What Is Taking These People?


Several months ago I stumbled upon a Reddit thread about creepy Search and Rescue stories.

I highly recommend checking out the threads here because they are incredible: I’m an SAR for the US Forest Service…

Being on Reddit I assumed most were nothing more than creepypastas, entertaining but fabricated. However, some were just strange enough to be believable, and I kept seeing a name mentioned in the comments. David Paulides. Multiple sugestions to read his work peppered the pages, enough that my interest was piqued. I did some googling, and suddenly I got that beautiful, terrible feeling that I had stumbled upon something more profound than I had been ready for.


David Paulides used to be a Police Officer. He became known later as a man willing to do some hard science research on topics most people don’t want to touch for fear of sullying their name, and he wrote a few excellent books on bigfoot. But Paulides is not a loon, certainly no more than me at least. He’s just a smart man with a healthy curiosity and an open mind. One day while doing some work in a National Park he was secretly approached by some SAR workers who told him that there was something shady going on. Scores of people had gone (and were still going) missing in the parks and the Park Services were doing their best to sweep it under the rug. Paulides was intrigued and started to dig.

He messaged the powers that be and was informed that no one kept any kind of documentation on the people missing in the parks, and that very little follow up was ever done on missing persons. He resolved that since no one had a list, he was going to make one himself. Then things started to get even more terrifying.


Paulides’ research found that the disappearances didn’t read as random at all. People were going missing in specific “cluster zones”, the most extreme being in Yosemite Park. Furthermore, there were striking similarities between cases.

  1. Tracking Canines could not find and follow a scent, even in cases where it should have been quite easy.
  2. Severe bad weather and storms would strike an area immediately after a person went missing.
  3. If a body was eventually recovered, it was either in a place that was already thoroughly searched, or in a place it simply should not have been (ex; up a sheer cliff face the person would have no reason to climb).
  4. The bodies when recovered are nearly ALWAYS missing clothing, especially shoes.

Other uncomfortable traits in many cases included things like the presence of berry patches either where the person went missing, where they were found, or in their stomach, and things like the victim having been wearing a red jacket/shirt.

What had originally seemed to Paulides to be some kind of shady coverup began to feel like something far more sinister, something possibly even out of the realm of human understanding. Could it be wormholes? Aliens? Murderous bigfoot? Paulides doesn’t speculate, and refuses to share any opinions he may have. He only shares the facts.

After years of research Paulides has written a series of books on the subject, the Missing 411 series, which I highly recommend and can be purchased from his site Here

There is also a forthcoming documentary which I am very excited for.


However in his latest book, Paulides begins to go down a related but different road to his missing persons investigations. Paulides has found that this mystery extends out of national parks and into our own backyards. There are strange similarities in missing persons cases in cities as well, though the MO is a bit different than in parks.

City victims follow a stricter set of characteristics, namely:

  1. Victims are young, college age men.
  2. Most are very intelligent, studying subjects like engineering.
  3. The majority are out drinking and are somehow separated from friends.
  4. They are later found dead in a body of water.
  5. They are nearly ALWAYS missing clothing, especially shoes.
  6. They are found in an area previously searched or that does not make sense.

In fact, most of the stories in his latest book “Missing 411: A Sobering Coincidence” are so similar they are cookie cutter.

Of course it’s very ease to write off the stories as foolish drunk college kids getting themselves killed. But not so fast. Because these cases are not random either. They fall in cluster areas as well, often overlapping with Paulides’ other established cluster areas. The biggest cluster area encircles the entire Great Lakes region, where an inordinate amount of young men seem to be making “bad decisions”.

But I simply do not believe that is the case, and neither does Paulides, or a growing number of amateur sleuths who are no longer content with victim blaming.

I read his book and the stories of several men right in my own city of Boston who have perished under unusual circumstances in the last fifteen years, and needless to say I got a bit obsessed.

I will be dedicating an entire blogpost to my investigation on these case alone, and will link to it Here.

But just what IS taking people?

To understand the gravity of the situation you really have to understand the cases. A casual perusal of the facts is nowhere near enough to understand. Paulides has already written five books on the subject, filled with bizarre cases that cannot be easily explained, and even the cases which may seem tame enough must be viewed from a lens accounting for the sheer enormity of all the cases together. A few people disappearing is an unfortunate tragedy. A hundred people disappearing is an uncomfortable coincidence. But over 1,400 people and counting disappearing is something else altogether. The words used by Paulides and others reflect the eerie nature of the disappearances; a “culling”, a “harvest”.

There are many, many people convinced that at least some of the cases are the work of an organization of serial killers known as the Smiley Face Killers. I’m not saying its not possible, and the work of great men like Detective Kevin Gannon and Dr. Lee Gilbertson, authors of “Case Studies in Drowning Forensics” proves that some of the cases could have been murders. But it simply doesn’t account for the sheer numbers, and some of the more bizarre cases.

Some of Paulides fans initially assumed he was making a connection to his previous Bigfoot investigations, however Paulides has made it somewhat clear this is not his intention or belief.

Other have suggested alien abduction, a more compelling suggestion certainly, but no easier to prove. Furthermore, alien abduction stories seem to sit in a category all their own, with a separate set of parameters and traits.


Many of the disappearances involve characteristics that seem to suggest cross dimensional travel, which is difficult to grasp for anyone not familiar with Quantum Physics. Essentially, there is a belief that it is possible that there are innumerable other dimensions sitting beside or even on top of ours. One possible explanation for cases where people seem to vanish in seconds into thin air, are found in a place previously searched, etc. is the theory that they somehow slipped into another dimension. Or were taken there. Further instances that back this seemingly outlandish theory up are cases like Brandon Swanson and Cullen Finnerty. Both stated on phonecalls to others where they were, but when the others arrived to the location the men were not there. In Finnerty’s case, his cellphone was pinged and the results were shiver inducing. His phone seemed to be bouncing wildly between several points in a four mile radius, a phenomenon that simply doesn’t happen or make any sense.

But what if these men were in another dimension, adjacent to ours?

It would also explain the vast number of cases in which victims are found a significant time later dead in the water, but forensics show they have only been dead or in the water a short time. Then where were they?

The trouble is, not all cases seem to be explained by a misstep into another realm. Some simply reek of an “abduction”. In many cases, the victim begins to act strangely, feel ill, do things uncharacteristic of them, and manage to separate themselves from anyone they are with. It seems as though the victims are being influenced, controlled, or even poisoned. Some are found with high amounts of GHB (the date rape drug) or other strange chemicals in their systems. Some are even found exsanguinated. In a high number of cases coroners cannot even establish the cause of death.

So something seems to be taking people, possibly out of this dimension, then returning them dead. But what? And why?

It certainly sounds like aliens. But there are other possibilities as well. In fact, what if I told you that nearly every culture on earth has a creature that fits this description?

First lets set up the MO of this creature or creatures.

  1. It has never really been “seen”. In the instances where is has possibly been seen it has been described as dark, humanoid in shape, and “blurry” or “fuzzy”.
  2. It preys on people that are alone. Some it seems to “lead” away or off paths, luring them like a fishing line.
  3. It seems to have a connection to weather. Can possibly bring or control storms? There have also been several instances of phonecalls from the missing in which all that can be heard is “rushing wind”.
  4. It confounds tracking dogs.
  5. They seem to have preferences in type of victim, as often similar types (age ranges, gender) will disappear in a cluster. Is a cluster a territory?)
  6. It has the ability to poison or drug an intended victim while hunting them.
  7. It chooses its victims in advance, possibly following them for days before making a move (based on unusual victim behavior leading up to disappearance, and cases like Cullen Finnerty who felt has was being followed days before he went missing).
  8. It does something or takes something from its victim that kills the person without leaving any marks or obvious cause of death.
  9. It removes some or all of the victims clothing, especially shoes, scattering them.
  10. And finally, it has a strong connection to water.

So what does all of this point to for me?

For starters, I don’t believe these things are a thing we are fully capable of understanding right now.

A Reddit User had this to say on the original SAR thread, and I found it incredibly interesting.

If you ever take word of caution, take this like your life depends on it: Don’t go into the wild alone. Don’t stray from your camp at night. Don’t answer or seek out anything that calls you mysteriously in the night. DO NOT believe everything you see with your own eyes.

I need to repeat that, Like your life depends on it: Do not believe things, especially ‘out of place’ ‘people’, voices, or suspicious things that you see, even with your own eyes, especially when your gut & instincts are warning you.

There’s something out there, something that scares grown men even like me, something we won’t talk about but it’s real, has no consistent form, and it lures you.

If you are a wild thing & a hunter of human beings, there’s no better hunting ground than our busiest national & state parks. Note I said busisest. If you are a hunter of opportunity, then there’s no better prey than the young, the weak, the old, the alone.

There’s something out there, so old, so skilled, so clever & cunning, not just a being but a species, that has or have developed a specialized survival skill: luring & preying on lost or solitary humans.

Can a predator in the natural world lure, trap, summon or even hypnotize their prey? A quick google search should yield you hundreds of examples of such species in the animal, fish, bird, and insect kingdoms.

What I submit, if exist [sic] such a species, old as man, who’s success depended on the successful hunting of humans, not only would it be very clever and good at it by now, but we’d have no record or memory of it in our history, just as no insect has probably ever survived an encounter with a trapdoor spider.

I submit their hunting approach is case by case. They’re[sic] lure different depending on their human prey’s age, strength and size, but what I submit is that our oldest natural predator, an undiscovered predator, is still opperating due to it’s skill of being able to read us like a book, hit us with lure (a lure I’ve distinctly recognized several times, particularly at night, just beyond the glow of the campfire) lead us into a trap, to never be seen or heard from again.

People I submit a thing exists, something’s out there, a species, that’s not too unlike Stephen King’s “It”.

I’ve felt the lure, tasted it, smelled it. It’s the smell of food when you’re hungry, company when you’re lonely, music where there should be none, beauty where there’s danger. Nothing can explain the sensations, but deep down you’ll feel it, in your gut. Something’s not right. Something’s waiting. Something’s watching. Ask any man who’s survived long enough alone in the wild. There’s a Siren like hunter out there. It’ll own you dead to rights, if you don’t listen to your gut.

Much like this Reddit user, I believe that the things that are taking people are an IT that we have no real name for.

They do bare striking similarities with things we do have names for however.


Art by Jonas Springbord

When I first began my research I was struck by the similarities to the Native American (specifically the Algonquian, Cree and Inuit) legends of the Wendigo. The Wendigo is a creature symbolizing the frozen north, starvation, and cannibalism. It was said to be created when a human resorted to cannibalism, and was linked to winter storms. When praying on humans, some legends said that it would fly down and rip a person right out of their shoes…

In Phillipine mythology there is a creature called a Tiyanak. It lures people by mimicking a baby crying, something that few humans could ignore. Supposedly one of the only ways to escape a Tiyanak was to take off your clothes and turn them inside out…

In some South American folklore, there is the story of the Patasola, a monster that lures people by taking the form of a beautiful woman or a loved one. She is also known for her ability to confuse and evade dogs.


And these are only a tiny sampling of the vast list of creatures that bare strange resemblance to the missing person cases.

If there is a Thing out there, It could easily lure an unknowing person to itself by acting like a woman or child in distress, and what reason would a strong adult male have to fear such a lure? If it can take many forms or mimic many sounds, perhaps it could even look or sound like someone we trust.

But now we have entered the realm of pure speculation. Unfortunately, this It has left very few survivors, and those who have, such as Cullen Fortney of La Crosse Wisconsin, cannot remember anything about their ordeal.

The point of all this is that whether or not there is a terrifying creature out there, many many people are dying and yet the general masses are not seeing it. Most of these deaths could be prevented by not traveling alone into national parks, or by using the buddy system in the city. In areas near harbors like Boston, better guardrails and night security could prevent men from simply drunkenly falling into the water, if that is truly what is happening.

But instead of doing something productive or finding a solution to this problem, most people, such as the police, are more willing to victim blame. All humans want to believe “It could never happen to me” or “they had it coming”. But this selfish attitude doesn’t do anyone any good, and in fact has been disproven in many instances of upstanding and kind citizens meeting their ends after mysterious disappearances.

So I hope that even if you find this all a bit farfetched, it might sit in your head for a while, roll around, make you think. I hope that it might make you a little more cautious, a little more curious, and hopefully, a little more safe.





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  2. You know that /r/nosleep is a subreddit for FICTION, right? The Search and Rescue stories posted to that Reddit are not real and are NOT meant to be taken seriously.

    People comment as though they’re real because they’re asked to stay in character for the suspension of disbelief for others as noted on the right side of the page…

      • Elise, it really bothers me that you linked to those stories on Reddit as if they were true, and not fiction. I have never been on Reddit before and had no idea that these stories were fiction. I think it’s irresponsible, in the context of your blog about David Paulides’ fine work, to somehow compare the fictional stories on the Reddit link to his work in providing facts about the strange disappearances and deaths in the wilderness. In fact, if I had not read Jacqueline’s post above, I would never have known that the stories I had been reading on the Reddit link were fiction.

    • @Jacqueline Elaine.

      That the SAR thread was in /no sleep is moot. The fact remains, a fact that has been deeply researched by Paulides and his team among others, that an inordinate number of people go missing every year. Discounting crime, suicide, animal attack,exposure/death by the elements and other ‘mundane’ causes of death, there are still a huge amount of disappearances/deaths that have no obvious explanation or solution. Bringing /no sleep into the equation simply distracts from the reality; that there is something out there, something that is clever enough to elude capture or identification, that is taking people for reasons unknown and in mysterious circumstances. Until everyone is on the same page and looking for a solution, rather than arguing about the minutiae, then nothing will ever be resolved and innocent people will continue to vanish.

      • Paulides is a con artist and what happened to the young man in Boston was unfortunate but definitely not the work of some kind of serial killer or supernatural force. He suffered from hypothermia and ended up in the water. Allow his family to grieve in peace without dragging his name through the mud with all of these outlandish stories.

    • Hi Jaqueline! Just wondering if you could do me a favor and back up your claims with some evidence? Lets start with Paulides. Please let me know why he is a con artist. Also I am curious as to who is dragging whom through the mud? I have gotten the support of several loved ones of the victims I am writing about. I dont believe I ever once spoke poorly of the victims, on the contrary I care deeply about them. The only mud slinger here unfortunately seems to be you.

      • Anyone featured on “Above Top Secret” is not someone you should rely on for factual information. It’s also ridiculous to imply that some serial killer is murdering the men on your post. Zachary Marr’s family has enough to deal with without you posting about how he may have been murdered or whatever. Surveillance footage proves that he ended up in the water on his own. Hypothermia. Sad? Yes. Supernatural and/or the result of a serial killer? No. It’s extremely disrespectful to keep him on that list, especially when his cousin asked you to take him off it, as shown in your comments section.

    • You seem to “know” an awful lot without having any actual proof. Every bit of research I have done on the books Paulides has written has turned out to be true. I have read two of his books so far. Have you read any of his books? I find that most often people who argue like you are doing don’t actually know anything about the source material they are slandering. Furthermore, much like Paulides, in my missing men post I stated only FACTS. That is the post that Zachary is on, and being that he is a missing man connected to water, it is a post he logically makes sense to be included on. I did not state on that post that I personally believe this is a serial killer or anything else. I only related the cases and drew attention to them in the hopes that whatever is taking place can be stopped. My other post, the “what is taking people” one, is a more fortean examination of Paulides works on the whole. If you do not appreciate my blog the beauty of it is that you do not have to read it. You can leave it, and I very much wish you would.

      • I have already. Believe me. I wish I’d stop getting these ridiculous notifications.

        And Paulides has been on my relative’s show, Coast to Coast AM. Everyone featured on there is some kind of quack who believes in Big Foot or Greys or the Chupacabra. It’s all entertainment.

        Paulides has superfans, like you, to back up his ridiculous stories. He’s got an interesting take on the world but, at the end of the day, he knows he’s writing for the type of people who browse Above Top Secret and he gives them what he wants.

        If you seriously think that this random guy is the answer to all of these mysterious cases, you should do some self-examining. It’s not even about that though.

        What I’m pissed about is your blatant disrespect towards the wishes of the Marr family for you to take him off your stupid blog post.

    • Good lord you’re awful. Look, personally Im a big fan of fortean stuff (duh I have this blog), and I believe in a lot of it too because Im not ignorant and closed minded and I believe that most ‘supernatural’ things are just events science hasn’t yet explained. And fyi this has happened many times over the years (thylacines, infrasound, etc). Just because you (someone who has likely never done a scientific investigation into it) think bigfoot isn’t real, it doesn’t invalidate other peoples work. You can have your opinions, and others can have theirs. And other than your opinion that the radio show is silly, I still haven’t heard any ACTUAL evidence from you that Paulides is lying. Which speaks volumes about you, not him.

      And finally, as for Zach, I do not feel that one offhand comment from his ‘cousin’ is enough to warrant me doing anything. No one else has contacted me anywhere. I had other victims families contact me quite easily to talk on facebook. So if his family actually asked I would do it. Not sure why you feel so particularly strong about Zach and not any of the others, but I suspect its because you thrive off of causing needless drama and trying to instill guilt where it isn’t warranted because you are a troll.

      • I was just reading Jacqueline’s posts and do not understand why she is so angry.. you did not write anything negative about Zachary Marr, in fact everyone on here has shown nothing but support and hope that he would be found safe and now heartbreak that it ended like this. Maybe because it just happened and his friends and family still have to process it and it is horrible. But she didn’t say she even knew him so I am not sure about that. I think it is obvious how much you care about these young men & wish none of this had happened at all 😦
        But going from 99.9% of the people who support you (including friends and families) I would say keep up the good work!

  3. I was once lured in precisely the way described here, so I know this ostensible fiction is reflective of some sort of bona fide truth.

    It was in the year 1980, in Los Gatos, California (on the grounds of the Ralph O. Berry Elementary School, essentially adjacent to the Los Gatos Creek, either during a weekend, or possibly during the summer after it permanently closed at the end of the 1979-’80 academic year). I was nine, and I saw my classmate, Peggy, and her best friend, Stacy, both walking across the main athletic field, both wearing bikinis. I had a MAJOR crush on the very pretty Peggy White, and so was sorely tempted to approach them. The main reason I did not, was I was shy. But in addition, the whole thing seemed odd, in some way I couldn’t quite comprehend at the time. In retrospect, they could have only come from the walnut orchard directly north of the school (based on where I was located, and the trajectory they were walking). I think its very unlikely two 5th grade girls illegally trespassed, for no particular reason (as it was not much of a shortcut from anywhere), in such a manner that would require them to hop a chain link fence that was topped with barbed wire…while in bikinis! Also, these two girls just didn’t live in that neighborhood, and the notion of them walking through it, while wearing only bikinis, well, its just not socially plausible. It was a trap, preying on my schoolboy “love” for Peggy, and I narrowly escaped, due to being too socially awkward to take the bait.

    • You state that
      – you were 9 (years old)
      – the incident happened in the summer after the end of the school year
      – Peggy White was your classmate
      – she was a 5th grader.
      Are you claiming you were a 9 year old 5th grader? If so, that seems off by at least two years; that is, most kids are only in the 3rd grade at 8 – 9 years of age.

  4. So very creepy. I just read the article about the missing men in Boston, how instead of walking home there’s footage of them going towards the harbor for unexplained reasons. I remember thinking they must have been lured. Lured by something! I never understood how people believe there’s a God that sit on the clouds and controls us and hears our thoughts, yet they would NEVER believe in aliens or a species that could live in the woods hunting on humans. Is it our brains protecting us from the scary reality? Maybe it’s just easier to tell ourselves things like that aren’t real and God will protect us. I for one think it’s ignorant to think we are the only ones. This was a great read and I hope more people open their eyes and use better judgment.

  5. I find myself in the middle ground of these tragedies. I don’t think they just walked into the water like LE states but at the same time I’m not willing to jump all the way to man-hunting ghost entity. Where is the evidence? Strange deaths clustered with similarities is a far call to the supernatural. As for the men in Boston, wouldn’t a brilliant serial killer be more plausible then an otherworldly being? The gap between those two theories is beyond immense yet no evidence is given that would even begin to bridge them. Let’s stick to the facts and work our way back. You laid some great legwork in the Boston post and you deserve a lot of credit for that. I hope you continue looking into the anomoly but make sure to stay safe yourself!

  6. These cases are happening in other
    urban areas worldwide at an unprecedented level.

    In Manchester,UK ALONE-
    there were 61 men missing in this manner over a 6 year period
    from 2008-2014….
    and then being found in canals.

    There were ALSO another 20
    found in the rivers there.

    That’s OVER 1 a month in ONE CITY.

    As for the “Missing 911” Chronicles,
    I am compelled to say this-

    David Paulides has a bona fide law enforcement background and is no rabble-rouser or troublemaker.

    Numerous SAR and law enforcement professionals
    endorse him and his work.


    The US Park System keeps
    NO RECORDS of Missing Persons and never has-

    They keep all manner of records on everything else.

    The cases are real-
    The details are unexaggerated.

    Whether it is in Urban Areas OR
    These cases ARE real and remain unsolved.

    MOST of these victims’ families are frustrated by
    the lack of attention these cases have received-
    They long for closure.

    No rational person could possibly
    dismiss the integrity of his work.

    You can’t disagree with his conclusions or interpretations

    He presents only the facts and invited the readers to draw their own conclusions.

    In fact,
    numerous people complain and accuse him of hiding the answer
    or holding back on the solution.

    All he will say is that there is no one simple answer that uniformly fits every case.

    Listen to any of the many interviews with him on YouTube and elsewhere and draw your own conclusions-

    DO NOT dismiss him offhand as being
    one of the hypersensationalists profiteering off of confusion,fear and hysteria.

    • Re: The incidents in Manchester. There have been numerous rumours doing the rounds about these cases, a serial killer or killers being the most usual explanation. There was also a spate of similar incidents in Durham in the North East of England recently. Sadly the most plausible explanation is that people, (myself included), do stupid things when drunk. Both Manchester and Durham have large student populations, and Manchester city centre is ‘vibrant’ to say the least on a night out!
      All these incidents have been investigated and the general conclusion is it’s a tragic mix of youth and alcohol. In a city like Manchester the average resident is captured on CCTV about 300 times a day, (I read somwhere that the UK has over 20% of the surveillance systems in the world watching about 1% of the worlds population, but I don’t know the accuracy of that). In many cases there’s footage of the final moments captured.
      Since fences were erected around the most dangerous locations the incidence of these events has dropped massively.

  7. One thing that comes to mind in some of the cases with strange noises that lure prey, is the “inorganic beings” from the Carlos Castaneda books. It is best to read them all from the beginning, but the final book is the best, to my thinking: “The Active Side of Infinity”. There may be creatures of this vast, unfathomable universe that live directly off of energy, rather than flesh. One thing that some of these alleged “inorganic beings” (beings without an organism, but with conscious, sentient intelligence) are said to do is to cause unimaginable fright in the victim, in order to feed on the emotional energy released. Energy is energy. Maybe some creatures do not need to consume and digest flesh in order to sustain themselves, instead consuming energy directly via some arcane method we aren’t familiar with, but, all creatures need some sort of sustenance. Maybe anything is possible . . . and even likely.

      • You notice they are not kidnapping homeless people or gang members, for that matter. The taken are handsome, intelligent, physically able-bodied people. I believe their souls are being taken or maybe their blood to be used to give to others who want to sustain their lives. This is purely diabolical. Research just revealed the plasma or serum taken from a youth can help sustain the oldest Sheesh!/ David Rockefeller just died at what age and after how many heart transplants?

  8. I honestly think I may have had an encounter with one of these things. I live in Australia. I encountered it with my friend in the bush. We have been theorising about it for decades now. We figured it was old, had a thing for water and was bad, really bad. We also theorised it was responsible for people going missing in the bush there that shouldn’t even be in the area – and old dude from a nursing home that that is an hours walk away for a young person escaped, made his way there, was wandering around in the bush for 6 days before he was found no more than a km from where he’d gone in. My friend and I both feel drawn there. I have taken other people there, and they don’t like the place either. This has really freaked me out. And I am not a teenager either. Well into adulthood, and the thing in that bush still haunts us both.

    • I too live in Australia I know of a shooting party who had the weirdest & scariest thing happen to them. After 30 minutes they traveled back to pick up the ‘roo carcases and found everyone of the ‘roo’s had their head missing. Whatever had done this was not too far away because the last ‘roo they shot before they turned around also had its head missing. They got spooked and called it quits.

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  10. I keep going back to an H.P. Lovecraft story, the name escapes me as I read it long ago. Although I do like horror stories and unexplained real life cases, most of his stories creep me out. The actual book that I read I had to remove from my home because it gave me nightmares. The particular story is about a group of scientists who are doing feildwork in a remote area in Alaska. The main character hears noises in the forests beyond the encampment and just beyond the fire light. He is the only person in a camp of about twenty that is affected. At first he believes it to be animal but begins to believe it to be something more evolved and not human. Lovecraft offers native legends that are ancient even primordial, that lure young men out of they’re villages. It is a feminine presence that entices its victims into the woods. The other people who witness the vicitims are not affected and see that they are dazed and in some type of trance. In this story the victim is never found but his clothing and personal affects are found neatly arranged as if someone else did it after the fact. Lovecraft also mentions similar European and Russian legends told for centuries. I can’t stop thinking of the story because both the Boston cases and National Park scenarios are so similar.

  11. I’m gonna share something with you here, that only my late best friend knew. Years ago, I lived in Taunton, Ma. Our house had a lot of woods for a back yard. In fact, we live next to an area called the Hockmock swamp, an area the native Americans called the devil’s swamp. Now a days it’s called the Bridgewater Triangle, apparently a lot of paranormal shenanigans happen there, (Google it). Anyway, my story – I was about nine years old and I wandered a little father than I usually did into the woods. I was following a small stream that twisted through the area. The stream had fish and all sorts of interesting creatures in it and I was fascinated. At some point, I stopped and looked around, every natural sound had gone, total unnatural silence. No wind, no birds, no sounds of the water in the stream. I was fascinated by the lack of sound, although I could hear the sound of my own voice. Suddenly, the silence was broken by the sound of a twig snapping, instantly I looked up to where I heard the noise. It came from a large, very high ridge to my left, the sun happened to be shinning right in my face as I watched a VERY tall, very skinny figure walk over to the side of the ridge. I couldn’t make out any details beyond the silhouette, the sun was very bright and right in my face. I freaked and turned and ran – FAST back in the direction of my house. The closer I got to the house, the more regular noises came back, birds, the sound of me running. I never told my parents, cause I was afraid I’d get in trouble for going into the woods when I had been told never to. That night, the motion detector flood light in our back yard kept coming on over and over again and our dog barked like crazy all night. I remember very clearly my father getting up several times that night, (my parents had the bed room next to mine and I could see the flood lights shining in through my window as it came on over and over again. It was VERY strange and I was petrified that “someone” followed me back home from the woods.

    • I love this, its very creepy. I have heard very similar accounts from other people. Im quite familiar with the Triangle, I grew up in the area. Definitely something off in that area.

  12. I’ve got one more weird one for you. When I was about the same age as the story I told you above, my mother told me when she was up very late one night, she saw a very bright light shine through our bay window and head off in the direction of the woods behind our house. she saw it clearly through the wall of windows in our living room, she estimates it was right at tree level and it was very large and made absolutely no noise. Anyway, my mother said, that as the light went over our house, we lost power and the television that had been on, blinked out/off and the screen glowed RED before winking out. I mention this because a number of years after this event, I was watching an alien abduction video a friend rented from a video store (dating myself here), in it, it was retelling the story of a famous ufo abduction case called the Betty Andreasson Abduction. The researcher was saying that a neighbor to Mrs Andreasson actually saw the UFO that allegedly abducted her, corroborating somewhat Andreasson’s story. But a detail that sent chills through me was the neighbor explained that as the UFO he saw, went over the house, he lost power and his television glowed RED.
    There is NO WAY my mother saw this video – Even after her “sighting” she has ZERO interest in the phenomenon. But isn’t it a coincidence that my mother described such and odd detail such as the television glowing red after a UFO sighting, only to have the particular oddity retold SEVERAL years later in a video published years later. Further coincidence, we lived in Massachusetts and so didn’t Betty Andreasson at the time of her abduction.

    • Its always the small details like that that sell me honestly. As someone who has seen some very strange things myself, often times there is a strange detail that we never would have even thought up on our own. I suppose a skeptic could try to suggest some kind of ball lightning phenomenon, but the truth is that explanation really doesnt fit. I guess your mother is lucky she wasnt taken!

  13. Okay, I’m a Spelling Nazi. (Otherwise) Very well written pieces are marred by misspellings due to usage of the wrong words; to wit: “They do bare (sic) striking similarities…” should be “bear”.

    Ditto for “…creatures that bare (sic) strange resemblance…”.

    • Thank you for the edits, though I find your use of any form of Nazi as a self descriptor terrifying.
      Also I hope grammatical errors can be forgiven since Im not getting any form of payment for my blog posts.

  14. I was camping in the woods by a friend’s home in Oregon. That night the cattle in a nearby pasture were restless and bellerering. My friend’s horses ran about the pasture all night. It was all very weird, as tho something spooked the animals. Early hours of the morning, like around 2 AM, I heard the sound of asthmatic breathing and someone running in the woods, tho I heard no branches breaking, unusual because very brushy. Suddenly the running/breathing noise stopped at my tent. I reached for my pistol. Next thing I knew I’d fallen asleep– very odd as I was petrified. In the morning hours I could hear twigs breaking. I got up, looked about outside and saw what appeared to be one toe indentation that hadn’t been there before. In the light of day, I picked up and left quickly. True story.

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