Boston’s Mysterious Vanishing Men

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If you were to hear of a young man disappearing after a night of partying and ending up dead in a river, you might be quick to call it a tragic accident. You might think it was common almost, for young foolish drunk men to die in this manner. But why would you think that? One possibility is that you have heard of the sheer number of cases that seem to indicate this scenario. But what if this isn’t what is occurring at all? What if something far more sinister is taking place?

The trouble with these cases, the thing that got my attention, is also the very thing that seems to make them so dismissible. They are incredibly predictable. In fact in many cases they are practically cookie cutter. But some are so similar that they seem to go far beyond coincidence.

After my obsession with unexplained missing persons cases was sparked by David Paulides (as chronicled in my last post) I couldn’t help but begin to notice them more, and then Dennis Njoroge went missing. I saw flyers posted all around Boston, his eyes following me daily, and my heart fell. I had a bad feeling in my gut as I began to connect him to other cases. I remember telling friends gravely that if the precedent was correct, he would be found dead in the Charles River.

One month after he went missing, Dennis was found in the Charles. The Police did not suspect foul play, but very little information has ever been made public (and not for lack of trying let me tell you).

I don’t know what happened to Dennis, and maybe the police and his family do. Maybe he was a troubled boy who met a tragic but self inflicted end that cold December night. The fact is I might never know the truth due to the privacy of the family, but regardless, Dennis sparked in me the desire to go back and examine other similar cases in my city. Other cases where the truth seems hard to come by.

I decided to begin my own investigation of sorts, and I’m going to use this page to track my findings and hopefully bounce ideas off of others who are interested.

Here are the cases I have found so far, showing name, age, and month/year missing.

John Daverio (49)  3/2003

Dustin Willis (26) 3/2007

William Hurley (24) 10/2009

Eugene Losik (26) 2/2010

David Mark (24) 2/2011

Franco Garcia (21) 2/2012

Jonathan Dailey (23) 10/2012

Eric Munsell (24) 2/2014

Josue Quispe (18) 10/2015

Dennis Njoroge (21) 11/2015

Zachary Marr (22) 2/2016

And now I will take a closer look at each of the cases.


John Daverio was a beloved 49 year old teacher at Boston University. He was born in Philadelphia, and moved to Boston to get a PhD from BU. He later became the Chairman of the Department of Musicology there in 1987, a position he held until his death. He was considered one of the world’s leading experts on German Romanticism and Robert Schumann, whom he wrote several books about. (Ironically Schumann once attempted suicide by throwing himself into the Rhine river.) John was considered a happy man by all who knew him, and was lovingly caring for his elderly parents, indicating that suicide was unlikely.

Daverio was last seen on CCTV leaving the BU campus on the evening of March 16, 2003 at around 8:30pm, wearing a red jacket. He had left his wallet and briefcase behind in the classroom, but was carrying a white bag which was never found. After being missing nearly a month, his body was found in the Charles River on April 14, 2003, near the Cambridge Boathouse. Police did not suspect foul play, but his death has never been explained. Those close to him refused to believe he would commit suicide.

Dustin Willis11270_1

Dustin ‘Dusty’ Willis was from Hatteras, North Carolina. He became a PO3/E4 petty officer and Engineer in the Navy and was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, as a crewman aboard the S.S. Donald Cook. Dustin was a musician, and was married but seperated, with a five year old son.

When Dustin was 26 the Donald Cook docked in Boston for Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. On the night of March 16th 2007 there were blizzard conditions in Boston. Dustin was out with his shipmate friends at the Black Rose Pub near Quincy Market. On their way out at around 11pm, Dustin’s shipmates lost sight of him in the storm. Friends state that he was sober at the time. He had spoken with his girlfriend several times that evening, and she confirmed this. When she called his phone the final time that evening a person that was not Dustin answered, and told her that they had found his phone. Dustin’s phone was found at about 1am on the ground near Long Wharf, but there was no sign of Dustin.

On March 21st Dustin’s body was found in 22 feet of water off Long Wharf, steps away from where his phone was found. Police surmised that he had simply become disorientated by the blizzard and slipped into the harbor.

imageScreen shot 2016-07-31 at 2.12.22 PM

William Hurley was a Navy sailor from North Carolina. He was stationed in Florida. On a stop in Boston in 2007 he met his girlfriend, and the two began dating. (Ironically he was in Boston the very same night that Dustin Willis went missing.) That December he moved from Florida to Quincy to live with her. William was invited by his friend Brendan Venti to attend a Bruins game at the TD Garden on October 8th 2009. However after only the first period and a couple of beers, he claimed he was tired from work, and was going to have his girlfriend pick him up. William stepped outside and called her, and she headed to pick him up. When she was close by she asked where he was. William asked a passerby who answered “99 Nashua Street”, and warned his girlfriend his phone was about to die. She told him she would be there in a moment and was just around the corner, then William’s phone died. When she got to the location, William wasn’t there. She drove around looking for him and asking people if they had seen him, but it was as if he had vanished into thin air. The search for William Hurley began but little leads were found. At some point his cellphone was found smashed, but Police released few details.

On October 14th William’s body was found at about 2:30am in the Charles River near 200 Nashua Street, 25 feet from shore. Police ruled out a mugging gone wrong as he had no injuries and his wallet and keys were still on him. Suffolk District Attorney Spokesman Jake Wark was quoted as saying the body had been in the water “a couple of days”. Perhaps it was a simple mistake, but William had been missing for six days, not a couple.

imageScreen shot 2016-07-31 at 2.15.14 PM

Eugene ‘Gene’ Losik was born in Belarus, and moved to the US when he was 7. He was an engineering grad of UMass Amherst, and a black belt in karate. He was 25 years old, living in Lawrence with his girlfriend and working for a company called Raytheon. On February 20th 2010 Gene was in the city celebrating a friend’s birthday. The group was staying at the Marriott Long Wharf hotel. After a night of partying, Gene was caught on CCTV at 2:24am leaving out the back entrance of the hotel without a jacket. He was heading into Christopher Columbus park, and friends say he was relatively sober and may have been stepping out for a cigarette. When friends awoke the next day they realized Gene was gone, and began to search. Police were led down to the docks by various scent dogs, and the water was searched by divers, but Gene was not found.

Nearly nine months later, on November 8th, Gene’s body was found near Rowes Wharf in the Boston Harbor. His cause of death is still unknown. Also unknown is why his body wasn’t found for six months, as drowning forensics indicate that it should have surfaced sooner. Some say it could have been weighted down, but the truth may never be known.


David Mark grew up in New York and had a Masters in Geography from the University of Albany. David had Type 1 Diabetes and was insulin dependent, and also had Aspergers. He was 24 when he went missing. On March 2nd 2011 David left the home where he lived with his parents in Albany and drove to Boston, where his sister lived in the Chestnut Hill area. David went and ate at Boston Beer Works near Fenway and had a few drinks. Employees said he was in good spirits. David never showed up at his sister’s house, and never returned home to Albany. The search for him was underway fast, as his parents knew he could Get sick without his insulin. His car was found several days later in Chestnut Hill, at 10 Middlesex Rd. but there was no sign of David. His phone was last pinged at around 6:40 in Boston, near the Charleston Naval Yard.

On March 8th a Boston fishing company found David’s body in the Chelsea River, downstream from the Andrew McArdle Bridge, 15 feet from shore. Police said there was no signs of trauma. His cause of death was not made public, but police say it was not foul play.


Franco Garcia grew up in West Newton with his Peruvian parents. He was attending a Boston College night school and studying chemistry, hoping to eventually go on to medical school. He worked full time at a CVS pharmacy in Waltham, and was musically gifted. On February 21st 2012 Franco was out with friends at Mary Ann’s Bar in Cleveland Circle. He was 21 at the time. He had made plans to spend the night with his friend Katherine Corteselli, though he flitted between several friend groups over the course of the evening. At 11:27pm he texted her a reminder: “Don’t leave without me”. Sometime after 12:15am friends lost sight of Franco, though his keys and jacket were still in the bar. At 12:18am Franco was caught on CCTV passing by an atm and heading toward Chestnut Hill Reservoir, and the area where his car was parked. He was not staggering, and friends described him as drunk but not smashed. His phone was last pinged about an hour later in the same area, but his car was left untouched. A huge search for Franco began, and his story was even shared by Bruce Springsteen. Police focused their search on the reservoir almost immediately, and searched it thoroughly, but nothing was found.

On April 11th at around 8am, Franco’s body was spotted in the weeds about 18 feet offshore in the reservoir. His wallet was still on him, and he had no injuries. Police described his death as being “consistent with an accidental fall into the water” but failed to elaborate on what that meant or why he wasn’t found before.


Jonathan Dailey (FB)

Jonathan Dailey grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and played violin and piano. He studied architectural technology at Appalachian State University, and later moved to Massachusetts with friend and roommate Miles Smith. Jonathan was 23 and attending a grad program at Boston Architectural College, but was taking a semester off for financial reasons. The night of October 2nd 2012, he and Miles hung out and had pizza until Miles went to bed around 9. The next morning Jonathan was gone. He had left behind everything but his phone. Though attempts were made to reach him he never answered, and his phone was soon shut off.

On October 9th at about 7:30am, a rowing instructor near Boston University (about a mile from Jonathan’s Allston apartment) made a startling discovery in the in the Charles River. Jonathan’s body was tied with chains to a cinderblock at the bottom of the river. Police assured the public that there was no threat to safety, and implied that Jonathan had committed suicide. He had no history of mental illness.


Eric Munsell was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He went to Boston University and got a degree in aerospace engineering. He was working as an aviation engineer at General Electric, and was pursuing a Masters in mechanical engineering via the Edison Engineering Program. On February 8th 2014, Eric was celebrating his 24th birthday at the Market Lounge. He was escorted out by a bouncer at about 11:30pm for causing a disturbance on his way to the restroom. It was only 18 degrees out, but according to the bouncer Eric claimed not to have a jacket. A half hour later his phone was pinged heading toward the Harbor and not his North End apartment. He was caught on CCTV near the Marriott Long Wharf.

On April 23 at about 12:30pm Eric’s body was found in the water at the end of Long Wharf. Police did not find his death suspicious. Why he supposedly walked to Long Wharf then proceeded to fall into the water and drown is unexplained.

Screen shot 2016-02-19 at 4.41.21 PM


Josue Quispe-Almendro was a runner, a photographer, and a religious young man. He lived in Malden with his tight knit family and was just 18 when he went missing. Josue was out running errands with his brother on October 17th 2015. He dropped his sibling off at a Bed Bath and Beyond in Somerville at about 4:30pm. He failed to return home or answer his phone. His car was found then next day at 10pm in Quincy.

Josue’s body was found washed up on Saquish Beach in Plymouth on November 12th. The cause of death was not released but police said foul play was not suspected. How Josue got all the way to Plymouth is unknown.

Screen shot 2016-02-19 at 5.01.18 PM


Dennis Njoroge was born in Kenya, and moved with his mother to Worcester MA. He was attending Northeastern University and was an aspiring filmmaker who loved Quentin Tarantino and playing basketball. Dennis was excited to soon start a co-op job at a Boston News Station. He was 21 years old. On November 29th friends saw Dennis playing basketball at the Marino Center on Northeastern’s campus. This was verified by his keycard swipes. The next day he spoke to his mother on the phone, a conversation that she felt was perfectly normal. After that Dennis did not show up for classes, and did not respond to his mother. His phone was last pinged at around 2am on the MIT Campus in Cambridge.

On December 31st at 10am Dennis’ body was found by a jogger in the Charles River on the Boston side, near the esplanade and Arthur Fiedler Footbridge. The location is directly across from the MIT campus. There was no signs of trauma, and police were investigating the death as a “non-homicide”.


Zachary Marr (UPDATED) grew up in Leominster (not Harvard, as is often reported) MA. He was celebrating his 22nd birthday with his cousins at the Bell in Hand Tavern on February 13th 2016. At about 1:30 he went outside for a cigarette, leaving his coat behind. At 1:40 he sent a snapchat to his cousin Amanda Marr that said “They won’t let me back in, lets leave”. She agreed to come out. However when they got outside Zach was gone. According to CCTV and bouncer statements, Zach never asked to come back inside. He was caught on CCTV at 1:44 walking past Boston Public Market, heading in the direction of TD Garden and Zakim Bridge. Police later found CCTV footage of Zachary “entering” the water under the Zakim (this footage has not been released). It is unclear what that meant precisely, but teams immediately began to search the water in the area. Nothing was found, possibly due to extremely low visibility. Several more searches were conducted with similar results in that area of the Charles River. On March 15th 2016 at about 5:45pm passerby’s noticed a body in the water by the Museum of Science Boston and (ironically) the Leverett Circle State Police Barracks. It was Zachary. His body was found in a location consistent with previous searches. Why he left the Bell in Hand and walked about a mile to the Charles is still unknown.

Some more thoughts on Zach Marr


I made a visualization of where the victims were last seen vs where their bodies were found.

Screen shot 2016-02-19 at 11.02.41 PM

I think its particularly beneficial to take a closer look in the financial district.

Screen shot 2016-02-19 at 11.18.57 PM

The proximities of these establishments is incredible.

Furthermore, many of the the victims are related in other ways.

  • William Hurley, Dustin Willis, and Jonathan Dailey were all from North Carolina.
  • Willis and Hurley were both in the Navy.
  • Willis, Gene Losik, and Eric Munsell were all engineers. Franco Garcia was studying chemistry.
  • Garcia, Willis, Dailey, and John Daverio were all musically talented. Josue Quispe was a photographer and Dennis Njoroge was a filmmaker.

Furthermore some cases seem bizarrely linked.

Dustin Willis was a NC native who joined the Navy and was in Boston March 16 2007. William Hurley was a NC born Navy man who was in Boston that same night, and would disappear two years after Willis. Both were talking on the phone to their girlfriends seconds before vanishing. Both men’s phones were later found.

Eric Munsell was removed from a bar on his birthday without his coat, possibly told a bouncer that he didn’t have one, and vanished into the night. Zachary Marr walked out of a bar without a coat two years later on his birthday, and told his friends that he wasn’t being allowed back inside. Both were later caught on CCTV.

I can’t claim to know just now what any of this might mean. all I can do is present the puzzle pieces that we currently have, but I know we are still missing far too many.

What I am certain of is that something terrible is happening to people all over the country, maybe the world, and the Boston cases are only a small sampling of it. I hope that someday this mystery can be solved to prevent future deaths, and pain for their families. Until then I urge everyone to make sure that YOU are not the next victim. Do not go out alone. Do not go near the water alone. And if possible, avoid wearing the color red. It’s a color that shows up often in David Paulides’ missing persons cases, and William Hurley and John Daverio were both wearing it when they vanished.

More On Zachary Marr

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1,675 thoughts on “Boston’s Mysterious Vanishing Men

    • Well this is probably one of the most interesting things I’ve read in a while. Now saying that I seriously believe their is something very suspicious going on, 1. Every case no info has been rrlrased, except that no it’s not foul play, bullshit!!!, 2. All bodies found in water, with no visible signs of a struggle, like, a fight may have happened sobmwrks and shit, and therefore I’ve come to the conclusion it’s some sicko, who either tazors his victims or fags them unconscious brings them someplace if he can then proceeds to kill them then dump their bodies, I hope they catch this person or persons soon because obviously the public isn’t safe, all these beautiful souls that have unfortunately lost their lives have one thing in common, their all relatively young with the exception of the first 2 names you had mentioned, why maybe because he thought younger kids are easy. Please Boston police or state or federal police solve this asap. God forbid I’m in Boston one night and this asshoke tried something they will find him dead..

    • This got me thinking. An elderly family member (84 years old) recently told me that he used to hypnotize people for fun. He said it was so easy that he just learned how to do it. It seems a stretch because for these guys to have been hypnotized they would have had to have been in a quiet spot for at least a few minutes so someone could hypnotize them. I’m not sure the bar/TD Garden setting would suit hynosis…I would think that drugs or murder would be more likely.

      Even so, hypnosis is an interesting angle that should be considered. There are freaks out there who would find this funny and consider it a power thing, to get some young, healthy guy with everything going for him to jump in the water to his death under hypnotic suggestion. It’s scary to think about it, actually.

  1. Have you thought of making a public records request to the BPD? Similar to the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Although there are a number of exemptions, I’m curious to see if any of the reports can offer other clues.

    • Sometimes the coroners don’t reveal what they really find. Sometimes they don’t test for GHB. I wonder if these men were gay and were looking for a hookup on some website. There are so many missing and drowned in Manchester, England.

  2. You are less likely to frustrate readers, and more likely to be viewed as credible, if you write clearly and state what you intend to convey at the front end of the article. What is your hypothesis. Hints and innuendo are just annoying. I click “next” when it seems clear that a writer is trying to convey something by building a case but never clearly stating it. State it.

    • LanLi Port: The author is creating awareness for the public. In his final paragraph he states: ” I hope that someday this mystery can be solved to prevent future deaths, and pain for their families. Until then I urge everyone to make sure that YOU are not the next victim. Do not go out alone. Do not go near the water alone. And if possible, avoid wearing the color red. It’s a color that shows up often in David Paulides’ missing persons cases, and William Hurley and John Daverio were both wearing it when they vanished.”

      LanLi, Stop being so critical of others! It makes you ugly.

      • @racheljewel Thank you. This is a supportive forum of people who care. No room for the negative. It’s way more important to be kind, constructive, careful & honest. This is a really horrible thing.

      • Agreed!!! I thought it was a well thought out piece. I understood what he was conveying to the reader. There’s always someone who has to post a comment about that.

  3. Great and frightening article that reminds me of Caleb Carr’s book The Alienist. I hope in time a full explanation is uncovered.

    • Glad to see others posting about this one since it’s so recent, I hope it’s not another case like this list but yes better questions need to be asked as well as demanding release of surveillance​ footage unlike in previous cases. I’m friends with musician John pikes family, and recently saw him mentioned in one of elises videos. As a Boston native and Massachusetts musician I feel more than ever these current cases need to be made more public or get some petitions going to release more info.

  4. I have been following these cases for a while. I’ve read all of David Paulides books including the one written on these supposed drownings. The scary thing is it extremely widespread, happening in many cities, towns and even different countries. There was one chapter of his book that focused on England I believe, where there were an unusual number of young men turning up in the canals there. The similarities in so many of these cases is alarming. What confuses me is the many many different areas it seems to be happening. If it was just in Boston, or other cities cities close by, I would think serial killer, but one serial killer traveling world wide seems far fetched

    • Very similar things like these cases happening all over England.

      Another phenomenon that’s been happening for years all along Pacific coast is shoes with severed feet washing ashore most of it concentrated in North west states but its happening all along p coast

  5. So interesting. I have a question. Were these men all checked for drugs in their autopsies. I am only asking because a friend of mine died about 18 months ago by drowning. The story is that he had his drink spiked with something. The drug was in ice cubes he had put in his drink at a friend’s house. The drug- possibly Molly- makes you feel like you are on fire inside. My friend ran outside in the dead of winter and ran into a pond. He drowned. It took several days to find him.

    • Drug tests are very limited and when done need to look for specific things, so they often dont show things. Plus time in the water can make tests unreliable or impossible.

      • Hi Elise, I know you/everyone has to be sensitive to families in these situations but I noticed on Facebook iMichael kellehers family is trying to hire a private investigator which says to me maybe they aren’t fully happy with police actions. Maybe someone like you whose done so much research could get through to them about how similar this is to other cases you’ve researched. It is sickening to watch the same events take place and same eery connections each time. Hope you are able to help them! Cheers -andrew

      • They are currently looking in in Boston waters for the boy who currently went missing. Also, I read into if DNA and drugs are easily attainable with bodies found in water and studies show that even after acouple days DNA and traces of drug can be washed off and out of a victim.

    • I was thinking something like that it makes more sense now that you say about how the drug makes you feel and how your friend died from it makes the most sense they should check that out

    • Yes spiked drinks/ ice cubes wud make sense since most victims had been out to a tavern or party. Also Molly wud give u dilated pupils. Y wudnt there be any footage from the bar? View who left or snuck out the same time as the victim – since most were found about a month later. They had to be somewhere. So true about the water making tests inconclusive or impossible.

    • No, Molly does not make you feel like you’re on fire …. but PCP does. In addition to overheating, PCP also causes hallucinations. I would argue the drug theory is the most likely especially given the age of the victims who are at a more malleable age of experimentation.

  6. Seems to me they are Feb March Oct Nov. Yes related to the Black Pearl also the two Ming of the basketball season. Could it be a seasons ticket holder? Hmmmmm?

  7. Last summer in Portland, Maine there was a similar case. A man, aged mid-20s, disappeared during Old Port Fest and his body turned up about a week later in the water and some have connected it to these cases.

    • elhntoshitnotsropse missed out a few good men. which involves him being a pretty good lawyer who has a crisis of confidence and meets a woman who convinces him to be a better lawyer

  8. The connection may be the Cost Gard base, check the dates of the disappearances and the personnel on duty there. Military, men, late night, water. These all point in that direction

    • I have been following since Zachary Marr went missing – read all the previous cases on this blog – my question is and has been are these men secretly on the gay apps? I only ask because of the timing and condition these men were in – quite a few straight men stray when under the influence – Just throwing it out there…..Thanks

      • The Manchester, England drownings happened in the gay area of town. Question is, why isn’t there CCTV footage of these disappearances? Could the bartenders and bouncers be in on it?

  9. This is so sad. I saw this page a year or so ago and thought of it today when I saw the headline about the Southborough guy who’s gone missing. I hope he’s found save. This is really unsettling.

  10. There was a young man this happened to in Hoboken, NJ a few years ago. He went for a jog and the found him in Hudson River. I always thought it was strange that they never really explained what happened to him. His life didn’t sound like he would commit suicide. He was accomplished like these other young men. There has to be something else happening.

  11. If there is something more sinister at play, my gut is telling me it is someone who knew the first man who disappeared in 2003 and had a previous suicide attempt by jumping in the river. Possibly a student or a loved one? If I was an investigator that’s where I’d start…focusing on people he knew with jobs or activities tied to the water.

    • That is a good idea. I agree. Focus on folks who knew the first few individuals. Many times, serial killers have a connection to one of their first victims. For example, Ted Bundy had a class with his first (official) victim, Lynda Ann Healy. Then they realize that if they don’t want to get caught they need to be more careful and they start choosing victims at random.

    • The troubling thing is the police aren’t making the connection…or are refusing to and not disclosing valuable info to the public. Also, the coroner might be holding back on info. What are these young men being used for? Private autopsies should be conducted on these individuals. Is blood being drained from their bodies before being put in the water?

  12. Just as an FYI: “The search for him was underway fast, as his parents knew he could go into shock without his insulin.” This is a common misconception generated by movies and TV. No one goes into “shock” from a lack of insulin quickly. What you’re identifying is low-blood sugar from too much insulin and no food. It’s a great piece but the T1D info you’ve presented is incorrect.

  13. Here’s an interesting article posted today by the BostonGlobe on the topic:

    Although, someone commenting on this article was quick to reference a different article with links to a ton more water deaths that have gone unnoticed by the media. Article is titled “All Drowning Victims the Press and the public don’t care much about” There are links to 30 water deaths from 2010 to 2016 on this article:

  14. Sadly people are thinking the missing man from Boston MIchael Kelleher is now one of the victims prayers my boyfriend knows his mom

  15. It seems nobody goes missing in clear conditions or in the summer. Are there concentrations of the missing in coastal areas? In northern climes? It almost begs a Lovecraftian explanation.

  16. I think Rick B’s theory is extremely plausible. Dating Apps are scary. Guys seen alone outside at night. Drunk. On their phones. The phones of some victims being smashed. Maybe somebody does have a boat. “Come meet me at my boat” and the rest is history. I’m not saying this is what I truly believe is happening but it is incredibly plausible…..

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  18. It would be interesting to see the complete list of employee names, on the days of these incidents for every establishment. I’d be interested to see if there are any common denominator names.

  19. Also, 2007 Daniel Barclay. MIT student. Enterered water in Boston in April 2007, after a big nor’easter he washed ashore in Bourne MA beach (Sagamore Beach / Scusset Beach.

  20. Hello, I believe I have solved the cases across the country. The smiley face killers are occultist. The smiley face is based on Alan Moore s the Watchmen. He is a high ranking occultist. His followers are using his smiley as a countdown to the apocoplyse. The killing of Dakota James in PGH is based on Osiris mystery school ritual. His bday and age match up with the Sirius star and the summer solstice. They are being taken and ritual performed on them. This is highly organized and they have people in high places. I started a page on Facebook called smiley face killers information. Read the myth of Osiris and start to get understanding. In Boston the killings are along 93. Look up occult meaning for that.

  21. I feel like we have no hope with BPD looking into this, they need to do a very thorough autopsy on the body they just found if it is indeed the missing kid from Southboro. I suspect a drug is being used to lure these young men to their deaths somehow. There is most definitely a serial killer in Boston, these are in no way accidental deaths. This would be common in other areas on the water with nightlife it was a coincidence. I live on Cape Cod and there are hundreds of drunk people at bars on and near the water here who don’t know the area well, never hear of guys falling in and drowning here, ever.

    • I believe BLC90 is on the right track. Scopolamine, belladonna and any number of illegal designer drugs capable of mind altering or hallucinogenic functions can be used to spike a drink and leave a victim quite susceptible to mind control. Another effect of these drugs is amnesia thus leaving any survivor with no recall. The question would be why. Why would some psychotic or group of psychotics go to these extremes?
      Just a thought.

  22. The dates the men went missing are something to be explored. Mostly February, March, October and November. Is that when the murderer is in the area? Is it a person working in the area at that time. What about other states? do the dates coincide or form a pattern? Possibly a truck driver, fisherman, or a businessman travelling in the areas at the times of the deaths? I ask everyone not to walk alone use the buddy system and be aware of your surroundings.

  23. I’ve noticed a couple of other interesting connections which might suggest other possibilities.
    Gene Losik is from Belarus and worked at Raytheon. Raytheon makes Tomahawk missiles and Belarus used to be a part of the Soviet Union. The Russians are known to use blackmail or threats to get people to do what they want. So I wonder if Russian agents might have forced Losik to spy for them at Raytheon? They may have eliminated him to prevent him from going to the CIA or FBI.
    Your article also says Eric Munsell was an aviation engineer at General Electric which makes aviation engines for our military. That could also be a prime target for spies.
    And the victims that have connections to the Navy might also be attractive targets for Russians to try to threaten to force them to spy for them.

    • This is very strange; the cops finally found the body at the end of the Charles neat the locks and Paul Revere Park; Were they not looking and diving that area on April 3th and found nothing? The other question would be, How he ended up in the Charles River near the end of the river when they pinged his cell phone near the Boston Common close to Tremont St the night of his disappearance and also that he called for Uber service near that area, then his body is found quite a distance away in the water.. It has happened too many times already and authorities just keep saying that it seems like no foul play and after a few days everyone forgets about what has been occurring for at least 10-12 years, and no one knows if there was a follow through investigation and what was found; Or is it that the media does not go back and reports the investigative outcome of all these victims being found in the water since 2007 or even before.

  24. i believe its a cult… they hold these guys under water to drown them.. steal nothing, no physical injuries reported.. it’s a power trip for the killers… i would have under cover officers posing as alone drunk, or dressed as bums down by water… tourism is big income in Boston..police never admit cult around Boston possibly. maybe they drive around looking for solo guys, drown them same night but dump later date less chance caught, and never sex, drugs, abuse, theft.. perfect crime is goal, power over life and death… and use water as cover of crime. Cult, not serial.

  25. So sad to hear about Michael Kelleher. I was keeping close watch of that case as it developed. In doing so, I noticed this case also popped up:
    This body was found in the Muddy River a week ago and was identified as not being Kelleher’s body, but still has yet to be identified. Who is this man? Have not seen any new articles on the matter indicating further investigation or findings

  26. I started connecting dots a few deaths before Zach so by the time he disappeared, I had a horrible feeling I knew where he would be found. Felt the same dread when I heard of Mike Kelleher’s disappearance. Yep, his body was also found yesterday – in the river.

    I don’t care what the police say, none of this seems happenstance. There is definitely a pattern. I do lean towards the thought of they being drugged but why always the river?

    Killer drugging victims and leading them to the river or unseen supernatural force?
    This would be a perfect “criminal minds” episode.

  27. I truely believe there is someone out there doing this to our young men.I know of some one who walked out of a bar for a smoke and was gone, no one knew what happened to him, then earlier that morning his family got a call from the hospital that he was there , he could not and still cannot remember what had happened to him, all he remember was his clothes were soaking wet… I think he was one of the lucky ones to get away somehow..We will never know exactly what had happened to him. He had a very bad concussion that the memory loss they say will never come back… I am so thankful that he must of had a guardian angel looking over him.. thank you God! I Hope they can find out what is really happening to these young men…

  28. My theory is someone flashes a badge and accused them of public intoxication, and says come with me! Then prob hav a gun, and it’s all over

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