Boston’s Mysterious Vanishing Men

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If you were to hear of a young man disappearing after a night of partying and ending up dead in a river, you might be quick to call it a tragic accident. You might think it was common almost, for young foolish drunk men to die in this manner. But why would you think that? One possibility is that you have heard of the sheer number of cases that seem to indicate this scenario. But what if this isn’t what is occurring at all? What if something far more sinister is taking place?

The trouble with these cases, the thing that got my attention, is also the very thing that seems to make them so dismissible. They are incredibly predictable. In fact in many cases they are practically cookie cutter. But some are so similar that they seem to go far beyond coincidence.

After my obsession with unexplained missing persons cases was sparked by David Paulides (as chronicled in my last post) I couldn’t help but begin to notice them more, and then Dennis Njoroge went missing. I saw flyers posted all around Boston, his eyes following me daily, and my heart fell. I had a bad feeling in my gut as I began to connect him to other cases. I remember telling friends gravely that if the precedent was correct, he would be found dead in the Charles River.

One month after he went missing, Dennis was found in the Charles. The Police did not suspect foul play, but very little information has ever been made public (and not for lack of trying let me tell you).

I don’t know what happened to Dennis, and maybe the police and his family do. Maybe he was a troubled boy who met a tragic but self inflicted end that cold December night. The fact is I might never know the truth due to the privacy of the family, but regardless, Dennis sparked in me the desire to go back and examine other similar cases in my city. Other cases where the truth seems hard to come by.

I decided to begin my own investigation of sorts, and I’m going to use this page to track my findings and hopefully bounce ideas off of others who are interested.

Here are the cases I have found so far, showing name, age, and month/year missing.

John Daverio (49)  3/2003

Dustin Willis (26) 3/2007

William Hurley (24) 10/2009

Eugene Losik (26) 2/2010

David Mark (24) 2/2011

Franco Garcia (21) 2/2012

Jonathan Dailey (23) 10/2012

Eric Munsell (24) 2/2014

Josue Quispe (18) 10/2015

Dennis Njoroge (21) 11/2015

Zachary Marr (22) 2/2016

And now I will take a closer look at each of the cases.


John Daverio was a beloved 49 year old teacher at Boston University. He was born in Philadelphia, and moved to Boston to get a PhD from BU. He later became the Chairman of the Department of Musicology there in 1987, a position he held until his death. He was considered one of the world’s leading experts on German Romanticism and Robert Schumann, whom he wrote several books about. (Ironically Schumann once attempted suicide by throwing himself into the Rhine river.) John was considered a happy man by all who knew him, and was lovingly caring for his elderly parents, indicating that suicide was unlikely.

Daverio was last seen on CCTV leaving the BU campus on the evening of March 16, 2003 at around 8:30pm, wearing a red jacket. He had left his wallet and briefcase behind in the classroom, but was carrying a white bag which was never found. After being missing nearly a month, his body was found in the Charles River on April 14, 2003, near the Cambridge Boathouse. Police did not suspect foul play, but his death has never been explained. Those close to him refused to believe he would commit suicide.

Dustin Willis11270_1

Dustin ‘Dusty’ Willis was from Hatteras, North Carolina. He became a PO3/E4 petty officer and Engineer in the Navy and was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, as a crewman aboard the S.S. Donald Cook. Dustin was a musician, and was married but seperated, with a five year old son.

When Dustin was 26 the Donald Cook docked in Boston for Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. On the night of March 16th 2007 there were blizzard conditions in Boston. Dustin was out with his shipmate friends at the Black Rose Pub near Quincy Market. On their way out at around 11pm, Dustin’s shipmates lost sight of him in the storm. Friends state that he was sober at the time. He had spoken with his girlfriend several times that evening, and she confirmed this. When she called his phone the final time that evening a person that was not Dustin answered, and told her that they had found his phone. Dustin’s phone was found at about 1am on the ground near Long Wharf, but there was no sign of Dustin.

On March 21st Dustin’s body was found in 22 feet of water off Long Wharf, steps away from where his phone was found. Police surmised that he had simply become disorientated by the blizzard and slipped into the harbor.

imageScreen shot 2016-07-31 at 2.12.22 PM

William Hurley was a Navy sailor from North Carolina. He was stationed in Florida. On a stop in Boston in 2007 he met his girlfriend, and the two began dating. (Ironically he was in Boston the very same night that Dustin Willis went missing.) That December he moved from Florida to Quincy to live with her. William was invited by his friend Brendan Venti to attend a Bruins game at the TD Garden on October 8th 2009. However after only the first period and a couple of beers, he claimed he was tired from work, and was going to have his girlfriend pick him up. William stepped outside and called her, and she headed to pick him up. When she was close by she asked where he was. William asked a passerby who answered “99 Nashua Street”, and warned his girlfriend his phone was about to die. She told him she would be there in a moment and was just around the corner, then William’s phone died. When she got to the location, William wasn’t there. She drove around looking for him and asking people if they had seen him, but it was as if he had vanished into thin air. The search for William Hurley began but little leads were found. At some point his cellphone was found smashed, but Police released few details.

On October 14th William’s body was found at about 2:30am in the Charles River near 200 Nashua Street, 25 feet from shore. Police ruled out a mugging gone wrong as he had no injuries and his wallet and keys were still on him. Suffolk District Attorney Spokesman Jake Wark was quoted as saying the body had been in the water “a couple of days”. Perhaps it was a simple mistake, but William had been missing for six days, not a couple.

imageScreen shot 2016-07-31 at 2.15.14 PM

Eugene ‘Gene’ Losik was born in Belarus, and moved to the US when he was 7. He was an engineering grad of UMass Amherst, and a black belt in karate. He was 25 years old, living in Lawrence with his girlfriend and working for a company called Raytheon. On February 20th 2010 Gene was in the city celebrating a friend’s birthday. The group was staying at the Marriott Long Wharf hotel. After a night of partying, Gene was caught on CCTV at 2:24am leaving out the back entrance of the hotel without a jacket. He was heading into Christopher Columbus park, and friends say he was relatively sober and may have been stepping out for a cigarette. When friends awoke the next day they realized Gene was gone, and began to search. Police were led down to the docks by various scent dogs, and the water was searched by divers, but Gene was not found.

Nearly nine months later, on November 8th, Gene’s body was found near Rowes Wharf in the Boston Harbor. His cause of death is still unknown. Also unknown is why his body wasn’t found for six months, as drowning forensics indicate that it should have surfaced sooner. Some say it could have been weighted down, but the truth may never be known.


David Mark grew up in New York and had a Masters in Geography from the University of Albany. David had Type 1 Diabetes and was insulin dependent, and also had Aspergers. He was 24 when he went missing. On March 2nd 2011 David left the home where he lived with his parents in Albany and drove to Boston, where his sister lived in the Chestnut Hill area. David went and ate at Boston Beer Works near Fenway and had a few drinks. Employees said he was in good spirits. David never showed up at his sister’s house, and never returned home to Albany. The search for him was underway fast, as his parents knew he could Get sick without his insulin. His car was found several days later in Chestnut Hill, at 10 Middlesex Rd. but there was no sign of David. His phone was last pinged at around 6:40 in Boston, near the Charleston Naval Yard.

On March 8th a Boston fishing company found David’s body in the Chelsea River, downstream from the Andrew McArdle Bridge, 15 feet from shore. Police said there was no signs of trauma. His cause of death was not made public, but police say it was not foul play.


Franco Garcia grew up in West Newton with his Peruvian parents. He was attending a Boston College night school and studying chemistry, hoping to eventually go on to medical school. He worked full time at a CVS pharmacy in Waltham, and was musically gifted. On February 21st 2012 Franco was out with friends at Mary Ann’s Bar in Cleveland Circle. He was 21 at the time. He had made plans to spend the night with his friend Katherine Corteselli, though he flitted between several friend groups over the course of the evening. At 11:27pm he texted her a reminder: “Don’t leave without me”. Sometime after 12:15am friends lost sight of Franco, though his keys and jacket were still in the bar. At 12:18am Franco was caught on CCTV passing by an atm and heading toward Chestnut Hill Reservoir, and the area where his car was parked. He was not staggering, and friends described him as drunk but not smashed. His phone was last pinged about an hour later in the same area, but his car was left untouched. A huge search for Franco began, and his story was even shared by Bruce Springsteen. Police focused their search on the reservoir almost immediately, and searched it thoroughly, but nothing was found.

On April 11th at around 8am, Franco’s body was spotted in the weeds about 18 feet offshore in the reservoir. His wallet was still on him, and he had no injuries. Police described his death as being “consistent with an accidental fall into the water” but failed to elaborate on what that meant or why he wasn’t found before.


Jonathan Dailey (FB)

Jonathan Dailey grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and played violin and piano. He studied architectural technology at Appalachian State University, and later moved to Massachusetts with friend and roommate Miles Smith. Jonathan was 23 and attending a grad program at Boston Architectural College, but was taking a semester off for financial reasons. The night of October 2nd 2012, he and Miles hung out and had pizza until Miles went to bed around 9. The next morning Jonathan was gone. He had left behind everything but his phone. Though attempts were made to reach him he never answered, and his phone was soon shut off.

On October 9th at about 7:30am, a rowing instructor near Boston University (about a mile from Jonathan’s Allston apartment) made a startling discovery in the in the Charles River. Jonathan’s body was tied with chains to a cinderblock at the bottom of the river. Police assured the public that there was no threat to safety, and implied that Jonathan had committed suicide. He had no history of mental illness.


Eric Munsell was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He went to Boston University and got a degree in aerospace engineering. He was working as an aviation engineer at General Electric, and was pursuing a Masters in mechanical engineering via the Edison Engineering Program. On February 8th 2014, Eric was celebrating his 24th birthday at the Market Lounge. He was escorted out by a bouncer at about 11:30pm for causing a disturbance on his way to the restroom. It was only 18 degrees out, but according to the bouncer Eric claimed not to have a jacket. A half hour later his phone was pinged heading toward the Harbor and not his North End apartment. He was caught on CCTV near the Marriott Long Wharf.

On April 23 at about 12:30pm Eric’s body was found in the water at the end of Long Wharf. Police did not find his death suspicious. Why he supposedly walked to Long Wharf then proceeded to fall into the water and drown is unexplained.

Screen shot 2016-02-19 at 4.41.21 PM


Josue Quispe-Almendro was a runner, a photographer, and a religious young man. He lived in Malden with his tight knit family and was just 18 when he went missing. Josue was out running errands with his brother on October 17th 2015. He dropped his sibling off at a Bed Bath and Beyond in Somerville at about 4:30pm. He failed to return home or answer his phone. His car was found then next day at 10pm in Quincy.

Josue’s body was found washed up on Saquish Beach in Plymouth on November 12th. The cause of death was not released but police said foul play was not suspected. How Josue got all the way to Plymouth is unknown.

Screen shot 2016-02-19 at 5.01.18 PM


Dennis Njoroge was born in Kenya, and moved with his mother to Worcester MA. He was attending Northeastern University and was an aspiring filmmaker who loved Quentin Tarantino and playing basketball. Dennis was excited to soon start a co-op job at a Boston News Station. He was 21 years old. On November 29th friends saw Dennis playing basketball at the Marino Center on Northeastern’s campus. This was verified by his keycard swipes. The next day he spoke to his mother on the phone, a conversation that she felt was perfectly normal. After that Dennis did not show up for classes, and did not respond to his mother. His phone was last pinged at around 2am on the MIT Campus in Cambridge.

On December 31st at 10am Dennis’ body was found by a jogger in the Charles River on the Boston side, near the esplanade and Arthur Fiedler Footbridge. The location is directly across from the MIT campus. There was no signs of trauma, and police were investigating the death as a “non-homicide”.


Zachary Marr (UPDATED) grew up in Leominster (not Harvard, as is often reported) MA. He was celebrating his 22nd birthday with his cousins at the Bell in Hand Tavern on February 13th 2016. At about 1:30 he went outside for a cigarette, leaving his coat behind. At 1:40 he sent a snapchat to his cousin Amanda Marr that said “They won’t let me back in, lets leave”. She agreed to come out. However when they got outside Zach was gone. According to CCTV and bouncer statements, Zach never asked to come back inside. He was caught on CCTV at 1:44 walking past Boston Public Market, heading in the direction of TD Garden and Zakim Bridge. Police later found CCTV footage of Zachary “entering” the water under the Zakim (this footage has not been released). It is unclear what that meant precisely, but teams immediately began to search the water in the area. Nothing was found, possibly due to extremely low visibility. Several more searches were conducted with similar results in that area of the Charles River. On March 15th 2016 at about 5:45pm passerby’s noticed a body in the water by the Museum of Science Boston and (ironically) the Leverett Circle State Police Barracks. It was Zachary. His body was found in a location consistent with previous searches. Why he left the Bell in Hand and walked about a mile to the Charles is still unknown.

Some more thoughts on Zach Marr


I made a visualization of where the victims were last seen vs where their bodies were found.

Screen shot 2016-02-19 at 11.02.41 PM

I think its particularly beneficial to take a closer look in the financial district.

Screen shot 2016-02-19 at 11.18.57 PM

The proximities of these establishments is incredible.

Furthermore, many of the the victims are related in other ways.

  • William Hurley, Dustin Willis, and Jonathan Dailey were all from North Carolina.
  • Willis and Hurley were both in the Navy.
  • Willis, Gene Losik, and Eric Munsell were all engineers. Franco Garcia was studying chemistry.
  • Garcia, Willis, Dailey, and John Daverio were all musically talented. Josue Quispe was a photographer and Dennis Njoroge was a filmmaker.

Furthermore some cases seem bizarrely linked.

Dustin Willis was a NC native who joined the Navy and was in Boston March 16 2007. William Hurley was a NC born Navy man who was in Boston that same night, and would disappear two years after Willis. Both were talking on the phone to their girlfriends seconds before vanishing. Both men’s phones were later found.

Eric Munsell was removed from a bar on his birthday without his coat, possibly told a bouncer that he didn’t have one, and vanished into the night. Zachary Marr walked out of a bar without a coat two years later on his birthday, and told his friends that he wasn’t being allowed back inside. Both were later caught on CCTV.

I can’t claim to know just now what any of this might mean. all I can do is present the puzzle pieces that we currently have, but I know we are still missing far too many.

What I am certain of is that something terrible is happening to people all over the country, maybe the world, and the Boston cases are only a small sampling of it. I hope that someday this mystery can be solved to prevent future deaths, and pain for their families. Until then I urge everyone to make sure that YOU are not the next victim. Do not go out alone. Do not go near the water alone. And if possible, avoid wearing the color red. It’s a color that shows up often in David Paulides’ missing persons cases, and William Hurley and John Daverio were both wearing it when they vanished.

More On Zachary Marr

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  1. Here we go again a body found in the Charles unidentified. Elise looks like it might be about time for you to write a follow up article 😀

    • Wow this is incredible though, so many similarities. Things that jump out to me: GHB in system. Walked opposite direction he should have been heading.Faulty surviellance equipment. No actual video of his death. This kid was a six foot tall linebacker who was roofied and robbed? He fits in very well with other cases, suggesting that it is at least possible that the Boston string are similar murders.

      • My son was actually the body found in February 2016. Exactly one year tomorrow. He was found by 2 joggers at 8:16am 2/4/2016. Near the Longfellow bridge near MIT.
        Marr was found in March of last year. I still have no answers.

      • Dear mother, I am very sorry. Please know there’s a huge community of us…many of us not connected with anyone on particular, who are deeply concerned. I wish I knew what to do. I have no idea how to take action. This lack of response from law enforcement is horrifying. I live in Cambridge…for a time I’d wake to sounds of helicopters now& again…a while back I began associating it with missing persons..
        Then, with bodies in the river. It’s unreal that this is an obvious theme & nothing ever happens. If I can be informed how my voice will count I will gladly forge forth! May God bless you & your son. Again, I’m terribly Sorry! ❤

      • I had a similar situation happen like Munsell’s case that you have discussed just about two weeks ago. I was at the bar Hong Kong in Faneuil Hall with a group of friends. you stated “He was escorted out by a bouncer at about 11:30pm for causing a disturbance on his way to the restroom.” Right around this same time my boyfriend and I went to use the bathroom where they had security only letting a few people in at a time. once we were leaving the bathroom we were stopped at bathroom door by a bouncer who stated he witnessed us “doing drugs” and that he needs are ID’s. I have never done drugs and was in the city for saint patrick’s day weekend and had been in that bar for over three hours. He then proceeded to have us follow him outside stating we were a disturbance. When I questioned him who witnessed this he stated it was the bouncer near the bathroom, But when friends that were in the bar asked that bouncer, he said someone else witnessed it. While standing outside trying to ask the security guard his name and who his manager was, he would not give me any answers and told my friends he did not need to provide us any information how who saw what. After reading this post I hope my story gives more understanding about never going anywhere without multiple people present, especially in a city you are not familiar with.

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  3. Want to hear a story?

    I just returned from Boston on a business trip, I was having drinks with my colleagues at the Black Rose Pub. At around 9:00pm my colleagues were kicked out of the bar for being reckless and the bouncers would not let them back in.

    I preceded to walk to K’s, and then to Hong Kong at Faneuil Hall, at this point I had about 3 beers, and then ordered a mixed drink at the Hong Kong – after returning from the bathroom I imbibed the drink only to find myself in a complete black out stuper.

    I wandered outside and the bouncer wouldn’t let me back in, I told him I needed to get my card and at this point, a small Somalian guy started to hover around me and ask me if I needed a cab.

    I agreed with him I needed a cab (completely oblivious to what was about to unfold) and he joined us along with another driver in the cab of doom.

    Now, remember I have no idea where I am and my phone was dead at the time, so when I told them the name of my hotel – they just drove in another random direction.

    They took me far away from downtown into some borough of Boston and asked me to give them my card – which they immediately charged $100. They then forced me out of the car at knife-point and made me pull $200 out of an ATM (the owner/operator of this liquor store was obviously related to them, or in cahoots) (all Somalian).

    They proceed to make multiple charges at CVS, Target, and other ATM withdrawals immediately.

    They forced me out of the Taxi in the middle of nowhere, and according to my offline location data on my phone, I walked for 3 hours and 49 minutes to reach the hotel.

    I believe the bouncers at Hong Kong and other bars are all in on this hustle, as well as the seemingly legitimate taxi service.

    People simply sit and watch this happening to people in Boston on the street, coming from Seattle I’ve never seen such third world crime tactics used in plain view on citizens.

    I didn’t return home until two days later, however Doctor’s suspect the use of either GHB (if it WAS indeed GHB, that would mean the drug was given to me at K’s and took a bit longer to take effect)


    I’ve come to a very sound conclusion that I was given a heavy dose of Scopolamine. The symptoms are exactly congruent with those that I endured the rest of the evening, and even into the next couple of days).

    Having a few days to piece together the events that occurred that night and research these stories, I’ve realized I’m truly lucky to be alive.

    • Not to sound like I doubt your story so maybe you could clarify a couple of things. For instance, how did yo find your hotel if you were so disorientated and without your phones ability? Why couldn’t you take out more cash and get a cab? Don’t most cards limit advanced cash? How did they “force” you to take out cash? How did you know they were Somalian? Why didn’t your friends wait for you to come outside! When they were first kicked out?

      • I don’t know if the story is true, but as far as how they would force him to take money out and do what they demanded, this is the nature of scopolamine. There is a documentary on youtube about that drug that you might want to check out. It’s a very weird one indeed. It makes people become almost like a slave to someone making demands. It comes from S. America and comes from the leaves or fruit of some kind of tree down there. If they give you too much, it can kill you. Also, it is pretty much untraceable. Criminals down there use it. They can put it in a drink or make it into a powder that they can blow into your face. It’s really scary. There have been some suggestions that perhaps all these ‘smiley face’ drownings could be cases of scopolamine overdose since there is no trauma, however it still doesn’t explain a motive since I haven’t heard that the boys involved withdrew large amounts of cash before they died. I suppose they could become Jeffrey Dahmer-like sex slaves for a time while their held as well–a really creepy thought. It is definitely used as a rape drug down there as well. I thought you were not supposed to remember what happened to you, however, but I guess that could vary with how much of a dose you received. Some of the survivors of possible smiley face incidents did not recall how they got where they were when they woke up nor what happened.

    • Some questions for I am white box;
      Did you go to the police or get in touch with your own bank so you can request that they investigate the ATM transaction and charges? This could enable police and your own bank to wiew video surveillance of whoever it was who withdrew cash at the ATM. Some banks will not investigate if you “authorized” someone to take cash out. The police can help with this and request the bank do this as part of their own investigation.

      • Yes, and many hotels would have video surveillance as well. It’s one of the ways they caught VanderSloot  (when he killed the 2nd girl after Natalie Holloway).

    • I replied to your story on another article, but then your comment and my reply were removed. Are you willing to communicate other ways (email/whatever)? There are people very invested in investigating these abductions.

      • Elise would we be able to meet I’m from the Mass area and plan to make another trip tonRevere park to try to get some more readings. There is a lot of thoughts and feelings I have in regards to all this feel free to email
        Me your contact number so we can wvetually meet and chat about all of this stuff

    • Something similar happened to my boyfriend. He had maybe 3 beers at Bell in Hand Tavern when he was out with his friends. They ended up leaving the bar, and the last concrete memory he has is being outside the bar. He remembers flashes of running around outside in Boston in the middle of the night for hours, sweating profusely and not being able to even take out his phone because he was so out of it. He said someone told him a group of men were following him, and he remembers a man trying to take his wallet but my boyfriend was able to escape. He was able to find refuge in a building. Essentially: my boyfriend was drugged in the bar, and stalked, attacked, and chased in the middle of the night. This happened in September. This is real and so terrifying.

  4. When I read the account by I Am White Box, I had to look into Scopolamine, AKA “Devil’s Breath.” I read several reports and watched a Vice documentary. It appears to be a legitimately horrifying and terrifying drug. However, all accounts state that victims’ brains do not record memories while under its effect, and victims only piece together what happened by witness accounts, video surveillance tape, and documents, such as records of bank / ATM transactions. So, I, also, wonder how I Am White Box, if indeed under the influence of Scopolamine, was able to remember his experience in as much detail as he described. Did the details come from sources other than his own memory?

    That said, many of the accounts of mysteriously vanished / deceased young men, including Zac Marr and Joey LaButte, to my mind, fit the descriptions of how victims behave under the influence of Scopolamine. So many of the U.S. victims of “mysterious drownings,” as has been noted, have been on their cell phones at the time they vanished, or while they walked off into the night under-dressed for the temperature and in a direction that was illogical. Were the (drugged) victims being directed by cell phone? I believe Steph Young wonders that, too. In my opinion, Scopolamine could account for some, though not all, of the strange urban disappearances of young men from drinking establishments. However, I see no way that it would account for the very many strange disappearances of all types of people from national parks and other wilderness areas that have occurred over decades, such as the cases documented by David Paulides.

    Below are quotes from an article on “Drug Turns Crime Victims Into Zombies” By Phil Stewart

    “When a patient (of U.S. date-rape drugs) is under hypnosis, he or she usually recalls what happened. But with scopolamine, this isn’t possible because the memory was never recorded,” said Dr. Camilo Uribe, the world’s leading expert on the drug.”

    “Most troubling for police is the way the drug acts on the brain. Since scopolamine completely blocks the formation of memories, unlike most date-rape drugs used in the United States and elsewhere, it is usually impossible for victims to ever identify their aggressors.”

    “Colorless, odorless and tasteless, scopolamine is slipped into drinks and sprinkled onto food. Victims become so docile that they have been known to help thieves rob their homes and empty their bank accounts. Women have been drugged repeatedly over days and gang-raped or rented out as prostitutes.”

    I’m interested to hear others’ perspectives and opinions!

    • Of course it’s possible that White Box’s story is true but that it was not scopolamine used–it was GHB or something else perhaps. He didn’t say that he knew for a fact it was scopolamine, just suspected it after reading about what it can do to you.

      • Hello, I am the original Author or the story.

        I have remembered more from that night, I did not walk home – I was taken back to the hotel by the same taxi, where there other man ordered me up to the hotel and tried to sexually assault me – I then was able to “come to” and realize this was really wrong and kicked him out of my hotel.

        I really do think scopolamine was used because the attitudes and motives of the captors was certain, they knew I would obey their orders and they seemed very keen to the process in which they were engaging.

      • I had a similar experiance… Look 4 my story way bk from jan. I got an uber w a poss. Somalian driver then Was mugged ltr that night, the following days after it all started to come bk to me… And it still haunts me…

      • Same thing happened to me. Except I was taken from the club immediately after I was given a shot on my way to the bathroom by a group of 3 men who stopped me on my way. Some kind of middle eastern decent cab driver. Almost didn’t make it alive. Would love to connect with other victims

  5. Question for iamwhitebox and CDB;

    were you both in fact, using the uber app, in order to obtain uber taxi service? If not, what makes you think the (likely) Somalian driver could be an uber driver? I am curious as to how you came to this idea..

  6. My kids believe that these young guys were on depression
    medication, and drinking combined with that led them to
    despair and entering the water.

    • I think that this is actually a very reasonable theory. Many antidepressants carry “black box” warnings. There have been numerous cases of people acting in very unpredictable and uncharacteristic ways (for example, homicidal or psychotic) on prescription psychoactive drugs.

      • I had a miscarriage and was very depressed. My dr put me on antidepressants. My sister flew in for a couple of weeks. So my hubby asked my sister to babysit my 18 Mo daughter so we could go out to dinner to talk. Last thing I remember was sipping on a Strawberry daiquiri and then waking up at home in bed. Heard my hubby talking to his best friend about what a good time he had last night. We finished dinner and went to a large park on way home and had wild sex ?! I would never had done this , the police patrol this park as it closes at sunset. He told me it was my idea and we parked behind bushes way off road? How could I not remember, I seemed to be myself and was talking like I wasn’t intoxicated or anything? Even went home and feed my baby and put her to bed then went to sleep.. I took the bottle of pills and dumped them in toliet promising never again! That was so scary, wonder if it hadn’t been my hubby, or never came back out of it.

  7. Ok after contemplating why on earth white box and CDB haven’t tried to trace their uber drivers, I myself did some reserch on the transportation companies.
    i asked some friends who work for uber and/or Lyft and it seems that they arent as tight an institution as I’d previously considered them to be, as far as security and background checks.
    It appears you only need to have a valid licence and insurance and that you DO NOT need to submit your social security number to become a driver.
    These companies claim to run background checks on their drivers which requires a social security number therefore those who claim to run them are falsely advertizing to consumers. One of the driver friends I spoke to has a substantial, lengthy and RECENT criminal background himself and claims he doesn’t recall submitting his social security number. These companies can claim to run background checks but do they really? Whats the point of it if nothing is done about it when they see a history riddled with criminal activity?

    As far as staying out of harms way when you need a ride, I don’t know what to suggest especially to college educated males in my own city of Boston and other cluster cities like Portland. Maybe stick to established taxi services and pay the extra buck?

    • I suppose the easiest answer is: don’t end up alone. Unfortunately I am acutely aware that not everyone means to end up drunk and alone on a Boston street in the dead of night. Even I was there once, and every day I consider how lucky I am that I made it home. One possible idea would be to call someone, anyone, and report to them your drivers license plate and physical appearence, loudly so the driver hears. This might dissuade them from choosing you as a victim.

    • This info about uber and Lyft needs to be a major news story (the part about them not doing any background checks. As much as I hate the IRS and their theft for the sake of the Federal Reserve private and foreign criminal bank, that kind of heat might make them clean things up. At the very least, the public needs to know the possible danger in using these services. This needs massive exposure.

    • Am I missing it??? I’ve read whiteboxs’ account about the “cab of doom” 3 xs and cannot find any mention of Uber..he clealy uses the word “cab” multiple times…why are you going on about Uber.

      • is very easy to see that those making these Uber comments are taxi owners, and are avoiding the story altogether, as far as i know Uber does a background check on everybody and Uber itself tracks every single ride accurately. I have driven for Uber wso I know what iam talking about

    • your friends are full of shit because i know for a fact that all uber drivers are required to submit a social and go through a background check

    • I worked for both Uber and Lyft and they absolutely collect your SSN and drivers license number.
      One thought to consider is that there are people who impersonate ride share drivers but are not actually working for either company. As a ride share driver, it’s not hard to spot the people who are waiting for their ride from Uber or Lyft. The usually are on the sidewalk close to the street looking at their phone, looking up and looking at their phone again. Probably because you can watch the route taken by the driver through the app.

  8. After reading Iamwhitebox’s comments yes drugs would
    be involved and his story sure seems legit. I feel so sad
    for the guys. David Paulides tries to find every reason to
    make a story paranormal so he can put it in his books.
    I guess the moral of the story is not to drink (my sons never
    did) and stay out of bars and don’t be in the city at night
    (although I am not from America).

  9. I did file a police report, and was contacted by a detective and spoke w him several times on the phone and through email. He seemed helpful, and told me that he has aprehended thiefs breaking into cars in the same parking garage that I entered After being mugged. Only to send me three pics of myself around sunrise entering the lobby attached to the garage. I thought this suspicious because I went into the garage after I was mugged to try and follow the 2 that mugged me (I Saw them walk into the garage or in the alley nxt to it) I came out of my stuper and was like holy shit what just happened?! I need to check this out and or get somewhere safe. I ran all the way up the stairs to the top floor where there was a garden w bushes and park benches, I looked over the edge and saw no one. I was told by the head of security that its impossible that I was up there due to the door being locked every night…. Well someone didnt do their job that night because I was definitly up there not once but twice ( I went bk up to trace my steps due to my level of confusion about the whole ordeal) the whole thing seemed odd, things didnt match up, and the more I remembered the fishier it seemed. I wasnt able to get bk up to Boston due to finances and car trouble. It was also trumatic and the ppl I delt with just didnt seem trust worthy. As soon as I decided to not further investigate and be glad that im alive and only lost some personal items, a friend posted on FB this article… Woah. When I think about the incident and how I felt so incapacitated and willing to hand over my backpack and not defend myself it makes my heart race and I pretty much have a panic attack. I also dont feel like I was taken seriously when I reported it…

    • The sad, scary truth is you probably weren’t. Police don’t really care that much about people being robbed, particularly if there is no witnesses or clues. This is compounded by the fact that you are a young male who was drinking at the time. Even police aren’t above victim blaming on occassion. They probably either flat out didn’t believe you, or didn’t bother investigating due to lack of obvious evidence.

      • Right now I’m leaning towards the drugging/robbery theory, but I did want to mention about a couple of specific drugs.

        Chantix (verenicline) is a drug that’s prescribed to help people quit smoking. Per Wikipedia, “In November 2007, the US FDA announced it had received post-marketing reports of thoughts of suicide and occasional suicidal behavior, erratic behavior, and drowsiness among people using varenicline for smoking cessation.”

        The Wikipedia article downplays it, but there have been reports of people losing the plot and becoming homicidal or suicidal on it without any forewarning. Accutane (a powerful systemic acne treatment) is another one that has had similar effects.

        I wonder if the families would be able to determine whether there was a pattern of use of prescription drugs (and perhaps these ones in particular)?

    • Not on topic, but avoid these places that are not neighborhoods. They are areas that no one patrols at night. For example this would not happen in china town or somewhere where there is a strong neighborhood. People are taking advantage of these spots and praying on folks that are unfamiliar. I have worked in the financial district for 15 years and at night they have some of the darkest streets I have ever seen. Parts of high and federal. Doors locked everywhere closed, no where to run in some parts. Buildings so tall that the street is literally darker than a suburban street. I get creepy vibes there after dark and avoid it as much as I can. Hopefully the seaport keep their residential vibe and neighborhood feel as it expands. Thanks to everyone for keeping these diapearances alive. You know I wonder if a place like the Boston Harbor Hotel can cover up a daytime suicide where a woman jumped from the roof and landed on the patio in from of so many people what else could be erased by these places. There is a balance required for keeping tourism up but at what cost. Erasing the crimes that are happening to these folks to keep revenue going? Not to sound old fashioned I feel as though the bottom line on all of these disapearances could be just plain old money/ fears of loss of revenue.

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  11. I have been on numerous anti depressant medications. I am aware that everyone reacts differently. I can firmly tell you at no time did I become disorientated to the point of walking off into a freezing cold night and then proceed to walk myself off into certain death. I can see one person, maybe and that is a big maybe but certainly and absolutely 100% not this many people.

  12. I definitely can relate. My own son became a victim of some untoward act while partying, in a bar, in Boston, several years ago, while in college. My son was out with friends drinking and having a good time. Somehow he got separated from them around midnight and was later found in an alley, around 5am by police. His wallet and keys were stolen. He has no recollection as to what happened. Fortunately, he was ok but it’s so scary to think what else could have happened. He has always been a responsible drunker so this was very out of the ordinary.

  13. Thank you, I have recently been searching for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the greatest I’ve came upon till now. However, what concerning the conclusion? Are you certain about the source?

  14. Why does it seem there aren’t any agencies investigating these numerous deaths that could be connected? If so, its easy to see something fishy is going on, in my opinion. I can’t help but wonder if the answer is in the mystery itself.

  15. I don’t know if you have looked beyond Boston but several young men have gone missing in the old port in Portland, Maine. They all have been out drinking and it’s assumed they fell in while drunk. It’s unusual the high number of young men in such a short time. Some people around here have wondered if a trucker might be doing it traveling on a route from Portland to Boston and possibly beyond. You may want to expand your area.

    • Unfortunately I am all too aware of the scope of these similar cases…it doesn’t stop at Portland, or even the United States. There have been cases of men vanishing then drowning all over the world. I wish I had the time or ability to investigate other places, but for the sake of my sanity I will be sticking with Massachusetts for now. I encourage people to look into cases near them though.

  16. In Portland there are men around the same age (college) leaving bars who are later found in the water who are said to have “drowned”. First of
    All I think this is no coincidence. These men wouldn’t just fall into the water and not be able to get out. There are nearby docks everywhere. At least 3 of them have been found in the waters of Portland in this past year. I think there is a 40 something year old male behind this. Someone who probably works in a nearby restaurant on the warfs. And I think he has been moving whenever he starts to feel uncomfortable and people like you start questioning it. I’ve been questioning it since the 2nd missing college aged male.

  17. My children’s father, Edward Joyce was also found in the water along the Charles happened in the summer of 2007…yet no mention of his mysterious death… possible victim, in my opinion.

  18. This all seems to be something beyond criminal activity. It happens everywhere in almost every state. I am a avid reader of David Paulides books Missing 411. He does not state it’s Paranormal, but he will provide theories. It’s very sad and incredibly daunting that so many of our smart,educated brilliant men have disappeared or murdered. I honestly feel it’s a cover up. We must pass on our knowledge to others, because our Government won’t.

  19. Man was found dead he was 23 today in he Hudson River… someone’s killing people look at fb it’s viral esp the video of the body floating there

  20. Hi there. I stumbled across your blog yesterday and was immediately struck with the similarity of these cases to the Manchester canal deaths in England over a period of 7 years. Although not just canals but rivers and lakes also. 72 men over a 7 year period. I think 11 women also. So much so that people have suspected a serial killer operating in the area but the police deny that the numbers are suspicious. You’re probably already aware of them, but just in case you weren’t! It’s seems relevant to your research. Fantastic work btw.

  21. I just finished reading all of David Paulides books. A side problem is the fact that I could not get a single person at my work or elsewhere interested in this subject. I guess it goes to show that unless it effects them personally, most, but not all just don’t really care.

  22. Holy Hell, there is a wealth of info. On here that should be shared all over Boston a.s.a.p. whoever this is doing this robbery stuff is very lucky I’m sober now. If someone tried something like this with me while I was drunk, out of it, even drugged I’m telling you now I’d be taking as many as them with me as I could and trust me, I’m good with a blade. Maybe that’s another.thing though? Maybe these people target smaller, more vulnerable types? Anyway, I think it’s important to share this info. And I appreciate you all keeping this updated.

  23. Young people are dissapearing in Lithuania in a very similar way you described. Many are found much later in the rivers and lakes. Usually the official reason is provided – a suicide. Just no one believes that. The young women who dissapeared all were beautiful, looking happy, having high education etc. This is happening on such intense and massive scale, that it is impossible to ever find the end of many cases, whether they ever found dead or alive. So sad!

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  26. Pingback: 365 Writing Prompts – Day 33 |

    • Begin looking in a body of water.
      And that’s what I told my boss when his friend’s son David Brunig, a 21 year old attending Maine Maritime Academy went missing after leaving a party in Orono on Feb 26, 2016. “They will find his body in water.” I told him. Two months later that’s exactly what occurred.

  27. I’m sorry but evidently something is wrong maybe that bar that was mentioned could be putting something in there drinks who knows but seems weird that people were at that bar & something happen Boston Strong forever

  28. Another young man disappeared from the Boston Garden, same vicinity that Zachary Mahr disappeared from on 2/13/16. I’m afraid this young man will be found in the same manner. Fantastic site, by the way. Only place I can find lots of good info, as I am the mother of a teenager who will be college in a couple of years, most likely in Boston, as we live near the city. Absolutely terrifiying.

  29. The recent case in Boston involving Michael Kelleher age 23. Leaving the Celtics game Wednesday evening 3/27. This is my friends son. They checked the rivers. They are looking at surveillance videos. Just a lot of loose ends. The girl he was with is changing her story each time. Please pray for his safe return.

  30. Isn’t also a strange coincedence that they all happened in the months between October and March, could it be along with the fact that some were service men and near the Naval yards that someone who is only stationed there part of the year could be involved? Also when the coroner says a few days yet one was missing for six days, maybe they were kidnapped and kept alive for some ulerior motive? No signs of physical damage like from a fight, maybe drugged first?

    • At least I’m not the only one to pick up on this…I literally just posted a comment about this….Its no longer a coincidence, It’s a pattern. I could be wrong, but when you have 3 or more deaths that follow exactly the same pattern in the same general area, I believe the FBI is supposed to at very least be notified. We now have at least 12 cases that we know of, where men in their 20’s (with the exception of the professor, 49, and believed to be the first victim) have gone missing in Boston, and then found in the charles…Why has the FBI not been brought in to investigate?

  31. That’s two now that have left the garden befor the game is over and not meeting up with their friends. If these people are stuffed and cold which in Boston most do these deaths occur in months where anyone not from Boston would be cold (North Carolina residents think 60 is cold) a cab waiting outside a busy bar or the garden saying U look cold get in would make sense. They could blow powder on them in the cab if they arnt already drugged inside at the bar. Bouncers not letting the person who is drugged back inside to see friends once they are outside. Ugh so many questions

  32. It’s weird how the rivers/lakes are all searched and then days later or weeks later that are found in that same area. Are they looking deep enough in the water? Could they be weighted down and then at some point the weight is no longer effective, they float to the top and become visible? So many questions and not enough answers!!!

    Thank you for creating this blog!!!!

    • Actually, a I read up on this. When a body enters (and drowns) in a cold body of water- it is almost always weighted down and remains at the bottom until the water temperature rises. Which is why the bodies are always found much later. Something about the way the body bloats in water makes it heavier.

      You also need to take into consideration that if you were to go into the Charles rover at any point, the water is so dirty that you will have less than 12 in visibility in all directions.

      If someone were to fall in, the lack of visibility alone would disorient them.

      • A dead, drowned body builds up gases and bloats and that makes them FLOAT not stay submerged. They stay down on their own until these gases build up and make the corpse buoyant.

    • When divers search they are on the bottom, groping along, often in zero visibility and they typically search in a grid pattern to cover everything. Bodies can move with currents and tides and won’t necessarily be found where they fall in.

  33. I am sure that its something you and many of us have already noticed, but every single one of these people went missing during the winter months. More specifically, the majority of these cases each person was last seen alive during October, February, or March….with the exception of 1 or 2 of them going missing in November….. This is NOT a “coincidence”, it’s a pattern and I am speechless that, from what we do know, the FBI has not been brought in on this. There is a bigger connection we are missing here, though, for this timeline and your theory to figure out and blow the lid off the “accidental death” story. Why these months? What, besides it being winter, is driving these occurrences to happen ONLY during this time of year? Could the possible killer only be in the boston area during this time of year? If so, why? What do they do for work or what ever, that only brings them to Boston this time of year? Could they also be a member of the Navy, and only here when their ship docks, which happens to line up with this time line? Or could they somehow be some other authority figure (i.e. police, fireman, emt/doctor, or something) which could explain the blatant lack of further investigation of foul play? There are way too many questions that are unanswered here, but one thing is certain, when you have this many connection between different cases of so many different individuals who have likely never met or even been in the same room as eachother, there is absolutely no way that its “just coincidence”…..We unfortunately wont be able to answer the “Who” of whomever is responsible, until we can figure out the “Why” for this time line of each event…

  34. As others have said, I feel as if the recent Michael Kelleher case seems consistent. Same age range, location, winter season pattern, etc. If they find him in the Charles river soon, you should definitely add it to this post!

  35. The Boston waterfront is and has always been haunted.. I was born here and have lived here 60 years and am never surprised when out of town visitors disappear. I work on the waterfront (fort point) and walk over the Summer st Bridge daily. There are many days when the energy over the water is visible and frightening. If you read the archives from the Boston news, you will learn that this has been going on for centuries.

    • Elle: I, like Anne, would be interested in hearing about any of your personal experiences involving the mysterious occurrences on the Boston waterfront. Additionally, I think it would be very interesting if Elise were to interview you about the research you’ve done in the newspaper archives and report it in her blog.


  36. I live in Boston and I immediately thought of the water. I have lived here for many years and have never seen a string of deaths like this…I do believe it’s a group or groups to include copycats doing these things. I think it’s ludicrous to think that all of these or most of them are not suspicious

  37. How about a Craigslist type killer? Young guys book a “date” and end up dead? Bodies were found in many of the same places.

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