Boston’s Mysterious Vanishing Men

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If you were to hear of a young man disappearing after a night of partying and ending up dead in a river, you might be quick to call it a tragic accident. You might think it was common almost, for young foolish drunk men to die in this manner. But why would you think that? One possibility is that you have heard of the sheer number of cases that seem to indicate this scenario. But what if this isn’t what is occurring at all? What if something far more sinister is taking place?

The trouble with these cases, the thing that got my attention, is also the very thing that seems to make them so dismissible. They are incredibly predictable. In fact in many cases they are practically cookie cutter. But some are so similar that they seem to go far beyond coincidence.

After my obsession with unexplained missing persons cases was sparked by David Paulides (as chronicled in my last post) I couldn’t help but begin to notice them more, and then Dennis Njoroge went missing. I saw flyers posted all around Boston, his eyes following me daily, and my heart fell. I had a bad feeling in my gut as I began to connect him to other cases. I remember telling friends gravely that if the precedent was correct, he would be found dead in the Charles River.

One month after he went missing, Dennis was found in the Charles. The Police did not suspect foul play, but very little information has ever been made public (and not for lack of trying let me tell you).

I don’t know what happened to Dennis, and maybe the police and his family do. Maybe he was a troubled boy who met a tragic but self inflicted end that cold December night. The fact is I might never know the truth due to the privacy of the family, but regardless, Dennis sparked in me the desire to go back and examine other similar cases in my city. Other cases where the truth seems hard to come by.

I decided to begin my own investigation of sorts, and I’m going to use this page to track my findings and hopefully bounce ideas off of others who are interested.

Here are the cases I have found so far, showing name, age, and month/year missing.

John Daverio (49)  3/2003

Dustin Willis (26) 3/2007

William Hurley (24) 10/2009

Eugene Losik (26) 2/2010

David Mark (24) 2/2011

Franco Garcia (21) 2/2012

Jonathan Dailey (23) 10/2012

Eric Munsell (24) 2/2014

Josue Quispe (18) 10/2015

Dennis Njoroge (21) 11/2015

Zachary Marr (22) 2/2016

And now I will take a closer look at each of the cases.


John Daverio was a beloved 49 year old teacher at Boston University. He was born in Philadelphia, and moved to Boston to get a PhD from BU. He later became the Chairman of the Department of Musicology there in 1987, a position he held until his death. He was considered one of the world’s leading experts on German Romanticism and Robert Schumann, whom he wrote several books about. (Ironically Schumann once attempted suicide by throwing himself into the Rhine river.) John was considered a happy man by all who knew him, and was lovingly caring for his elderly parents, indicating that suicide was unlikely.

Daverio was last seen on CCTV leaving the BU campus on the evening of March 16, 2003 at around 8:30pm, wearing a red jacket. He had left his wallet and briefcase behind in the classroom, but was carrying a white bag which was never found. After being missing nearly a month, his body was found in the Charles River on April 14, 2003, near the Cambridge Boathouse. Police did not suspect foul play, but his death has never been explained. Those close to him refused to believe he would commit suicide.

Dustin Willis11270_1

Dustin ‘Dusty’ Willis was from Hatteras, North Carolina. He became a PO3/E4 petty officer and Engineer in the Navy and was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, as a crewman aboard the S.S. Donald Cook. Dustin was a musician, and was married but seperated, with a five year old son.

When Dustin was 26 the Donald Cook docked in Boston for Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. On the night of March 16th 2007 there were blizzard conditions in Boston. Dustin was out with his shipmate friends at the Black Rose Pub near Quincy Market. On their way out at around 11pm, Dustin’s shipmates lost sight of him in the storm. Friends state that he was sober at the time. He had spoken with his girlfriend several times that evening, and she confirmed this. When she called his phone the final time that evening a person that was not Dustin answered, and told her that they had found his phone. Dustin’s phone was found at about 1am on the ground near Long Wharf, but there was no sign of Dustin.

On March 21st Dustin’s body was found in 22 feet of water off Long Wharf, steps away from where his phone was found. Police surmised that he had simply become disorientated by the blizzard and slipped into the harbor.

imageScreen shot 2016-07-31 at 2.12.22 PM

William Hurley was a Navy sailor from North Carolina. He was stationed in Florida. On a stop in Boston in 2007 he met his girlfriend, and the two began dating. (Ironically he was in Boston the very same night that Dustin Willis went missing.) That December he moved from Florida to Quincy to live with her. William was invited by his friend Brendan Venti to attend a Bruins game at the TD Garden on October 8th 2009. However after only the first period and a couple of beers, he claimed he was tired from work, and was going to have his girlfriend pick him up. William stepped outside and called her, and she headed to pick him up. When she was close by she asked where he was. William asked a passerby who answered “99 Nashua Street”, and warned his girlfriend his phone was about to die. She told him she would be there in a moment and was just around the corner, then William’s phone died. When she got to the location, William wasn’t there. She drove around looking for him and asking people if they had seen him, but it was as if he had vanished into thin air. The search for William Hurley began but little leads were found. At some point his cellphone was found smashed, but Police released few details.

On October 14th William’s body was found at about 2:30am in the Charles River near 200 Nashua Street, 25 feet from shore. Police ruled out a mugging gone wrong as he had no injuries and his wallet and keys were still on him. Suffolk District Attorney Spokesman Jake Wark was quoted as saying the body had been in the water “a couple of days”. Perhaps it was a simple mistake, but William had been missing for six days, not a couple.

imageScreen shot 2016-07-31 at 2.15.14 PM

Eugene ‘Gene’ Losik was born in Belarus, and moved to the US when he was 7. He was an engineering grad of UMass Amherst, and a black belt in karate. He was 25 years old, living in Lawrence with his girlfriend and working for a company called Raytheon. On February 20th 2010 Gene was in the city celebrating a friend’s birthday. The group was staying at the Marriott Long Wharf hotel. After a night of partying, Gene was caught on CCTV at 2:24am leaving out the back entrance of the hotel without a jacket. He was heading into Christopher Columbus park, and friends say he was relatively sober and may have been stepping out for a cigarette. When friends awoke the next day they realized Gene was gone, and began to search. Police were led down to the docks by various scent dogs, and the water was searched by divers, but Gene was not found.

Nearly nine months later, on November 8th, Gene’s body was found near Rowes Wharf in the Boston Harbor. His cause of death is still unknown. Also unknown is why his body wasn’t found for six months, as drowning forensics indicate that it should have surfaced sooner. Some say it could have been weighted down, but the truth may never be known.


David Mark grew up in New York and had a Masters in Geography from the University of Albany. David had Type 1 Diabetes and was insulin dependent, and also had Aspergers. He was 24 when he went missing. On March 2nd 2011 David left the home where he lived with his parents in Albany and drove to Boston, where his sister lived in the Chestnut Hill area. David went and ate at Boston Beer Works near Fenway and had a few drinks. Employees said he was in good spirits. David never showed up at his sister’s house, and never returned home to Albany. The search for him was underway fast, as his parents knew he could Get sick without his insulin. His car was found several days later in Chestnut Hill, at 10 Middlesex Rd. but there was no sign of David. His phone was last pinged at around 6:40 in Boston, near the Charleston Naval Yard.

On March 8th a Boston fishing company found David’s body in the Chelsea River, downstream from the Andrew McArdle Bridge, 15 feet from shore. Police said there was no signs of trauma. His cause of death was not made public, but police say it was not foul play.


Franco Garcia grew up in West Newton with his Peruvian parents. He was attending a Boston College night school and studying chemistry, hoping to eventually go on to medical school. He worked full time at a CVS pharmacy in Waltham, and was musically gifted. On February 21st 2012 Franco was out with friends at Mary Ann’s Bar in Cleveland Circle. He was 21 at the time. He had made plans to spend the night with his friend Katherine Corteselli, though he flitted between several friend groups over the course of the evening. At 11:27pm he texted her a reminder: “Don’t leave without me”. Sometime after 12:15am friends lost sight of Franco, though his keys and jacket were still in the bar. At 12:18am Franco was caught on CCTV passing by an atm and heading toward Chestnut Hill Reservoir, and the area where his car was parked. He was not staggering, and friends described him as drunk but not smashed. His phone was last pinged about an hour later in the same area, but his car was left untouched. A huge search for Franco began, and his story was even shared by Bruce Springsteen. Police focused their search on the reservoir almost immediately, and searched it thoroughly, but nothing was found.

On April 11th at around 8am, Franco’s body was spotted in the weeds about 18 feet offshore in the reservoir. His wallet was still on him, and he had no injuries. Police described his death as being “consistent with an accidental fall into the water” but failed to elaborate on what that meant or why he wasn’t found before.


Jonathan Dailey (FB)

Jonathan Dailey grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and played violin and piano. He studied architectural technology at Appalachian State University, and later moved to Massachusetts with friend and roommate Miles Smith. Jonathan was 23 and attending a grad program at Boston Architectural College, but was taking a semester off for financial reasons. The night of October 2nd 2012, he and Miles hung out and had pizza until Miles went to bed around 9. The next morning Jonathan was gone. He had left behind everything but his phone. Though attempts were made to reach him he never answered, and his phone was soon shut off.

On October 9th at about 7:30am, a rowing instructor near Boston University (about a mile from Jonathan’s Allston apartment) made a startling discovery in the in the Charles River. Jonathan’s body was tied with chains to a cinderblock at the bottom of the river. Police assured the public that there was no threat to safety, and implied that Jonathan had committed suicide. He had no history of mental illness.


Eric Munsell was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He went to Boston University and got a degree in aerospace engineering. He was working as an aviation engineer at General Electric, and was pursuing a Masters in mechanical engineering via the Edison Engineering Program. On February 8th 2014, Eric was celebrating his 24th birthday at the Market Lounge. He was escorted out by a bouncer at about 11:30pm for causing a disturbance on his way to the restroom. It was only 18 degrees out, but according to the bouncer Eric claimed not to have a jacket. A half hour later his phone was pinged heading toward the Harbor and not his North End apartment. He was caught on CCTV near the Marriott Long Wharf.

On April 23 at about 12:30pm Eric’s body was found in the water at the end of Long Wharf. Police did not find his death suspicious. Why he supposedly walked to Long Wharf then proceeded to fall into the water and drown is unexplained.

Screen shot 2016-02-19 at 4.41.21 PM


Josue Quispe-Almendro was a runner, a photographer, and a religious young man. He lived in Malden with his tight knit family and was just 18 when he went missing. Josue was out running errands with his brother on October 17th 2015. He dropped his sibling off at a Bed Bath and Beyond in Somerville at about 4:30pm. He failed to return home or answer his phone. His car was found then next day at 10pm in Quincy.

Josue’s body was found washed up on Saquish Beach in Plymouth on November 12th. The cause of death was not released but police said foul play was not suspected. How Josue got all the way to Plymouth is unknown.

Screen shot 2016-02-19 at 5.01.18 PM


Dennis Njoroge was born in Kenya, and moved with his mother to Worcester MA. He was attending Northeastern University and was an aspiring filmmaker who loved Quentin Tarantino and playing basketball. Dennis was excited to soon start a co-op job at a Boston News Station. He was 21 years old. On November 29th friends saw Dennis playing basketball at the Marino Center on Northeastern’s campus. This was verified by his keycard swipes. The next day he spoke to his mother on the phone, a conversation that she felt was perfectly normal. After that Dennis did not show up for classes, and did not respond to his mother. His phone was last pinged at around 2am on the MIT Campus in Cambridge.

On December 31st at 10am Dennis’ body was found by a jogger in the Charles River on the Boston side, near the esplanade and Arthur Fiedler Footbridge. The location is directly across from the MIT campus. There was no signs of trauma, and police were investigating the death as a “non-homicide”.


Zachary Marr (UPDATED) grew up in Leominster (not Harvard, as is often reported) MA. He was celebrating his 22nd birthday with his cousins at the Bell in Hand Tavern on February 13th 2016. At about 1:30 he went outside for a cigarette, leaving his coat behind. At 1:40 he sent a snapchat to his cousin Amanda Marr that said “They won’t let me back in, lets leave”. She agreed to come out. However when they got outside Zach was gone. According to CCTV and bouncer statements, Zach never asked to come back inside. He was caught on CCTV at 1:44 walking past Boston Public Market, heading in the direction of TD Garden and Zakim Bridge. Police later found CCTV footage of Zachary “entering” the water under the Zakim (this footage has not been released). It is unclear what that meant precisely, but teams immediately began to search the water in the area. Nothing was found, possibly due to extremely low visibility. Several more searches were conducted with similar results in that area of the Charles River. On March 15th 2016 at about 5:45pm passerby’s noticed a body in the water by the Museum of Science Boston and (ironically) the Leverett Circle State Police Barracks. It was Zachary. His body was found in a location consistent with previous searches. Why he left the Bell in Hand and walked about a mile to the Charles is still unknown.

Some more thoughts on Zach Marr


I made a visualization of where the victims were last seen vs where their bodies were found.

Screen shot 2016-02-19 at 11.02.41 PM

I think its particularly beneficial to take a closer look in the financial district.

Screen shot 2016-02-19 at 11.18.57 PM

The proximities of these establishments is incredible.

Furthermore, many of the the victims are related in other ways.

  • William Hurley, Dustin Willis, and Jonathan Dailey were all from North Carolina.
  • Willis and Hurley were both in the Navy.
  • Willis, Gene Losik, and Eric Munsell were all engineers. Franco Garcia was studying chemistry.
  • Garcia, Willis, Dailey, and John Daverio were all musically talented. Josue Quispe was a photographer and Dennis Njoroge was a filmmaker.

Furthermore some cases seem bizarrely linked.

Dustin Willis was a NC native who joined the Navy and was in Boston March 16 2007. William Hurley was a NC born Navy man who was in Boston that same night, and would disappear two years after Willis. Both were talking on the phone to their girlfriends seconds before vanishing. Both men’s phones were later found.

Eric Munsell was removed from a bar on his birthday without his coat, possibly told a bouncer that he didn’t have one, and vanished into the night. Zachary Marr walked out of a bar without a coat two years later on his birthday, and told his friends that he wasn’t being allowed back inside. Both were later caught on CCTV.

I can’t claim to know just now what any of this might mean. all I can do is present the puzzle pieces that we currently have, but I know we are still missing far too many.

What I am certain of is that something terrible is happening to people all over the country, maybe the world, and the Boston cases are only a small sampling of it. I hope that someday this mystery can be solved to prevent future deaths, and pain for their families. Until then I urge everyone to make sure that YOU are not the next victim. Do not go out alone. Do not go near the water alone. And if possible, avoid wearing the color red. It’s a color that shows up often in David Paulides’ missing persons cases, and William Hurley and John Daverio were both wearing it when they vanished.

More On Zachary Marr

Part 2



1,650 thoughts on “Boston’s Mysterious Vanishing Men

  1. This has happened at least twice up here in Portland Maine. The last guy disappeared NY Eve. Found in the harbor last month. I’ve always thought it was suspicious.

    • I’m not sure how to post directly. Only reply. I came across a very disturbing SM site on tumblr. The comments and photos there are incredibly disturbing. I googled my suspicions and found this site. I hate to think these men and women were kidnapped for sexual reasons but I definitely think it’s possible. If the police have proof these men committed suicide I wish they would say so. Otherwise there may be sick sadomasochists out there. The police need cameras hidden all around downtown Boston and the river or rivers.

      What about possibility these men committee suicide. It seems more likely the explanation. I’d like to know how many suicides are committed on any given night. I suspect it’s probably more than people know about. How else can you explain the seemingly cavalier attitude of the police. Like I said do they know more than they are admitting.

      • The scary thing is, this is NOT just happening in Boston. A medical student in Columbus Ohio disappeared from a bar, he has never been found. A year later, another young man went missing from a downtown bar, and was found in the river. >

      • I thought the same thing Will. But I would think the coroner would find marks or some kind of sexual trauma on the body Maybe they’re just not saying..

      • There is a new presentation by David Paulides on Youtube now from a talk he gave in Toronto. He covers the Missing 411 subjects in general but includes more on the river deaths. He talks about Manchester’s canal deaths as well. In one part of it he talks about the terrible injustice to these men and these families with police writing them off as accidental drownings. I couldn’t agree more—it is hard to even believe that they are doing nothing and letting this continue and continue. I keep hoping the FBI are on it covertly and will crack it soon.

      • Yes it is so horrable that they now found him but I hate to say that I knew they would find him in the water i started researching this morning nb have found it is all over the country n i have a bad feeling its not mere coincidence

    • and another is missing now. Diabetic, been gone for over a week- my gut tells me he washes upon the shore before the summer ends.

    • I was thinking the same thing! They just found the second man who went missing, in the water. Same profile, both lost in the early hours of the night after a big drinking day in Portland.

    • And now we’ve got another. My coworkers and I have been discussing the oddities of these scenarios. They just pulled Matt Foster from Portland Harbor this morning.

    • I came across this post a while ago and searched again because they pulled another body out of the harbor today. Right off commercial street like the man from NY eve. Missing since last Friday after a night of drinking. This is too fishy.

      • After a cursory look into this case it certainly seems to have all the hallmarks of one of these cases. There have been multiple cases in Portland and other areas of Maine.

    • There has been three in Portland Maine as of two weeks ago. I believe it’s suspicious. You look at the BIO’s of all these men and wonder what could possibly be going on. I don’t believe they were accidents or suicides. That’s my opinion.

  2. For Massachusetts at least, there should be a citizens coalition to continue to formulate a strategy that pressure our goverment to comprehensevely investigate this phenomemun, produce findings report to the community while prevents other Individuals to become new Victims. Additionally, there should be an educational campaings around bars and clubs tailored to prevent this awful incident to continue.

  3. There are similair storys in Croatia, Italy, Finland…I believe this is well organised crime group, but probably bigger and stronger then any mafia, something like CIA or FSB. Or this is conected to something beyond our understanding, something paranormal…killers from other dimensions dissapearing through portals…i know it sounds crazy but we must have open mind,,,this cases are going back in the begining of the 90s…i dont know how could i find more info about dissapearing men in slovenia found dead in rivers, but there must be more victims in past 20 years…

    • I thought the same about the time travel theory… I am also a victim of a very strange mugging in Cambridge that happened rt b4 Zac went missing…(heres another theory) And thought that maybe 1 of the figures that i vaguely remember couldve been myself from the future… I dont remember any facial features just a gray void where thier faces and chest are… Along w other weird happenings that night…

    • It’s funny that you mention that. There’s been a lot of instances in Boston and Providence of people having their drinks drugged at the bar. A few that I know of, one that I personally know of where my male, successful doctor friend ended up in the emergency room.
      Fortunately, his girlfriend realized something was wrong and she and some other friends took him to the hospital right away.

      No one has been able to find the person drugging the drinks and it’s been a good three years or so.

      I thought it could possibly be related.

  4. Same thing happening in small country in Europe. Slovenia has population of only 2 million.

    -Maribor (pop.100.000) – three 20 years old male succesfull students were found in river Drava after vanishing from student parties.all separate cases, 2 cases were in 2015, 1 was in march 2016.

    -Ljubljana (pop.300.000) – 18 years old male student found dead in Ljubljanica river, also vanished from club in march 2016

    Now this was never happening before in Slovenia, its extremly small and safe country with virtually no crime. All bodies were found in 1-4 months, toxicology report found drugs in 3 out of 4 cases, in 1 case they didnt send blood to analysis (??).

    Police is still investigating, no signs of foul play on bodies of these young men

    • Pronounced Sy-O-TA River (Scioto River)

      There have been many missing persons cases in the Columbus Short North/Campus area similiar to Joey’s case and the one’s in Boston. Columbus police have been stepping up their investigative work and actively searching the waters. Another body was found in the Scioto River yesterday (4/18/2016).

    • The same thing seems to be happening here in Maine. Within the past 6 months we’ve had at least 4 men show up dead, all due to water incidents… I’m not sure what’s going on, but it seems really eery… When I read about all the men showing up dead, I thought it was odd and maybe there was a larger picture around these deaths, but I never thought about it again until finding this article… Boston isn’t too far from us, and these incidents all sound alike. It makes me want to look into this more, there’s definitely something strange going on.

      • Is see that the majority of the men have education and were going places in life. I fail to believe that they all committed suicide

    • Yes there have been several in the past years in Milwaukee, none too recent. All college kids walking home from bars alone ending up in the Milwaukee river

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  6. My belief is that aliens or at least some worldwide goverment agencies are involved in these dissapearances. Or both. They are collecting genetic material from these men. These young men are mostly all very inteligent. I dont think that the group of serial killers are responsible. It would be almost imposible doing this all these years all around the world and not been caught. I red about smile face killers. It sounds possible but then again maybe the real perpetrators are just masking all this into believing some serial killers are behind. This is the work of CIA like agencies, but i strongly believe aliens are involved.I even belive they put drugs in these people before they dumped in the rivers. We have no clues what could all be done by secret agencies for some kind of alien-iluminati agendas.

    • Agreed. What if astronomical, celestial events, alignments, etc. may have or are taking place that have a possible connection… Maybe cosmology signs, born under or during specific celestial events…time is irrelevant… Only life matters…

      • Although any theory should not be discoiraged, I believe that rather than Aliens, human interference has much yo fo with the tragic events. In the Boston area in particular, it seems the work of a serial killer or killers. Much of our effort should be preventing other young men to be future victims of the predetor that still is out there.

  7. You have done your homework on these cases. When I first heard of these from David Paulides, I immediately bought his books. The cases are nothing less than completely shocking to the senses. They make no sense. What is alarming is that not only is this trend continuing but, the NPS and even some local law enforcement seem to be either withholding information, or downright thwarting investigations on some of these cases. There is definitely something very sinister going on.

  8. I feel like there is something going on. There are way to many cases of young men leaving bars and simply vanishing, being found miles away from where they were last dead in a body of water, some that had been searched prior to the body being found. Some had not been in the water long but we’re missing for weeks or they were found face up in the water which does not happen when you drown accidently. It’s very scary to think about and it’s during cold months it happens mist frequently. And most of the victims were not intoxicated according to their friends. I don’t think in the dead of winter anyone drunk or buzzed would think going for a swim in the local river would be a good time. And why are there no women getting drunk and falling in water and drowning? Its not something other genders would be immune to. It really seems like someone or more than one person are responsible for this, as it happens in many cities and states but is mostly happening in specific ones. The police need to band together and try to figure it out instead of turning a blind eye because I don’t think it’s gonna stop til they do. It’s been happening to long to to many men.

    • I couldn’t agree more! Just wait until this winter comes, and I’m pretty sure that there will be a couple more missing men to appear in the Charles river (as terrible as that is, and I truly hope it doesn’t happen). Something is happening.

      My theory is possibly, it is a woman. This woman waits for these men to be outside alone, and then lures them away. After who knows how long the guy begins to sober up, and then doesn’t want anything to do with this woman and she then kills him and somehow gets his body to the river. OR she approaches the men outside of the club and they begin walking and talking, and once this guy denies the woman, she pushes them in the river….

      But then like you said raises the question, how does the body end up somewhere that has already been searched.

      I am baffieled that there is no trauma to the body, or any signs of a struggle. I have walked down the the locks and looked around, it would be very tricky for someone to just “fall” into the water..

      • I was about to comment saying a similar theory!!!! My brainstorming was

        A “hot woman” in the bar tells them to meet her by the water and not to tell anyone
        That or something similar but they drug him and somehow lure him to the water
        Another- someone asking for help and for ex say their dog fell into the water

        Something is luring these drunk men there
        And the Zach case for example it would explain the lying about not being allowed back in. He met a girl and wanted to leave with her and didn’t want to tell his cousins that …

      • I’m sticking to what I originally thought, a cab driver….. they wouldn’t expect it, obviously. They were leaving bars.. what do most people do after a night of drinking? Carpool or call a cab….

  9. This similiar thing is happening in Columbus, OH. Many men are “partying” or “drinking” in our campus area and disappearing, one minute they are with friends/loved ones and then gone. Some bodies have been discovered in the nearby Scioto River, some are still missing persons.

  10. I find it interesting that Boston PD are not thinking anything suspicious is going on with these incidents. Yes possibly one or two of the incidents could possibly not be suspicious, but multiple ones? I find that extremely suspicious! Why does it seem like the winter months are more prominent times for these disappearances? Why only men, relatively in their 20’s? Too many correlations with all these incidences for there to not be something worth questioning. Also, why are their bodies turning up weeks later in areas that were previously searched? Does that not seem suspicious?!

    • Agree, and why are there no chunky or overweight men? Why are most under 30? Why aren’t there young men drowning in droves in spring break towns and places like Florida or other areas where swimming and boating is rampant and mixed with alcohol use? Why is it they seem to only fall in to icy rivers in mostly colder areas/seasons? It doesn’t make sense. There is a documentary on youtube called “The Pusher” that is interesting about the ones in Manchester, UK. Same police negligence and denial there. I cannot even believe the stories I’m reading sometimes–that police say it’s an accident! On the radio show “Where Did the Road Go” there are a couple of episodes (it’s on youtube) with David Paulides discussing his latest book “A Sobering Coincidence” and also interviews with Steph Young about missing people. She’s British and she did several ebooks that are rather interesting on these topics. She brings up some paranormal theories and things like that, but she doesn’t say that’s what it is she just tosses things out that she explored during her research. The interview about the drownings can be found (the newest and most complete) by searching “Mysterious Drownings” Steph Young on youtube. She’s sweet and I love listening to her. I ended up getting her newest ebook called Dead In The Water from Amazon. I’m almost finished. It’s only like 2.99 and fairly short and very easy to read but it keeps you hooked.

      Just thought I’d mention it if you are interested in the topic. I think maybe at this point we could have some copycats out there who have figured out how to get away with murder. Or are they communicating and competing so to speak through the dark web? I also discovered something about this drug called scopolamine, aka Devil’s Breath. It is SCARY!! VICE has a short video on youtube about it. Some people have theorized maybe that’s what is being used. If so, it’s weird because after you see what the drug does you wouldn’t need to kill people to keep from being caught. If they use too much it would kill them anyway, but usually the purpose is robbery. I tell you, I’m betting this drug isn’t a secret to various intelligence agencies within governments considering what it does to people. But these cases almost seem to be without motive. I hope the FBI are working on these discreetly, but if so they aren’t doing very well. This is scary as hell.

      I do not understand how these cops can look these people in the eye and disregard these cases and sometimes outright lie to them.

      • I second your suggestions! I have listened to all those interviews as well. I also recommend any you can find with George Knapp interviewing David Paulides. And I can’t recommend reading David’s books enough either, they have tons of info. There is also a show on the ID channel right now called ‘Disappeared’ which features some relative cases in depth.

      • My favorite interviews are the ones he has with George Knapp! A more professional and competent journalist would be hard to find. I have listened to them multiple times and I have the first Missing 411 Book, or the 2nd rather, the Eastern book.

        Just while ago I saw these all these yahoo headlines about them bringing in the the feds and special expertise to scour the whole Prince death debacle. I am sorry he passed away and I liked his music, but this is lopsided comparatively. They are saying he died of a drug overdose perhaps and now they are diving into everything about him and spending federal resources on the source of his dealer/supplier? Here you have hundreds of young boys who have been murdered and they want to victim blame and say it was foolish misadventure with alcohol without much of an investigation at all. But if Prince died of a drug overdose, isn’t he kind of responsible in the same way (if that is true)? All I’m saying is why are they going on all out for 1 person vs. doing absolutely nothing for hundreds of healthy young men with bright futures stolen from them. It’s a travesty, and I can’t figure out why so many law enforcement and even media staff could sleep at night letting this continue to happen. The guilt should be eating them alive you would think because I can’t believe after body number 6 or 12 or 50 or 150 they wouldn’t think something is amiss.

        I love your blog. Just discovered it in my quest for more info on the drowning men cases. Stayed up too late night because I couldn’t stop reading, lol. Finally had to make myself go to bed and save Elisa Lam for tonight! That’s another one that baffles me. I don’t know what you have written yet, but I don’t think it’s an accident either. Another case where the LA police seem to be covering up something. Have you looked into the case of Rebecca Zahau? It’s totally different circumstances and I think it’s murder too (definitely human caused), but LA police conclude it’s a suicide which is just beyond preposterous! Sounds like they are willing to take a payment for a cause of death and to close a case there now and then.

      • Oh I thought of one more thing. Have you discovered the podcast the TrueCrimeGarage yet? Unfortunately some of the older ones have to be paid for at 1.99 which seems to be the new trend. But among other really interesting ones they have 2 episodes on Brian Schaffer and the one last week was Joey Labute, the latest one from Ohio. I really enjoy their podcast, one of the better true crime ones to come along in a while. Their very first one on the phantom killer in Texarkana was great and they were new at it. Nic is really knowledgable on his facts and I really like that. Also the Long Island Serial Killer ones are great. Also the episode on Adam Walsh.

        It’s just a good podcast, lol. It’s on itunes and they have their own site.

  11. There was also a woman found under the Summer street bridge by the channel in Boston about 4-5 yrs ago! Always knew something was very off with some many falling into the water !

  12. How many more bodies need to be found in order for law enforcement to start a new strategy to both catch the ppl involved in this acts and to prevent more Ppl to be victimized. I dont know whether the Waltham case follows the pattern of the previous one, but I wont be surprise that any serial killer move around. It is sad!

  13. It happened again here in Maine. 21 yo went missing leaving a party in Orono on his way to a bar. Found two months later in the river. TWO MONTHS LATER, wallet still in his pocket. That river was searched like crazy after he went missing. Nothing, then BOOM, there he is, near where he went missing.

    There were two other cases in Portland where young able bodied men completely vanish while out with friends and turn up months later in the water. And usually it’s water that has been searched many times. And I think there are more cases in Portland…..

    Serial killer in New England?

  14. Another male student just showed up in Maine same as the rest disappeared a week or two after the last one in Boston. Another note look
    At all the college age males in the Midwest that end up in rivers a month or two after the boston ones.

    • For people who were not following the case, 66 year old Leonard “Lenny” Quirk was last seen Feb. 16 when he walked out of his Waltham apartment after 9pm, heading toward the Charles River. Friends and neighbors say he had been in good spiris/acting normally leading up to that point. Lenny did not answer his phone and was not seen alive again. A massive search found no clues. Then on Apr. 22 his body was recovered from the Charles. As per usual with these cases police do not suspect foul play. May Mr. Quirk rest in peace.

      • I would like to know the circumstances of lenny’s life just before leaving his apartment; was he seen by neighbors with anyone familiar or unknown at all? this person could’ve somehow altered a beverage that he may have had to drink at home. Does the mind/body altering substance that is tainting the victims beverages produce something like a thirst that is only satisfied by river water?

  15. Is it possible that the drink of every victim was spiked before their tragic death occured? Is that the one constant that all victims share? How do we find this out?

    *Waltham residents;
    I have seen enough of this; if ANYONE is interested in developing an effective campaign with me regarding education and prevention in Waltham bars and on university campuses, please TELL me. am afraid to give contact info honestly and don’t know how to proceed with that….

  16. I am really sorry to hear this. This is also happening in manchester, england & in national parks throughout north america. I really don’t know what’s the cause but it is more then just coincidence.

  17. There is a recent comment on YouTube by 666themadrussian that talks about his experience of being drugged at a bar by a woman and two men. He left right away however if his story is true I hope he goes to the police and further it could follow that this is an operation of two or more people. Maybe they drug these kids at the bar and a car picks them up on way out. They are so messed up that they just walk into the water – no sign of struggle. No sign of fowl play.

    By the time the body is found the toxicity report shows nothing as the drugs are out of their system.

    This is just one of the theories. If this is indeed true the police should look further into this and start monitoring these pubs from where these kids disappeared.

    My 2 cents

  18. Here is a theory that is a bit out there! If you read about Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack, many believe they had become enemies of the state due to a whistle blowing incident they were allegedly associated with. The circumstances surrounding their deaths were curious, to say the least, and some have theorized that they might have been murdered by the state. I have also heard rumors the go v’t has targeted specific alternative health physicians and researchers whose work threatens the moneyed interests of big business.

    Along those same lines, is there any chance that these drowning victims could have participated in a protest movement such as the Occupy movement that might have made them a larger target of, say, the C i A? Granted, the Vanishing Men were generally young, and I’m more inclined to think serial killer(s) are at work, but it would be interesting to know if one or more of them were *agents of change*, i.e. participants in protest movements or political activities that could be seen as a threat to the powers that be…think about it…

    • I absolutely believe Murphy and her husband were murdered. It had to do with her testifying about DHS letting people in unchecked through the border or something of that nature. I read a comment once that said her symptoms were similar in behavior to inhaled ricin. Maybe they put it in her house and her hubby ended up coming across it eventually. Then there is the scopolamine thing which kills you if you inhale too much of it. Flowers, cigarettes, cannabis pipes, air conditioner vents, food?

      And the holistic doctors I also believe were murdered. No way Bradstreet was a suicide. It’s ridiculous! You know when they haven’t pulled him out of the water yet practically but they determine it’s a suicide with a gunshot to the chest in a river??!! I was a big fan of Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, who was on the Carol Alt show and Suzanne Somer’s doctor. He just dropped dead and he had been consulting with Bradstreet about the GCMaf/nagalase link with vaccines and autism, cancer and various other autoimmune diseases. I don’t know if all of them are murders, but it sure is weird they all started dying in short succession of each other right after the Feds raided Bradstreet demanding all his work and GcMaf supplies plus patient records who were participating with it. Then they shut down production of it in other countries who had been operating without issue for years!

      Steph Young’s book has made me wonder about a govt angle at times particularly with the cases of Charles Allen and the whole “look under the periodic table” thing. Then there is that weird thing with Jenkins and the monastery and alchemy link. I don’t know what’s going on, but it isn’t something happenstance. Allen was a bigtime gamer, and it is known that the C i a were recruiting gamers and monitoring role play games for terrorist communications. They would get people who were highly skilled to operate the real life drones that kill people. So it’s possible something is up with that. But not all of them seem to have that link, but they are all intelligent and good looking men who were probably going to be quite successful in life.

      “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.” –Ian Fleming

      • Elise, could you please correct my previous comment? I would like to to read “C i A” and “go v’t” instead of the way I had these words written. Is there a way to alter my comment so it reads that way? Vicki had the right idea. That way it’s less searchable. I would appreciate it so much. Thank you.

        The conspiracy theory angle could explain why this has been happening in different states and even in different countries. It also would be easy to overlook and wouldn’t raise undue alarm.

      • My main issue with this theory is motive. Several of the men had military connections which seems valid, but several also didn’t. Victims like Dennis and Zack seemed to have been average young men with no possible nefarious connections.

      • Isn’t there a mathematical, statistical way to gather then compare information about them all, to see how they’re all linked? Isn’t this what computers were designed to do?

      • As of now, three recurring key variables have been identified (gender, age, alcohol involved to some degree). And many of the remaining possible variables have also been identified (this bar, that bar, this city, that city, this country, that country, wandering off, possible convention/meeting in the area, etc). These have been discussed at length, but what we are really searching for is a variable that has not yet been identified that would link all the cases.
        Running a multiple regression analysis using the known variables would simply group those same variables – which, of course, would provide no further useful information.
        Perhaps running a simple regression line plotting the dates of death for each city/country involved might possibly predict future occurrences. Doubtful, though, since most of the date verses city/country data appear to be fairly random as of this writing.

      • In Columbus, Ohio, we had a medical student in a bar, disappear for no reason, he was young and he’s never been found. One year later a guy disappeared from a bar, and was found in a nearby river. Both in their 20’s.

      • Hi Micki,There is a podcast called “True Crime Garage” that has done 2 episodes on Brian Schaffer and a recent one last week about Joey Labute. The hosts live in Columbus, Ohio so they have actually done several episodes about crimes that took place there or in Ohio. They have one on the Burger Chef murders and a Sam Shepherd episode. There may be a couple of others if you are interested. 

      • Thanks Vicki. This is just too strange,I will check out what you suggested. I think this is too much for local police to handle, but there is definitely something going on,

  19. With the theory I proposed, I’m not suggesting so much NEFARIOUS connections, but perhaps a connection that suggests interest in changing the social and/or economic structure of the country. Perhaps the connection could be found in common political activities and/or participation in protest move -ments like Occu -py that are focused on economic jus -tice.

    It seems far-fetched that such activities — mere participation in a peaceful political protest movement — could make these people a target, except haven’t there been cases of anti-war and Black Pa nther members (back in the day) being targeted by the go v’t?

    With these things you have to follow the MONEY. When you are talking big dollars, and big, powerful organizations (which have the go v’t in their pocket) stand to LOSE if change takes place, you have to wonder what lengths they might go to to keep things status quo…Historically g’ vts don’t embrace protest movements, they try to quash them by various means (agent provacateurs, etc.).

    Just connecting the dots…if you were a go v’t interested in quashing a movement that was growing, or that had died back but might return in a stronger or more effective form later, would it make (diabolical) sense for the powers that be to take out a few committed players?? Maybe young, energetic types that are well liked enough to win the hearts & minds of their friends and wouldn’t give up easily.

    • Last night I listened to the Steph Young interview with Ed Opperman. Jemma, with your interests I recommend you download it. They dig into some wild stuff–some of it strays off topic a bit but still shows the possible ways a lot of things are connected. It blew my mind and it was worth the 1.99 to download. They talked about different things than the other shows I’ve heard her on. Go to the Opperman report and put in her name to purchase it (unless you are already a paying member which I’m not). Don’t know if you are familiar with Dave McGowan? He’s got some really interesting books out and they talk about him a bit. He recently died of aggressive cancer but a couple of his books were rather stirring like Programmed to Kill and Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon.

  20. Btw, Elise, thank you so much for updating my verbiage. I hope that wasn’t too much trouble. I’m kind of new to writing about these sensitive political subjects!! Sorry to bother you again, but I just realized that I should maybe avoid having the “Occ” word written out. I just saw that. If there’s any chance you could add a space and/or dash, that would be great.

    It might seem silly but who knows what “NASA” is looking for hehe 😉 THANK YOU, and I love your blog!!

    • You are welcome. Let me know what you think of it if you listen. Also, the word thing is just a precaution against that group who scans emails from hitting a word or agency name that they routinely flag. Just prefer not to hit on one of them if possible, even though it’s just opinions and not anything bad. You never know and the idea just sort of creeps me out (being on their list, lol).

  21. I heard of this missing man a few weeks ago & was holding out hope. Not surprised that he was found in a body of water…my sympathies are with his family. I pray the authorities are working to understand what is going on & put a stop to this.

  22. This seems to be happening in on the Hudson River in Hoboken NJ too. About two years ago I was there daily and noticed homemade signs that a young man was missing posted around town. The building I worked in was on the river and the posters were all around there. Then a few weeks later he was found drowned. I just did an online search and it turns out that at least four young men have died the same way in Hoboken in the last few years. This is strange and terrible.

  23. Wisconsin has had similar incidences along the Mississippi River and the rivers in eastern Wisconsin. All young men that had been out “partying” and had been separated from their friends. Something to be aware of when going out.

  24. There was a 3rd year college student that just went missing in Minneapolis MN. They have him on camera walking out of his dorm and down the street. He was very normal according to his roommate that seen him walk out and he was just found in the Mississippi River by the University of Minnesota. There is no reason for him to commit suicide.

  25. This happens often here in Minneapolis as well! And with all the attention these tragedies get, it continues to happen. Do people not try to avoid it?

    • Unfortunately, the police and the media are telling everyone these are all accidents. On the ID channel, they have been running a promo for a new series about some missing women. One of the statements is a woman asking, “Who is taking our girls?” in a distraught tone. Now how about someone asking who is taking our young men with at least equal concern and urgency. There are hundreds of these cases, compared to the one I refer to above. Of course, they all matter. But that is just what upsets me so much about this, that it seems like the police/media/ treat this like it doesn’t matter meanwhile young men are being murdered in astonishing numbers.

      The least they could do is put in some measures to educate the public about the situation so young males may adopt safety precautions to mitigate the risk. Be nice if they considered trying to catch the perps as well. I can’t believe most of the law enforcement community actually think all of these are accidents, especially the ones that are in the river long after they disappeared but only dead a few days who have no water in their lungs. I think what we have to figure out that continues to elude us is what is the motive?

  26. After discovering this post months ago on FaceBook and then commenting on it, I have been following others comments religiously. I find this so tragic and at the same time fastinating. I live in Portland, Maine and in the past 3-4 years we have had 3 young college aged men die in this same fashion. My boss has a good friend who’s son went missing a couple months ago. He was a student at UMaine Orono. I believe I saw a comment about it on here a couple weeks ago. When my boss told me about it, this young man had been missing for a week or two. I didn’t want to share what I was thinking due to the already sad nature of this news, but I thought to myself that they would eventually find him in a local body of water. Sure enough, his body was discovered in a local river in that area a few weeks ago. Unbelievably tragic! Now as whacked out as this sounds, my theory with all these young men missing with so many aspects of each case being eeirily similar, I believe this has something to do with (cannot believe I’m typing this) aliens or some sort of interdimentional movement initiated by a force we don’t understand. I’ve watched/listened to a several of the Dave Paulides interviews on YouTube around this and cases much like these, and his accounts are literally out of this world. This is a man with impeccable credentials coming from a career in law enforcement and investigation. And the recent case of the Liberian man, Henry McCabe from Minneapolis who went missing and they found his body in a lake in the area a few months later. The two minute message that was left on his wife’s cell phone in the wee hours of the morning when he disappeared is beyond haunting. The growling sounds are chilling and there is a rattling clicking growl that doesn’t even sound like anything I’ve ever heard. Whatever was going on, it sounds horribly violent, yet when his body was eventually found, there were no marks, scraps or cuts… No evidence of what sounded like a violent assault. Most, if not close to all of these men’s bodies do not reveal any signs of trauma. I cannot understand why authorities are not connecting these cases together and investigating on those grounds. Or perhaps, the complete lack of any known mass investigation is telling. Perhaps when there is this much silence, that’s a sign that it needs to be dealt with in secrecy. To me, the complete lack of any apparent follow up, and many commenters voice frustration on this point, makes me feel that it is in fact being watched. And what they are discovering is being held back. Creepy stuff no matter what conclusions you come to.

    • It might seem crazy to people who haven’t spent hours researching it. But the fact is that a lot of these cases have FACTS that are just plain bizarre and sound like something from a horror movie…I think its probable that whatever it is, as of right now we dont have the information or capability to stop it, only to try to prevent people from becoming easy targets.

    • I listened to the recording and then watched a few videos of people under the influence of bath salts. Same exact sounds. Bath salts cause major increase in body temperature which might explain why he would have gotten into the water. Same reason bath salt users strip naked and are sweating.

      • I have recently watched a bunch of videos of people under the influences of various drugs (bath salts, pcp, molly, and meth in particular) and I do believe that this theory could hold some water. Many of the intoxicated made horrible, inhuman sounds and would violently throw their bodies around without feeling pain. I don’t want to suggest that Henry was doing said drugs, but the behavior does correlate.

  27. All late at night. Near water most Coming from watering holes, alcohol involved. They were all watched and followed, stalked if you will. These were no accidents. These people were murdered. Crime of opportunity. He lies in waits then pounces. Has the authorities stumped, clueless, they would have said something to the effect of suspicious. Going on for years this guy is good very good. Smart strong patient, there has got to be a common thread missing. After the first couple of these mysterious deaths you have wonder if Boston has a serial killer.

  28. Charlie’s comments express exactly the conclusion to which I’ve come, reluctantly. Reluctantly, because before reading about these cases and listening to interviews with Paulides and Young, I had zero belief in the cryptic or supernatural. Even my concept of “God” did not involve an entity with any type of extraordinary or supernatural powers, as believed by most religions. However, thousands of people all around the world have disappeared under circumstances that defy any kind of logic. The main patterns are young men in cities, and people of all ages in wilderness parks and rural areas, with many being young children. I don’t expect any answers to this in my lifetime. Like Elise, I think the best we can do is try to prevent ourselves and our loved ones from being victims, but it’s hard because when I even just mention “disappearing” and “taking precautions,” without even bringing up any of the bizarre details, I get laughed at as crazy. I thank Elise, Paulides, Young and the numerous others who are bravely investigating and publicizing this phenomenon. I wish more people would familiarize themselves with all the information that’s available before rolling their eyes and dismissing it.

    • Thank you for the message and support Mari! It’s always nice to know that you aren’t alone in some outlandish seeming/unpopular theories…our ideas might seem crazy to others but if you actually do the research you can gain an open mind. I certainly don’t think its that crazy to imagine that there are things out there that we still don’t understand.

    • And life just goes on, I can’t imagine being a parent of one of these young men. Police keep saying No foul play,, That’s bull

  29. What i do not understood is actually how you’re not actually a lot more smartly-preferred than you may be now. You’re so intelligent. You understand therefore significantly in the case of this matter, produced me individually believe it from numerous varied angles. Its like men and women don’t seem to be fascinated except it is one thing to do with Girl gaga! Your personal stuffs nice. All the time deal with it up!

      • Ha ha. I thought maybe it is someone who doesn’t speak English and has written it in a different language and then used Google translate? That comes out really garbled sometimes when I’ve tried to use it to have English translated from something else. Or something else, lol.

  30. Elise,
    another Portland, Maine 23 yr old man, a friend of mine, has been reported missing. Last seen on Friday night. The case sounds uncomfortably like the man who disappeared on New Years Eve and was later found in the Portland waterfront. Matt, the recently missing man was said to “maybe have been headed towards the waterfront.” I don’t like this one bit. Then the other Portland man who was missing from the Orono college campus was too found months later in the same body of water they thoroughly searched. WTF is going on ? Matt is not the type to stray away from the old port.

    • I am so sorry your friend is missing. Hoping for a good outcome, but if god forbid he is found deceased please encourage the family to demand an autopsy by State M.E. and a second private M.E. opinion, if necessary. Don’t let law enforcement just dismiss it as an “accidental drowing” or suicide. Unless we start getting good toxicology reports and /or DNA we are never going to figure this out.

    • I’ve been following this story all this spring and it’s all strange and tragic. I keep thinking about all the similarities with all this young men and the repeating oddities; like leaving taverns and bars without winter clothing, or the delay in the recovery of their bodies.
      I’ve been wondering why, with probably centuries, (in New England where I live), of young men drinking in pubs, taverns, inns, where these drinking spots have been traditionally close to working waterfronts,….. why haven’t there been thousands of young men being reported as missing, if the authorities follow the thinking that young men drink. Young men drink too much. Young men drink too much and stagger out of bars and barf or piss and then head to the water and stumble off the wharf.
      What I’m say very poorly, thousands young men in New England waterfronts for approximately 300 years should be missing and those kind of numbers would show up somewhere.
      But these kinds of disappearances seem eerie; since they appear to be happening everywhere over a relatively short time…15 years or so?
      And as soon as I heard about the latest missing man in Portland on the evening news, I could have predicted they report would say that he had been with friends in the Old Port and that his friends were looking for him as well as the police. That they had divers in the water. And now, I’m pretty sure that in a month or so his body will be found within feet of where the divers had previously searched.
      I wish we could get some investigative reporter interested in this and have it brought to public light.

  31. Elise:
    A couple hours ago, a body pulled from our waterfront. Most likely the local 23 yo young man from Scarborough who went missing from our waterfront area on June 11. Previous story last week stated bloodhounds tracked a strong scent trail to the water and cadaver dogs also strongly indicated there was a body in the water. Intensive searching discovered nothing at that time. Someone has to get to the bottom of this crazy s***!

    • What an awful story…my gut tells me that he is telling the truth and this is just a case of goofing around that went too far. Its horrific when immature mistakes can have such huge consequences…I honestly feel terrible for him he must feel very guilty.
      In relation to these cases its certainly possible that others could have been similar isolated incidences with no witnesses, (meaning that some young people were pulling a prank on their own friend) but I doubt that.

  32. Please look into what is happening in Maine as well. We have recently lost 2 young men who were later found in the water. Both similar scenarios. Here is a list of all the men we lost in Maine:

    Matthew Foster (23). Missing June 10, 2016 from the Old Port. Found in harbor.
    James Dyer (23) missing January 1, 2016. Found in the harbor of the Old Port.
    David Breunig (21) missing February 26, 2016. Found in the Penobscot River.
    Richard “TJ” Goff (44) missing February 25, 2016. Found in the Presumpscot River.
    Nathan Bihlmaier (31) missing May 20, 2012. Found in harbor of the Old Port.

    There may be more, but that’s what I found. In

  33. The fact that it’s all makes who are dying in the same way makes it very curious. I had no idea this was happening in Boston as well. Has anyone checked the gaps in the Boston cases with the Maine cases? It’s only a two hour drive, wouldn’t be hard for someone to travel back and forth committing the crimes.

  34. I’m not saying that this happened but science teaches us to look at possibility and we know that there are a great many things we are made privy too. I have heard of many ordinary explanations but let’s consider, if we are actually not alone in the universe and that for some reason, by sheer random acts of this phenomenon are staged to look as something else, it’s quite possible that all the crazies talking about aliens have some fact to it, this may be part of the “deals” made regardless of who becomes chosen to be “studied”. I understand there are other possibilities, some very realistic, but the true horror may be lying in how we are just suppose to look the other way and accept, or made to believe it was an accident. Someone should suggest this as another scenario.

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