“If I knew it was the last time I would talk to you, I would’ve talked longer. If I knew it was the last time I would see you, I would’ve told you I love you.”

These are the words of a grieving daughter, trying to come to terms with the unsolved disappearance of her mother.

Sandra Crispo, 54, of Hanson Massachusetts, was last seen in the afternoon of Aug. 7 2019.

Her daughter Laina McMahon has been searching for the truth ever since.

Sandra is a petite woman with brunette hair, and she had recently moved to Spoffard Ave in Hanson from Houghs Neck, Quincy, to be closer to her beloved grandchildren. These same children now often ask their mother when “Granny” is going to come home.

Child’s face concealed to protect privacy.

The trouble is their mother, Sandra’s daughter, has no answers.

It was an average Wednesday for Sandra on August 7th 2019 . She was babysitting her three grandkids as she often did, when she noticed her car acting up. She brought the vehicle to a local mechanic that her daughter recommended, before getting a lift back to her house by a ‘family member’. This person was not named by the authorities to protect them, and was cleared as a suspect.*

Before she was dropped off, they stopped at a nearby Cumberland Farms store for Sandra to purchase cigarettes. Police have CCTV footage of Sandra exiting the family member’s truck and entering the store, making her purchases, and then leaving once more.



She was then driven to her home and dropped off at approximately 5pm without any incident. This left Sandra home alone on Wednesday evening, with only her black lab, Clarence. However this was not unusual, and in a quiet town like Hanson, hardly seemed dangerous.

An aerial look at the Spoffard Ave area of Hanson

The next morning, Thursday Aug 8, the mechanic called Laina to discuss needing more parts. He could not reach Sandra on her home phone, and she does not have a cellphone. Laina had the day off and was enjoying the beach with her sons when she received the call. She tried to call her mother to tell her the news about the car, but also couldn’t get through.

Hindsight is 20/20. Laina says now that she had a bad feeling, but it likely wouldn’t have been unusual not to speak to her mother for a day, considering she did not have a cellphone or a computer. Furthermore, there were already plans to see her mother the next morning, and after a long day at the beach, her and the boys were likely tired and busy.

Friday morning came, and Laina arrived at her mother’s house to drop off the boys for the day.

The Realtor Photo of Sandra’s home before she moved in.

Sandra didn’t come to the door, which was unusual, but Laina was not yet worried. Her mother might have been in the bathroom or otherwise busy. She circled around to the back door, and found it unlocked. This discovery set off the first of an increasingly disturbing series of red flags.

Despite living on a rural Hanson street, Sandra was not the type to leave her doors unlocked.

Once inside, the worry mounted. She was not greeted by a jumping, tail wagging Clarence. “Something was very wrong,” Laina said later. “That dog, her dog, is usually jumping all over the place. Not this time.”

Instead, the dog was sitting on the recliner in the living room, looking scared. His food and water bowls were both empty, also highly unusual, and the first indicator that Sandra had been gone since at least the previous day. “She would never leave her animal alone for any [extended] period of time.” Laina told the media. “She would never leave her dog like that.”

There were further oddities as well. “I noticed all of the lights (and the AC) were on” Laina remembers. This suggests it was evening when Sandra was last in the home, and that if she had went out voluntarily, she had intended to return soon. Her shoes and purse were both gone as well.

On her bedroom dresser, she’d left a handwritten note, a reminder to buy her daughter and oldest grandson birthday presents. In the fridge, she had already prepared cut watermelon for a planned sleepover on Friday with the boys. “She would never stand me up with my kids. She loved having them.” Laina explained. It was this point where she knew something was seriously wrong.


Sandra has no history of depression or suicidal ideations, was not on any medications, and is not the type to up and leave. She is described by those who know and love her as a quiet homebody, with close ties to family but few friends.

“She didn’t have a lot of friends. She hung out with her sister and her cousin and her grandchildren and that was it,” Laina said.

The case was initially handled by local Hanson Police.

Hanson police chief Michael Miksch told media, “We have conducted seven different searches of the area using drones, K9s, both civilian and police, as well as officers on foot and on ATVs. We’ve got no new information, we’ve come up empty.”

The nearby woods were searched, officers went door-to-door talking to neighbors, and surveillance video was reviewed. Despite this, some have accused Hanson PD of mishandling the investigation.

Hanson Police initially claimed that there was no sign of foul play in the case, indicating their opinion that Sandra had left the home of her own free will.

Laina begs to differ. She believes there were signs of a possible struggle in the home. She suggested the bed seemed to have been moved in some way, among other clues.

After two months of stagnation, Laina requested that Massachusetts State Police step in to take over the case. They returned to the home on Spoffard Ave, searching for new evidence, and taking more samples.

Laina hopes it will lead to a break in the case, but her and authorities both still hold out hope that someone will come forward with more information that can add to the case. In a small town like Hanson, there is a good chance that somebody saw something.

Sandra was last known to have been wearing a gray tank top, pink capri style pants, and slip on shoes, the same outfit seen in the surveillance footage from Cumberland Farms. Since this has not been disputed, it is likely these clothes were not found in her home among her possessions. This also indicates that whatever happened to Sandra occurred the evening of Wednesday August 7th, after 5pm.

If you were in the Hanson area on that evening and noticed anything that could be related to this case, it is imperative you contact the MA State Police at (508) 894-2600. Furthermore, if you have any other info that may be of use please also reach out. Even something that may seem small or insignificant to you may have larger implications to the case. The authorities believe that, assuming Sandra was taken against her will, someone in the area may have heard or seen something of an abduction.

Since she’s been gone, there’s been no movement on her bank accounts, and none of her items including pocketbook and ID have been recovered.

Sandra and Laina

I will continue to update this page with any further developments.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Sandra Crispo please contact the MA State Police at (508) 894-2600


* It is important not to become sidetracked by speculation about the last person who saw Sandra. In this instance, we have to trust and hope that Police did their due diligence in clearing this person, and instead focus our energies on other avenues in the hopes to solve this case.



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I also contacted and spoke directly to Laina to fill in as many gaps in coverage as possible. Other family members either could not be reached or declined to talk.