Boston’s Mysterious Vanishing Men (Follow Up)


I want to start off by thanking everyone for the immense amount of interest and support that they have shown in the days since publishing my Boston’s Mysterious Vanishing Men blog post. I never expected it to go so viral, and the response has been surreal.

I have been contacted in various ways by friends and family of some of the men who’s stories were shared in that post, which was incredibly humbling. That being said, I want to reach out to those loved ones to tell them that if there is anything I have written that they wish me to change or omit, please contact me to do so. I have already been asked to do so and readily obliged. The last thing I want to do is cause more pain for those loved ones. I have NEVER stopped viewing these men as people. They are not just cases or statistics to me. They are individuals with stories, and in researching them for so many hours I have grown attached to them.

I have also been sent hundreds of stories of similar cases from across America, some even begging me to investigate. Unfortunately, I am all too aware of these other cases. The reason I chose to focus on Boston was because it is my home, and the place I am familiar with. But I also stuck to Boston because looking into the rest of the cases across the U.S. would probably consume the rest of my life. If you know of similar cases in your hometowns, I urge you to try to make your city safer in ways similar to my plans, which I will discuss shortly.

I have been asked a couple of times now what my goals or motives for this investigation are. All I have ever wanted to do is highlight cases that I have found interesting, to call them into question in case justice still needs to be sought, and to stop similar events from occurring in the future. I wanted to raise awareness to keep others safe. But I also want to try to relieve the stigma surrounding young men drinking and dying. For the cases in which that may apply, I want to remind people that everyone makes mistakes in their life. But these men should not have died, and their deaths were preventable.

Which leads to my next point: Where do we go from here?

My next goal is a multi-step plan to make the city safer. I am working with Someone who is drafting a letter for local bars along the water, asking them for safer and more conscientious business practices when serving alcohol. I will also be contacting several people in power asking for improvements to safety along the harbor. As it stands, the area near Long Wharf where several of the men went missing or were found dead is considerably unsafe. I want the installation of better guardrails, better lighting, more surveillance cameras, and hopefully even the hiring of several night guards trained in water rescue and CPR.

If these cases truly come down to men falling in the water, why shouldn’t we be doing everything possible to prevent it?

Now, there is the chance that these are not merely coincidences. As many of my readers have postulated, there is a chance that some of these men were killed. I have been overwhelmed by the eagerness to try to get to the bottom of the mystery (encouraging curiosity into the unknown was my intention of this blog!) and by the sleuthing taking place in the comments! I wanted to foster a place where people could discuss freely, so I tried to publish as many of the comments as possible. However, there have been a few which I have not felt comfortable allowing, mostly ones which speculate on personal facts on the individual men. I do not think that such unfounded speculation is helpful at this juncture, and furthermore I don’t want to offend loved ones of these men. The second kind of comment I have not been allowing are ones which try to create a profile of the ‘killer’.

While I appreciate the enthusiasm, I do not think this should be attempted by anyone but professionals, nor do I think we have enough info at this time to create a successful profile. My greatest fear is that this will turn into a witch hunt. I do not want to cause a hysteria that will result in hurting innocent people. So please refrain from trying to pin blame on a certain kind of person (uber drivers, truckers, etc.).

What needs to happen instead is everyone coming together to make Boston, or their own cities, safer! Everyone needs to use the buddy system. No one should drink to excess. If you feel uneasy, trust your gut. If you see something, say something! If you notice an intoxicated person, get them help! If we maintain vigilance, whatever is happening to these men will stop, one way or another.

In the coming weeks there may be petitions to sign and letters to write, so I hope that all of you that have shown such passion for these cases will be there then as well. It is only by working together that we can invoke change, and thanks to all of your sharing and raising awareness, that is now a very real possibility!

So thank you again everyone for helping me share these men’s stories.

-Elias Jaeger (CryptidAntiquarian)


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  1. It sounds as if you bit off more than you had expected with your blog. I applaud you for helping to raise awareness of this ongoing issue and fror trying to make Boston a safer place to live. Thank you and keep up the great work.

    • really interesting and eerie at the same time. Just had a conversation with my daughter about the smiley face murders, which If I remember extended from Boston to New York with a detective who believed it was a serial killer. Love your posts and hope some good will come from them.

  2. Elise, I commend you for your dedication to this cause. It was very clear from your writing that you truly viewed these men as people and I am sure the care and humanistic approach was appreciated by many. There were responses that quickly blamed alcohol for the deaths. That explanation never made sense to me for many of the cases involved and I’m glad to read above that you wish to take the stigma away from these men who have disappeared into the water. Good Work Elise!

  3. People looking for correlative information may wish to familiarize themselves with the work of ex-cop David Paulides and his “Missing 411” series of books, Website, and YouTube interviews. His most recent book, “Missing 411: A Sobering Coincidence” concerns urban unexplained disappearances, as opposed to rural and national parks disappearances. For YouTubes of him, I recommend beginning at “Where Did The Road Go?” channel. Just search “Missing 411” at YouTube. Paulides and a son of his are making a movie of his research now, which they werer over-crowdfunded for last year by enthusiastic supporters of this alarming and unexplained trend. Paulides has added Zach Marr’s case to his Facebook pages. Please see Paulides’s Website, “”, as well – but not if you’re trying to get to sleep. The federal government has repeatedly thwarted his attempts at FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests for records of those who’ve gone missing in national parks for many decades. When bodies have been recovered, forensic pathologists have frequently been unwilling to assign a cause of death – in thousands of cases. Sleep tight.

    • P.S. to my previous post: David Paulides does not sell his books at Amazon; he sells them at his own site ( There. they are reasonably-priced. At Amazon, they cost an unearthed left femur, a lower jaw WITH teeth, and the deceased’s pinkie ring.

      Also, when Paulides discusses the Elisa Lam case – one of the most boggling – it becomes clear that the feds have a reason for denying FOIA requests; to wit: they know something about these unsolved cases. Beginning at about 19:55 into this YouTube: , Paulides discusses Elisa Lam’s case for quite a while. The federal Centers For Disease Control (CDC) had a diease named after her EIGHT YEARS before she died – when they went to investigat the area of her death . . . for a massive outbreak of that disease.

  4. I have to say I am not particularly thrilled by the idea of even more surveillance cameras. Is the implication that there is somebody monitoring them all day and night and that they can somehow magically make a rescue crew appear at the frigid water’s edge within the tiny time frame it takes for a person to drown? Because that seems realistic. We need to ask if these proposed solutions solve anything or make the rest of us feel better, somehow.

    Along these same lines: “Everyone needs to use the buddy system.” Well, sure. But so many of the men on your list were out with buddies. Some of the reader submitted scenarios describe the disappeared walking with friends and then not being there. It’s an idea on paper that makes sense, in the same way “everybody needs to stop abusing their bodies with excessive alcohol” makes sense. But again, not realistic.

    I think your suggestion of the nightclubs having some responsibility makes sense. All area liquor establishments are required to have staffs that have been educated about Massachusetts’s particularly stringent rules about serving. The bartenders and servers get that training.

    I think what would be helpful would be training on security. They need to reframe the imperative from, “We have to get this totally wasted a-hole off the premises so the owners don’t find their liquor licenses at risk,” to, “How do we verify that this poor person has a safe way home?” Too often security people treat the paying customers as if they are nemeses and once they successfully get them out the door everything that happens after the is customer’s problem. How do we get the frequently steroided-out rage heads to give a crap about anything other than their little domains of power?

    THAT would be a good place to start some reform efforts.

    • Ok I’m going to try to answer you without getting too frustrated 🙂
      I thought the use of surveillance would be obvious, but to clarify, cameras would dissuade possible murderers/pushers, and help catch them/identify them if they strike. They would also give us an understanding of what actually happened if someone were to fall in the water. That way we wouldn’t be left with so many questions the way we are now. Naturally they wouldn’t be an alert system or rescue device, which is why I proposed guards.
      As for your comment on the buddy system, Im not sure you actually know what the buddy system is. The buddy system does not mean “hang out with buddies!”. It means do not go anywhere alone. All of the men on my list did just that, they went off somewhere (to the bathroom, to have a smoke, etc) alone. The possible reason that women are not ending up dead is because women are taught from a young age that if they go anywhere alone they will be raped and murdered, so they never go anywhere without a “buddy” to back them up.
      Hope I clarified some things for you!

    • I think you are correct about the bouncers! I think that is an excellent point & when the letter is drafted to bartenders we should add bouncers definitely.. I think you are spot on with the mentality of we need to get this wasted person out the door.. I wonder how bouncers are trained & if that could be looked into. And obviously the buddy system is only good if everyone does it and some won’t, no doubt but even if just some do then that is what will make a difference. Something bad is happening & has been happening for far to long.. what it is.. I cannot even begin to know, personally I think it is a few different things going on..but I am So thankful this is being brought to people’s attention, great job Elise!!

    • I think your idea;s are well taken,do not just get the guy out of the bar,call cabs some were with friends ,keep an eye out,I would never let a friend out of site,the doorman should know we will ne back not babysitter;s just common sense thanks Judy

  5. Elise, there are already a lot of cameras around there. Have you done an inventory? I’d help. My instinct tells me that the police never gathered all the footage. My hope with your blog and actions is that the police will be held accountable.

    An inventory of security cameras could be plotted on a map with shading showing their coverage (+ noting ownership). A case could be made for cameras in lacking zones.

    That would be a huge project. Maybe a criminal justice Prof at a local university would take parts of this on as a class project.

    Bouncers in Boston have been treating patrons like shit since I started clubbing with a fake ID in the 90s! Many of them are thugs with ego problems. I used to take Krav Maga with an amazing instructor who once lived in London. In London, he ran a self-defense based certification program for bouncers. Apparently in London, all bouncers need to be certified. This makes total sense to me: they have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. Their job should be the safety and enjoyment of guests, not merely to protect the owners from lawsuits, which is the situation now, for the most part.

    • Your suggestion of making an inventory of local surveillance cameras is worth a try, but just FYI; I seem to remember reading that small businesses are notorious for letting their cameras fall into disrepair. When a camera malfunctions, it just usually isn’t a high priority to get it repaired right away when they have other expenses that need to be dealt with first.
      Also, I worked in an IT department recently, and whenever managers came in asking to see security footage, there was always some reason why we didn’t have it. Either the area they wanted to see wasn’t covered by a camera, or it happened in a camera’s blind spot, or the camera moves back and forth and whatever they wanted to see might have happened when the camera swung in the opposite direction. Also, the footage was automatically backed up onto servers for a certain length of time, and after that time period, new footage would over-write the old. They just didn’t keep the footage indefinitely, they didn’t have the server space. So if the police didn’t ask to see the footage within that time frame, it might have been erased.
      Finally, the cameras we used were notoriously low resolution, black and white film, blurry, pixelated, and shadowy. Even when the cameras picked up something, it might be impossible to make out anything useful.
      So, as I said, it’s worth a try, but be prepared that it might turn into a blind alley.

  6. Nice follow-up and well-handled.

    The internet opens up quite a can of worms sometimes. While it fosters collaboration, its accessibility and relative anonymity also invites unfortunate “noise.”

    Nice to see you balancing that and preventing things getting too far off track, while keeping the families in mind.

    Likewise, kudos for taking action and doing something with the product of this endeavor. We need more people to get up from behind they keyboard to effect the changes the world needs, oftentimes to save us from our own undoing.

    It’s nice to see you using the internet as a tool for humanity and not a replacement for it. Hopefully others follow suit.

  7. I would be more than happy to help as I’m able. I have managed various properties in the Faneuil Hall Marketplace / North End & Financial District areas area since 1988. I am very familiar with the area and agree that more attention should be paid to ongoing safety issues by the police and the City administration. Not to mention the complete lack of responsibility assumed by most, but certainly not all, of the bar and club owners in the area with respect to the actions of their staff.

  8. Would love to help if their is anyway I can do. I worked in that area for about 10 years and I share the feelings of others, that area needs attention asap! These men resonate with me, as I remember my little brother coming to visit in 2010 with his friends (23years to 25years old). I told them flat out to stay away from that part of Boston as well as some of the mentioned bars. As a female I’ve been alone smoking ouside many of those bars. You can’t get a bouncer to help you unless you have someone from management do it. So, my concern is your concern and what a lot more people’s concerns should be.

    I didn’t want to say anything before on my other post, but I think if you can read between the lines it’s simple and you touched on this point also. As females we grow up with these fears inbeaded in our minds. However, males grow up looking out for the big bad ugly. It looks like it needs to be brought to more attentions. Men can and are in just as much danger as a female. Crime doesn’t happen to just females. It’s so sad that this is still happening. I just don’t buy the story of them all being accidental. Keep it up! You are doing great by getting this out. ✌🏼️❤️😀

  9. I support those goals 100%. And we don’t have to wait for government to act. It can be something like a neighborhood watch program. And individual businesses near the water should be encouraged to put cameras up, even if it’s inside pointed at their glass doors and windows, it can help.

  10. Steph Young’s new book- this woman has been following these cases for a long time -

  11. One time during a visit in New Orleans, back in 2008, my friends and I decided to go to this gay-bar. I had been bar-hopping previously and was a little buzzed. I remember it was during the time that Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl” song was popular and the DJ was playing this song during a performance. I was on the dance floor, when this strange, yet very beautiful girl approached me and asked if I wanted a drink and chat. I was having fun and was like sure. I thought she was unusual looking. Yet very beautiful, with pale skin and gothic look. Moments later, she brought our drinks and we went outside to talk. I can recall that it was more of me talking and she just staring at me. Like she was observing my behaviour and not listening. Something about her was just really off. We were standing on a third-floor balcony, when what I assumed at the time was a bar “bouncer”, lunged into me and almost knocked me over the balcony. I was totally pissed at the guy—I thought he had tried to knock us over the balcony. I said a curse word laden rant, and I remember specifically, he said, “you out!”

    So I started making my way down the stairs, as I assumed I was now kicked out. I couldn’t find my friends. I was looking everywhere around me as I went down the steps. I was screaming for my friend. That’s when I noticed my legs were starting to feel numb. It was getting harder to move them. But the “bouncer” behind me kept pushing and screaming for me to go! I made it outside and started to notice I could not stand at all. I was starting to not be able to verbalize at all. Apparently my friend saw the commotion, and went to that same balcony to look for me. I saw him above and started screaming his name. I barely could move at this point or speak.

    Luckily, he saw me! I was flagging him down with what energy I had left in me.

    I could hardly even explain myself to him about what just happened! I was able to communicate to him that I could not move and he had to carry me. My friend had to carry me through the whole French Quarter on his shoulder. All the way down Canal Street to our hotel.

    I wasn’t able to “put-it-together” until the next day, but that girl had drugged me. With what? I’ll never know. I assume it was GHB and that the “bouncer” was somehow involved.

    I believe my story maybe similar to what has happened to some of these young men. I believe women are used to lure these men to their deaths.I believe date-rape drugs are used. I believe there is an occultic purpose. Though we’ll never be sure unless survivors come forward.

    My advice is NEVER ACCEPT a beverage from a stranger. Sadly, this may include the bartenders.

    • Very interesting story it sounds like you were very lucky a friend was there to help. I think vigilance is very important. The reason men are the targets is likely because women grow up with these rules ingrained into them. Don’t go out alone. Don’t leave your drink unattended. Don’t accept drinks from strangers. Don’t go off alone with strangers. It seems if men want to be safe they need to start following those rules as well.

      • My good friend, I feel, saved my life that night. More than anything, it is important to stay in the group when going to unfamiliar places. Always. And you’re right, all people need to be cautious and vigilant. It is a crazy world…

        Have fun people, but be safe!

      • I came across your story about the vanishing men yesterday and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I’ve spent the last two hours reading your stuff and I am completely enthralled. Being a NH native myself and a transplant in the Boston area, I always err on the side of caution when it comes to going anywhere in the city, as most women do. But I’m curious, are there ANY cases of women in similar situations being found in bodies of water in the last 10-15 years? I tend to get attached to the stories of women in a certain age group (which I fall into) and their disappearances/deaths in and around Boston.

      • I haven’t found any yet from Boston, though occassionally bodies are found and recieve little follow up because they are homeless people.
        There have been a few cases of women victims in other places though. In my most recent blogpost I talk about Kayelyn Louder.

    • Scary story, indeed, and glad you lived to tell the tale. How come you weren’t taken to a medical facility straight away being in that condition?

  12. By the time my friend was able to help, I could hardly communicate. I could hardly think. I couldn’t construct a thought. I had no use of my legs. I physically could not stand upright on my own. I do recall that he had to rest from carrying me a few times on our way back to Canal St. I would just collapse when he would set me down.
    He was buzzed and having a good time that night—and assumed I was just drunk. He had no reason to be concerned at that point…

  13. It is so unfortunate to me that we no longer view our fellow citizens, as our neighbors. No matter the size of the city, we should take better care of each other, even if just means just asking, “are you Ok”? I too live in a big city, Dallas, TX, so I know how easy it is to become complacent, and just look through people on the street. But I think we have to actively fight against this as human beings.

    I encountered a situation where a woman was being abducted, by 2 men in the street, in front of my home. I heard her screaming, and came running. There were a few men at an auto body shop a block away; they were just watching this unfold. I will not say how I intervened, because I do not recommend it for others, but I did intervene.

    She was a mother of 4, and apparently one of the men abducting her, was her drug addicted twin brother, and his dealer. Her twin had blamed his theft on her, too get himself off the hook. She had managed to jump from the moving car, and I had heard them trying to get her back in. They were planning on robbing her, and dumping her body in the abandoned funeral home up the street.

    What shocked me was the number of people who were just watching this unfold, and did nothing! This was at 4:30 in the afternoon, in the middle of a 4 lane street. It’s called the “Kitty” Genovese effect. Everyone thinks someone else will be the one to help. We can’t think this way, and I always say, when in doubt, CALL THE POLICE!

    We have to start thinking, and helping our fellow citizens as if they were our neighbors, or our friends. I, of course, encourage this to be done safely, and within reason. No one should endanger themselves, but simply being vigilant for yourself AND those around you, could prevent many tragedies.

    I don’t know if you’ll allow this post to go through or not, it’s not exactly on topic. But I know for a fact that my vigilance made a difference in that woman’s life, and the lives of her children. Other people can prevent similar tragedies, simply by being alert and watchful for themselves, and their fellow citizens.

    Thank you so much for this well written, and compassionate blog. Perhaps it has already prevented another young man from being lost. My prayers go out to the families of these talented, and much loved men.

  14. Here is a question: of all these deaths, have any of the families or police engaged a psychic or medium to see if there was a nefarious cause? I’ve read the Smiley Face book and the authors blog, yet, all of it, or much of it, is speculation. Just like this blog. Where any other disappearance or mysterious death has occurred, I’ve seen desperate families use psychics.

  15. I started following this blog after the first post about “Boston’s Mysterious Vanishing Men,” and, must say, I am quite impressed with the depth of your investigation, and how much care you have taken to be respectful of the deceased and their families. Even more though, I am heartened by the intention to use these tragedies to make the city of Boston safer. I work for one of the universities on the Charles, and I worry often for the safety of my students. Please send me an email if there is anyway I can assist with the campaign!

  16. Fascinating , creepy, and bizarre. One thing that irks me is the constant “no foul play” mantra dished out by LE.
    Be it Boston, Wisconsin, NJ, or Manchester U.K.
    These incidents need to be on people’s radar, and you should all go to David Paulides book store to purchase his 411 books. You will not read anything more horrifying and unfortunately more redundant, because this phenomena is not new, and its worse in national parks. Great blog here, btw. Glad I found it.

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  18. Thank you for your insightful look at these tragic occurrences happening in and around our city, not to mention many other cities in the US. Having a son and a daughter, I have always told my daughter to never leave a bar or party alone, use the buddy system, not to leave her drink unattended, etc. not thinking to inform my son the same thing (except not leaving his drink unattended). He’s a college aged young man, athletic, so I always felt he would be safe. I have now included him in those conversations. I don’t know if this has been mentioned, as I didn’t read everything yet, but I am wondering if these men are possibly being lured by a female, maybe one who needs assistance with a tire change for instance. Most young men would be willing and able to help someone out who looked to be in need. I hate to be so suspicious, but I recommend these young men not help someone by themselves without a group of their friends with them. Most establishments do have cameras now and if they are unable to get back into the bar, stay put! We were all young once and we never thought bad things could happen to us, but bad things happen all the time. Keep up the good work, you are doing a great thing making us aware.

  19. Another comment of a kid who was drugged. If this is true!! These should be reported to the police and not brushed off:

    666themadrussian1 month ago
    To add to this litany of stories I had a similar experience one night after being at a bar. I was dancing with a girl who was with 2 of her supposed male relatives who I didnt know and was drinking. I suddenly felt strange and very intoxicated so immediately left. After unlocking my moped and starting to walk it and myself home, I blacked out (the first time) to awaken on a dry dock maybe 4-5 blocks from the bar en route to my house. The next memory i have is of jumping a fence after lifting my moped over it (idk where exactly). After that the next memory i have is of walking (in the opposite direction of my house)over a railroad bridge over a dam the sound of the river and the fact my leg had slipped through the chain link on the bridge! I believe the only reason im alive is because I was startled back sober then. Ive done alot of recreational drugs and never had a feeling like I did that night before i left the bar. I think someone had drugged me.

  20. I am happy I subscribed to this blog, Elise. I have friends who now notify me of mysterious deaths here in Boston. I may be quiet but I am following the strangeness.

  21. I came across your blog a day late. I had heard of David Paulides 411 books and his latest one on urban missing. Many years ago I had sighting of 3 bigfoots crossing road there after I was fascinated with everything Bigfoot. I had venture out into wood alone to look for additional sightings. I had near sighting in those adventures as I usually decide to run at first notice. I eventually had more frightening encounter and it seem exceptionally wise to trespass on creature/person who is 800 plus pound. On occasion I will hear wood knocks when near wooden area and in some case places where I find it really hard to believe a bigfoot might be.
    I like mysteries and offer my own theories. BUT sadly whatever or whoever is harming this men is one dangerous individual.

    And Sadly again if it is a HUMAN doing it. Then a human is capable of reading doing web searches. So be careful

  22. Hi,
    Here’s some data which I think may be of interest to youabout disapperances of mostly young men (mostly found in lakes, pond and rivers) in France during the past ten years :

    Missing – French cases (2006-2016)

    ‘Tweed said to Till
    ‘What gars ye rin sae still?’
    Till said to Tweed:
    ‘Though ye rin wi’ speed,
    And I rin slaw,
    Yet where ye droun ae man,
    I droun twa’.’
    Northern England saying

    72 Cases with quasi–identical contexts (most victims (not all) had consumed alcohol and or drugs and they disappeared for the most part after parties or other events), victim profiles (majority of students but also a few active young men) and autopsy results.
    During two of the ‘waves’ of disappearances in 2011 and 2012 rumors of a serial pusher (le pousseur) spread in the towns of Bordeaux (5 student disappearances between 2011 and 2012) and Lille (4 disapperances between 2010 and 2011). These rumours are similar to those that spread recently in Manchester UK, where 61 male deaths occurred between 2008 and 2014 (bodies were found in the city’s canals).

    Source : Le Parisen article (2012)

    Odd facts:
    • Majority of victims are men aged between 18 and early thirties / most were good looking, not obese or unfit and not from lower class backgrounds / many were students in fields such as medecine, business, sport and architecture or young professionals (there are a few cases fitting the pattern involving older men and women) / some of the victims disappeared on the same day in different areas

    • No cases in Paris and Marseille (two largest French cities) – few cases in central and South Eastern France

    • No cases fitting the pattern in August over the last ten years

    • Most drowning cases involving homeless people or prostitutes studied in comparaison during the last ten years have explainable causes (suicides, foul play, accidents or erratic behavior) and do not fit the pattern / strangely there are also far fewer drowning cases (compared to the cases studied during this investigation) involving marginal types over the period researched (2006-2016)

    • Autopsy reports : in some cases they were not communicated to the families or at least not at first ; others systematically conclude to drowning or probable death by drowning (no cardiac arrests, hydrocussions, hypothermia, drug overdoses) / no injuries indicating foul play

    • Case classification shows peaks in 2011, 2012 and 2013 / December and February were the deadliest months during the period studied

    • Towns where clusters occurred are Bordeaux, Nantes and Lille

    • ‘Hungriest’ rivers are the Garonne, the Deule and the Loire

    Oddest cases :

    Disappearance of students Remy Calmejane (19 yo – sports student in Nantes –STAPS diploma) and Gregoire Rigault (24 yo – student at the National Institute of Economic and Accounting Techniques). Both were intoxicated at the time of their disappearance / neither of them had psychological or physical issues. They did not know one another.

    Remy disappeared on December 3, 2010 at approx. 4.00 AM after leaving the nightclub LE CALYSTO located near the river Loire. His body was found at the foot of a bridge called ‘Le Pont du Cheviré’ on the river Loire in mid-February 2011 (the area had been searched thoroughly at the time of his disappearance with boats, divers and sonars) – Autopsy revealed “no violence ante mortem’ ; likely cause of death was drowning.
    Gregoire disappeared 24 hours later on December 4, 2010 after leaving the LE CALYSTO nightclub (his body was eventually found in the Loire also at the ‘Pont du Cheviré’ on May, 2 2011 fully dressed with his papers) – The autopsy “was unable to determine the cause of death” because the body had been in the water too long ; there were no signs of injury.
    Satyam Kumar (student at the prestigious school Polytechnique) disappeared between December 3, 2010 and December 4, 2010 in Palaiseau at the same time as Remy Calmejane and in similar circumstances (Autopsy results: no signs of injury; probable cause was drowning)

    Mikaël Barbot (Manager of the Dana bar located in Nantes) disappeared between June 10, 2012 and June 11, 2012 in Nantes – Still missing – his car was found with the keys on the ignition on the ‘Pont de Cheviré’ bridge (river Loire) where Remy Calmejane and Gregory Rigault’s bodies were found in 2011

    Chronological classification

    2006 (1 case)

    Richard Campo 25 au 26 février 2006 (Châlons sur Saône) – Body found in the river Deule

    2007 (3 cases)
    Nicolas Babonneau 11 au 12 avril 2007 (Nantes) – Body found in the river Loire

    Julian Nortier 12 au 13 avril 2007 (Valenciennes) – Body found in the L’Escaut river
    Yann Noel 12 au 13 novembre 2007 (Metz) – Body found in the river Moselle

    2008 (1 case)

    Edouard Darras 10 au 11 avril 2008 (Dunkerque) – (no information found)

    2009 (3 cases)

    Nils Johannes Warmegard 21 au 22 février 2009 (Le Mans) – Body found in the river Sarthe

    Corentin Guerche 30 juin au 1er juillet 2009 (Thiviers) – Body found in a pond located in a quarry

    Charles Quemin 1er au 2 septembre 2009 (Lille) – Body found in the river Deule
    Alexis Berteloot (19 yo) – 23 octobre 2009 (Le Canet) – went out jogging (was an amateur boxer) ; never seen since
    Benoit Messicaud 31 décembre 2009 au 1er janvier 2010 (Lyon) – Body found at the bottom of a 35 m cliff on Jan, 9 2010 in the Vercors area. Last text message to a friend said ‘the lightning’

    2010 (12 cases)

    Corentin Danic 4 au 5 mars 2010 (Rennes) – Body found in the Vilaine river

    Arnaud Kubbinga 12 au 13 mars 2010 (Le Havre) – Body found in a marina close to Le Havre harbour

    Thomas Roignant 1er au 2 avril 2010 (Plouenan) – Body found in the Penze river
    Geoffrey Leconte 9 au 10 septembre 2010 (Caen) – Body found in a marina

    John Ani 5 au 6 octobre 2010 (Lille) – Body found in the Deule canal

    Rémy Calmejane 3 au 4 décembre 2010 (Nantes) – Body found in river Loire (Pont de Cheviré)

    Satyam Kumar 3 au 4 décembre 2010 (Palaiseau) – Body found in lake

    Grégoire Rigault 4 au 5 décembre 2010 (Nantes) – Body found in river Loire (Pont de Cheviré)

    Anthony Carteron 9 au 10 décembre 2010 (Bavans) – Body found in river Doubs

    Jérôme Cano 10 au 11 décembre 2010 (Calais) – Body found in a canal

    François Thillmann 10 au 11 décembre 2010 (Ivry-sur-Seine) (still missing)

    Antoine Brahy 31 décembre 2010 au 1er janvier 2011 (Montigny-les-Metz) – Body found in river Moselle

    2011 (9 cases)

    Samy Haikel 6 au 7 janvier 2011 (Strasbourg) – Body found in the river Ill

    Thomas Ducroo 4 au 5 février 2011 (Lille) – Body found in the river Deule

    Jean-Mériadec Le Tarnec 19 au 20 février 2011 (Lille) – Body found in the river Deule

    Joackim Lebreton 26 au 27 février 2011 (Caen) – Body found in a marina in Caen

    Mathieu Gaillot 14 au 15 avril 2011 (Vannes) – Body found in Vannes harbour

    Bertrand Liria 14 au 15 mai 2011 (Toulouse) – Body found in the Garonne river

    Lloyd Andrieu 22 au 23 septembre 2011 (Lille) – Body found in Deule river canal

    Valentin Bernabeu 1er au 2 décembre 2011 (Bordeaux) – Body found in a marina

    Kada el Fani 7 au 8 décembre 2011 (Lattes) – Body found in river Lez

    2012 (10 cases)

    Maxime Le Bot 3 au 4 février 2012 (Bordeaux) – Body found in the Garonne

    Valentin Priet 21 au 22 février 2012 (Angers) – Body found in the river Maine

    Vincent Zecca 3 au 4 mars 2012 (Bordeaux) – Body found in the Garonne river

    Aurélien Braud 8 au 9 mars 2012 (Lannion) – Body found in the river Leguer

    André Poitevin 14 au 15 avril 2012 (Nantes) (still missing)

    Julien Teyssier 28 au 29 avril 2012 (Bordeaux) – Body found in the Garonne river

    Mikaël Barbot 10 au 11 juin 2012 (Nantes) – Still missing – his car was found on the ‘Pont de Cheviré’ bridge (river Loire) where Remy Calmejane and Gregory Rigault’s bodies were found in 2011

    Nicolas Barré 21 au 22 juin 2012 (Bordeaux) – Body found in the Garonne river

    Mickaël Moreau 30 juin au 1er juillet 2012 (Pluduno) – Body found in a pond

    Fabien Herfray-Artur 21 au 22 décembre 2012 (Rennes) – Body found in river Vilaine

    2013 (14 cases)
    Maxime Juillet 5 au 6 janvier 2013 (Orléans) – Body found in the river Loire

    Loïc Bernard 12 au 13 janvier 2013 (Lyon) – Little information found; possibly still missing

    Nicolas Robin 12 au 13 février 2013 (Louvain-la-Neuve) – Body found in a lake

    François Bellec 16 au 17 février 2013 (Lorient) (Pas encore retrouvé)

    Marc Blankaert 23 au 24 février 2013 (Dunkerque) – Body found next to a watergate

    Sylvain Guillermet 23 au 24 février 2013 (Bolozon) – Body found in the Ain river

    Andy Nsongan 12 au 13 avril 2013 (Annemasse) – Body found in the Menoge river

    Florian da Silva 15 au 16 avril 2013 (Tulle) – Body found in the Correze river

    Cédric Briant 18 au 19 mai 2013 (Bordeaux) – Body found in the river Dordogne

    Xavier Godmé 6 au 7 septembre 2013 (Epernay) – Body found in river Marne

    Renaud Dubois 11 au 12 octobre 2013 (Gravelines) – Body found in Gravelines harbour

    Mathieu Hémon 10 au 11 novembre 2013 (Chateaulin) – Body found in a canal

    François Coustance 6 au 7 décembre 2013 (Lorient) – Body found in Lorient harbour

    Clément François 7 au 8 décembre 2013 (La Rochelle) – Body found in a marina

    2014 (2 cases)
    Charles Joseph Coupé 11 septembre 2014 (Fargeau Ponthierry) – Body found in river Seine

    Paul Brillard 13 au 14 decembre 2014 (La Rochelle) – Body found in La Rochelle marina

    2015 (9 cases)

    Antoine Labastie 1er Janvier 2015 (Toulouse) – Body found in river Garonne

    Marie Lima 16 janvier 2015 – Body found in the Vilaine river

    Cedric Willemen 7 mars 2015 (Anvers) – Body found in Lescaut River

    Mathieu Gayral 19 au 20 mars 2015 (Pontet la Garonne near Toulouse) – Body found in the Garonne river

    Jeremy LLorca 17 mai 2015 (Lyon) – Body found in the Rhone river

    Guerin Fortes 15 octobre 2015 (Forges) – Body found in a pond located next to his home in Forges

    Mohamed Yacine Camara 15 octobre 2015 (Toulouse) – Body found in the Canal du Midi

    Iring Soen 16 octobre 2015 (Toulouse) – Body found in the Garonne ? (Bazacle)

    Jean Baptiste Pignede 19 octobre 2015 (Wavrechain-sous-Faulx) – Body found in a pond

    2016 (5 cases)

    Paul Maillot (disap 16-17 Jan 2016) – Reims – Body found in a canal

    Aurelien Sugot (disap March 12, 2016) – Reims – Body found in a canal

    * three other victims were found in the same canal between Jan and July 2016 (44 yo 56 yo and 79 yo)

    • Wow thank you for this incredible information! I’m so grateful to people such as you who are documenting this phenomenon in other places, I think its somethinga lot of people should be working on together to find the connections. The immediate similarities are obvious. Young, fit, intelligent men who end up alone and somehow impaired. Very interesting there are no cases from August, but there are several from may/june. Around here men only go missing in winter months, and skeptics chock it up to slipping into cold water. Cases like yours can lend more credence that its not that.

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