Did you know any of these people?

I am reaching out to the public for information on a list of people who have either gone missing or died in Massachusetts. If you knew any of them and can give me any info, even if it’s just to tell me you do not want them included in my investigations, please reach out to me. The list is comprised of people that might fit with my previous investigated cases, and most I could find very little info about.

Jerald Gelb (40) Aug. 16 2001

David W. Crockett (45) April 3 2004

Daniel Mun (20) Dec. 5 2004

John Pike (23) June 2nd 2007

Charles M. Allen Jr. (22) Oct. 13 2007

Justin Marshall (30) June 6 2010

Christopher Martin (24) Dec. 17 2011

D’Anthony Green (23) July 30th 2012

Joseph A. Gage (32) Jan. 1 2013

Shilo Morgado (36) Aug. 30 2015

If you can tell me about any of these men, or if you knew someone else that you feel might have been a victim of the Boston Drownings, please comment or message/contact me. I will keep any info you want private. Thank you.

18 thoughts on “Did you know any of these people?

  1. I’m wondering how Charlie Allen relates to your research? His case has intrigued me for years and I search it every so often. This page came up in my most recent search. Has anyone been in contact with you?

    • Hey Megan! Charlie/Neo fits several interesting profile points that have led me and other investigators to believe he is connected to whatever is happening. Most obviously his age, gender, and the fact he was a college student. But more interestingly, his background in technology, his pattern of strange behavior before going missing (including acting confused and paranoid and saying he was being followed, like Cullen Finnerty and many others) and the fact that he has gone missing with only things like his shoes being found left behind.

  2. I am so intrigued! I have been checking my spam folder for days waiting for an email about a new comment. I still had the tab up but never refreshed it (duh). I just decided to check before bed and I’m so glad you responded! Is there a more inclusive post that will explain it all? I’m dying to read it, if so!

  3. I’m so sorry to be constantly commenting here, but is there a way to have an email sent when you update? I keep checking but I feel like I’m going to forget and miss it.

  4. Hi, I love your blog. I wonder if you would consider making a separate blog entry to cover Maura Murray’s case. It’s had renewed interest in recent years on account of a blog and book covering the case. Such a fascinating case and a real mystery too. Anyway, just a suggestion 🙂

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