hours reading your blog stories and searching for more information on some of the stories, even downloaded the book on the Dyatlov Incident. One story that I have followed for years and has grown cold is the disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley. I have been obsessed with her disappearance. Though I believe she might still be alive, I also believe as she gets older the less chance there is of ever finding her alive. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    1. The story of Amy Lynn is haunting and Ive read all about it. I agree that she was almost certainly alive for quite some time after disappearing, though she may have passed away since (in which case I doubt any part of her will be found). The soldier’s story about meeting a terrified woman in a brothel will probably stay with me forever, to know it was probably her and she was so close to rescue. There is a chance that even if she was located she will have forgotten now who she ever was. Its a terrible and almost unimaginable story.

  19. Another young man missing here since 24 September 2016 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK – Corrie Mackeague, very strange – not one sighting since seen on cctv walking into a dead end. Also student Antoine Maury missing from Edinburgh, Scotland.

  20. I am so glad I stumbled upon this page. Im actually watching the news right now and there has been a teenage boys body found decapitated in Lawrence. I said to my Fiancé “I wouldn’t be surprised if it were linked to those other missing men that’s been happening a lot lately” so I decided to do a Google search for: (boston serial killer?) And came upon this page. I am very thankful for your vigilance and awareness of the situation EliseSoper. I plan on checking in frequently to see if you’ve found any more clues/news about this. Do you have a Facebook by any chance?

  21. Hello,
    April 2, 2017 just read about another disappearance of a young man leaving Celtic game he is 23. The first thing I thought is another young man disappearing in Boston and hopefully the outcome isn’t what I am suspecting. I pray they find this young man …. I don’t see any sort of investigation on these men? Lisa

    1. This is my friend, Mike Kelleher. Please spread word about his disappearance!!! #FINDMIKEKELLEHER

  22. Elise, your map showing 99 Nashua St for William Hurley who died in 2007 has MY NAME on it! Donna B Culley, RPH. Could you please take this down? Not sure why location services picked up my name. I do work for MGH near that area but so do hundreds of others. Anyway, I am disturbed to see my name particularly associated with a mysterious death. Thanks.

  23. Elise,

    Please look at this article about a friend of mine that has gone missing in the Boston area during a Celtics game. He’s 23 years old.

    If you think there could be of any relation to your “Boston’s Mysterious Vanishing Men,” please write back to me. He’s a good person and it’s not like him to just disappear like this.

    1. I very very much do not want this to be connected in any way and pray that Michael is found safe. I can’t imagine what his loved ones are going through, and it makes me feel sick with worry. Ive been thinking of Michael all weekend and trying to share the fliers.

    2. He left before the game ended? That’s what made me come to this site, I heard Elise on the Opperman Report, and have bookmarked this page. I hope your friend returns safe.

  24. This is amazing loved the article My Uncle who i never met him Watlter Moynahan was found dead in the charles River and I would love to know more think in the 60s

  25. This is amazing loved the article My Uncle who i never met him james Moynahan was found dead in the charles River and I would love to know more think in the 1920s 30s

  26. Hi Elise,

    My name is Noah and I’m currently working on an expose podcast on these cases and other similar cases that have taken place elsewhere.

    We’re very interested in your article and the feedback it’s received. If you’re interested in being interviewed or would like to discuss becoming a partner on the project, this is something we’re really open to!

    Please feel free to email me:

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